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Posted February 18, 2019 by Sophia

Novel Newcomers

Welcome to the very first interview of Novel Newcomers 2019 (and the second post in the feature)! Today we have Anthony, who blogs over at Keep Reading Forward, here to chat about books, blogging, reading and… food.

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What’s Novel Newcomers?

Novel Newcomers is a feature based off features spotlighting debut authors, only with book bloggers! It all began in 2016 with Nori from ReadWriteLove28, started in 2017 but the feature took a back burner later that year and remained so in 2018.

This year, however, Novel Newcomers is back! Clo from Cuppa Clo and I will be featuring book bloggers who started in 2017 OR 2018 all throughout the year, so brace yourselves and let’s get started! 😁

Hopefully, the lovely dragon is behaving today with guests around. 😅

Outside of blogging and reading, what other interests do you have?

Other than blogging and reading, I’m interested in photography and art. I love creativity and I am usually a visual person and ideas are always running through my minds. I also like gaming, although I mostly stick to Nintendo games like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. You can also find me playing the Sims from time to time.

What is your most unusual accomplishment?

For 2 years during school, I somehow managed to win every single raffle the school had for fundraisers. I had some serious luck that my parents wanted me to pick their lottery numbers! (We didn’t win any lotteries, unfortunately)

What is your favorite food?

I love tacos. They have been a favorite since I was a kid and people usually associate me with tacos since I like them so much.

Speaking of food, what are three things you’ve never tried but would like to try one day?

I am a VERY picky eater and probably will always be. First, I would say lobsters as I am the only one in my family who doesn’t eat them (and my family LOVES lobsters). Star fruit would be another option. They look interesting, but I never had one. I’m not sure what my third option would be. As I said I am VERY picky.

It’s only February, so the year is still young! What do you hope to accomplish in 2019?

I am always trying to get more posts out with better ideas and better reviews. Sometimes I feel that my posts are lacking and I definitely do want to be confident in my posts. I also want to be more a part of the community as well.

You’re asked to rename the title of a book. Which book would it be and what would you rename it to? (no spoilers)

I think all titles are fine and good the way the are. I wouldn’t change any of them (and I am HORRIBLE when it comes to naming things).

You’re stuck on a boat with three fictional characters you can’t identify. Who do you hope they are and why?

Cardan Greenbrair (The Cruel Prince) due to specific reasons (spoilers). Zelda (Legend of Zelda) because she’s cool and has magic. Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) because she’s a waterbender and she could probably get us somewhere (assuming the boat is stranded as well) with her skills.

Let’s spread some blogger love! Name three bloggers you’ve discovered recently and a post you like from their blog.

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Connect with Anthony on the Interwebs:

Keep Reading Forward | Twitter | Goodreads

Sophia has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House crisis. Unlike her personality in blog posts, she's a socially awkward recent college grad who majored in Communications. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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11 responses to “Anthony from Keep Reading Forward | Novel Newcomers

  1. Well, I love that you talk about food, because it’s something I’m rather obsessed with ;). I’m also a Nintendo gamer. I ‘ll have to check out your blog!

    As an aside: Sophia, I never got a confirmation that I was doing Novel Newcomers…I don’t know if you guys do that, but I was just wondering if I got signed up properly!

    • Hey, Shayna! Yes, we do Novel Newcomers – I just checked your response and have you on the schedule. 🙂

      Food is a good obsession to have. 😉

  2. Clo

    Ooooo star fruit, I think I may have had that actually. I know I’ve had dragon fruit which was nice…mmmm yeah I’ve had star fruit. It was nice. Lobsters are a no no for me. I’m picky on the types of meat I’ll eat so yeah, throw fruit and veg my way and well I’ll manage.

  3. Holy heck at winning every single fundraiser raffle thing for 2 years! My sister was like that, actually. I remember growing up she won the big raffle prize 2 years in a row at my dad’s annual company picnic… and the third year they told her she couldn’t play LOL.

    I also like tacos, so deliciously perfect. best food, really.