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Hola! I’m Lupe and I’m a Hispanic short girl who enjoys reading interesting and unique books! I love the feeling of getting sucked into a whole different world when reading. Although I love to read, I also love to create magical paper creations (3D Origami) and put together puzzles. It sounds pretty lame, but trust me, once you try it, you are HOOKED!

Unlike many high school people, I actually had a plan for what I want to do after graduation (yay for class of 2016!). I plan to study both Cyber Security and Business Administration in whatever college/university I get accepted in while working as a hairstylist at a beauty salon at the age of 18. Sounds like a great plan, huh? Oh, and as well as posting some fantastic reviews on books and future book to movies/TV shows (Shatter Me? Shadowhunters!).

As you can tell, I love to read action, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, romance, thrillers, and all that stuff! It really intrigues me but paranormal romance will always be my guilty pleasure. I do not like autobiographies as much but I will give that a shot depending on who it is. I do not like the horror genre as much because too much gore is NOT my thing. No gracias.

Yes to answer the question if I will ever want to publish a book in the near future. I have tons of ideas saved on so many unnamed word documents on my hard drive that I do plan to write and hopefully publish for the whole world to read! It’s one of my goals in life to accomplish if you guys wanted to know.

I used to blog at CatchingBookz where I talked about books and movies but I will be hanging out on Bookwyrming Thoughts! You are always welcome to stop by and say Hola! I promise I don’t bite.

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