ARC Review: The Unforgettables by G.L. Tomas (Meet Another Piece of Fictional Me)

Posted January 25, 2017 by Sophia

ARC Review: The Unforgettables by G.L. Tomas (Meet Another Piece of Fictional Me)

ARC Review: The Unforgettables by G.L. Tomas (Meet Another Piece of Fictional Me)The Unforgettables by G.L. Tomas
Published by Self-Published on September 12th 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author

Back home in Chicago, Paul Hiroshima had it all.

Popularity, charming looks and a talent for the arts that made him admired by his peers. Moving to Portland, Maine the summer before his senior year was going to change all that. With his city life behind him, there was definitely no reason to make the best out of a bad situation—that is, until he meets the amazing Felicia Abelard.

Over a love of comic books and secret identities, Felicia becomes the sidekick to his hero; there's just one problem: they weren't supposed to fall in love.

As the season comes to an end, Paul and Felicia face in-depth challenges to preserve their summer formed bond. With the brink of the new school year at hand, this tale of best friends and first loves will make their year unforgettable.

A copy of the book was provided for review purposes - thank you! Receiving a copy does not guarantee a positive review and therefore does not affect the opinion or content of the review.

Meet Felicia, AKA a piece of fictional me out in the bookish world: awkward, anti-social, and kind of an outcast. It is no wonder why I immediately beeline towards cute contemporary novels (I always make a point to mention Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frame because that book! Is! Cute! Cue exclamation points and squealing.).

Side note: I haven’t reviewed in months. I will probably be as boring and undirectional as 15-year-old me.

The Unforgettables is a story of two fabulously adorable nerds who find out they are neighbors and bond over a set of comic books. Paul and Felicia click over a chance encounter in the summer over the comic books that they’re huge fans of, thus beginning a friendship that wouldn’t be forgotten. At least until it becomes more than friendship.

What I Liked:

Cliches can have nerds and outcasts too! Also nerds can be well-liked. – One of the big reasons why I’m always weary of contemporary novels is how I somehow never relate to the characters. There is always something off about them – they all fit in, they’re popular, yada yada yada. (And sometimes there is something off… period.) The Unforgettables has both. Felicia is none of those. She isn’t popular, she doesn’t fit in – in fact, she’s the outcast and basically keeps to herself. Paul is well liked – he fits in, and he’s certainly not an outcast.

Another side note: Can Paul be an actual human being? I feel like we can be best friends, even if I’m not a comic book fan. (Plus, if most guys I come across were as decent as Paul is, the world would be better for awkward me.)

The serious amount of diversity involved. – Felicia is Haitian. Paul is biracial. There’s an interracial relationship. I am a happy little reader. That is not the only reason why I am a happy little reader.

Helloooo reality. – The relationship life is as awkward as it is heartbreaking, and I love how those obstacles are portrayed throughout the book instead of making it seem like a cakewalk. The amount of awkwardness involved as Paul and Felicia venture into territory beyond friendship just makes it all the better. (I am all for awkward within reason.) Plus, it’s reassuring to find that I’m not the only one awkward in the romance department. All the other books make it seem heartbreakingly easy.

A crush equaled no assembly required. There were no broken promises or hurt feelings outside of the fact you weren’t with them. And if you didn’t let them in, the mere thought of them made you smile.

The Unforgettables is the classic story of girl meets boy next door with perks and bonuses that will even capture the attention of the cliche-disliker.

A little geekery never hurt anyone.

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