Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: July 6, 2020

Welcome to the FAQs page

…where we answer almost all of the burning questions you might have about Bookwyrming Thoughts and the bookwyrms who write the musings.

Got questions you don’t see an answer to? Tell us! We do, however, reserve the right to not reveal anything we don’t feel comfortable revealing. We’ll be updating this page as needed (and when we have the time).

There seem to be multiple writers. Who owns Bookwyrming Thoughts?

Bookwyrming Thoughts is owned by Sophia. Lupe is a co-blogger and Clo is a contributing writer. Past writers include Anelise and Ella.

Can I use any of the content?

If you plan on copying any of our content, no. Should we find out you have copied any of our content without our explicit permission, we will kindly send you a message privately asking you to take the content down. A horde of angry bookwyrms will be sent after you should you refuse or repeat the offense.

If you would like to repost any of our content, please contact us for permission. Content includes but is not limited to: blog posts, graphics and banners, and photographs from the site and Instagram.

Inspiration is good, plagiarism is no good. If any of our content inspires you to write a post, please feel free to write your post and send us a message! We’d love to see what you’ve come up with.

Do you accept sponsored posts or collaborations?

While we do receive free copies and affiliate commissions, we have not previously done a sponsored post or collaboration. However, we are open to those opportunities, and we strongly suggest looking at our content prior to contacting to see if we are right for your brand. Should you feel we are the perfect fit for your brand, please reach out to us and we can talk.

Do you accept review copies?

Please view our review policy for more information about each reviewer’s reading preferences, their reviewing status and contact information. While we try to regularly update the page, we highly recommend viewing our latest posts for the most accurate and up to date reading preferences.

Do you review anything other than books?

While most of our content and review requests are books, we do step out of the book-reviewing space sometimes! When we do, we review games, mobile apps and movies/TV shows.

Are your reviews spoiler-free?

None of our reviews are completely spoiler-free, but we do try to avoid spoilers about the plot that will ruin the reading experience for others. If we do incorporate major spoilers, we’ll warn beforehand and use a spoiler button to hide them in the post. Going into detail about content that is triggering for one of us and potentially for others is not what we consider a spoiler.

Please note sequel reviews will generally allude to spoilers from the previous novels.

How often are there posts?

We aim to post content at least once a week. However, as we are both working full time, this is heavily based on what our schedules look like. Sometimes there will be more content, other times there will be what seems to be an on and off hiatus. Blogging takes a lot of time and energy, and unfortunately, we do not make a living off of blogging. Because of that, we generally have to push blogging back when life becomes a bit much.

Can I contribute content to the blog?

We’re currently not actively searching for any contributing writers, however, we do accept guest posts! Be sure to check out some of our recent posts to get a feel for the types of articles we publish.

Do you have a Patreon or Kofi?

Thank you for believing in the value of our work to consider supporting us! You are under no obligation to support us with your hard-earned money. Currently, the best way to support the blog is through our affiliate links. Sophia is currently working on a Patreon and will soon work on a Kofi as well. If you are a Medium member, you can also view Sophia’s articles on Medium that are behind a paywall. (Although admittedly, she’s been busy and Medium has been abandoned yet again.)

What will Sophia’s Patreon and Kofi be used for?

All of that will be outlined on her page when they go live! Until then, here is how all funds from Patreon and Kofi will be used:

📚 offset blog costs such as self-hosting and domain name renewal
📚 purchasing books to support local indie bookstores (specifically Left Bank Books in St. Louis), authors and small bookish businesses
📚 eventually shipping out ARCs to Flapping Pages and other ARC programs so they can be passed on to other readers
📚 bookish giveaways for followers
📚 help offset rent and bills

Why is Sophia sometimes called Hannah, and why does her social media have “Sophia (AKA Hannah)?”

Sophia is an alias to protect her privacy online when she started the blog. Because some of her content on the blog and social media are used in her professional portfolio to showcase her work, “aka Hannah” is used to help ease any confusion that could occur.

So… is it Sophia or Hannah? What do we use?

Either work! Most people go with Sophia as that’s something the internet is used to; some people may go with Hannah or use both names interchangeably. It is preferred that Hannah is used only in DMs or if you know her as more than just an acquaintance.

What happened to some of the older posts?

We’ve shuffled them into the archives to be reformatted to better fit the new blog brand (and so it looks better for bookwyrms dropping by) or to be deleted (this is usually the case if the post got destroyed during the transfer or there’s no reason to keep it). It’ll mean that we’ll lose all the SEO that we do have because Google doesn’t like so many 404s, but oh well. It be like that sometimes.