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You close the book you’re reading and unplug yourself, turning yourself into a comfortable burrito as you think about your day and your tasks for tomorrow.

You don’t know when you fell asleep, but the next time you open your eyes groggily, you find yourselves lying in something that looks bright green and feels like soft grass. Blinking and reaching up to rub away sleep as you sit up, you bump your head into something, causing a screech and a loud flutter of purple as it puts distance between you.

A purple creature comes back to hover in front of you with wide, curious eyes. Blinking again to make sure you’re awake, you realize the creature in front of you is a purple dragon.

“A dragon!” you think. ”What’s a dragon doing here?”

As thoughts run through your head, you feel a nudge behind you, and the dragon looping upward, signaling you to get up. You do so, and the dragon flies ahead, looking back at you. ”Come on,” a voice in your head says, startling you. ”We must hurry so you can meet the others and explore.”

As you follow along, the dragon chatters away happily.

Welcome to Bookwyrming Thoughts, where dragons have roamed since November 2012.

Run by two bookwyrms and a bookwyrm in training, Bookwyrming Thoughts is dedicated to all things bookish with the occasional post in gaming and other forms of entertainment. Our musings range from book reviews to gaming updates, blogging tips and other articles we feel that will be of interest to those who stop by. They’re made with care, containing shenanigans, personality and procrastination, and we hope you’ll find something to enjoy when you visit.

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