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Posted March 15, 2014 by Sophia

Title: Dracian Legacy (Dracian #1)
Author: Priya Kanaparti
Publication Date: February 25, 2014
Publisher: REUTS Publications

At seventeen, Ren Pernell knows the meaning of tragedy.

But then, a year after losing her parents, Axel Knight walks through the door and changes everything. Strange creatures start to appear, her best friend suddenly finds her irresistible, and an undeniable, unexplainable bond with Axel threatens to drive her insane. She knows he’s the key. There’s something he’s not sharing, and she’s determined to find out.

Demanding answers, she finally learns the truth: everything she ever believed is an illusion. Caught in a centuries-old blood feud between races she never knew existed, Ren discovers her true destiny. She’s the chosen one, the Echo, preordained to end the bloodshed.

There’s just one catch–in order to save those she loves and a homeland she’s never seen, she’ll have to die.

With the clock running out, she’ll have to navigate a new world of betrayal, lies and deceit. If she can forgive, finding love even in the darkest places, she just might be able to escape the prophecy. But how much is she willing to sacrifice for a cause she didn’t know she was part of? And what will it take for her to be free?

Interview with Priya Kanaparti

  1. Hi Priya! *does a few virtual cartwheels* Welcome back to Bookwyrming Thoughts (except this time not as a review). Feel free to make yourself virtually comfortable. 😀 *to blog readers* Fair Warning: There may be some spoilers from the previous edition of the book.

    Thank you Sophia for having me back on your blog!!!

  2. Describe Dracian Legacy in a tweet.

    Ren finds out there’s more truth to her existence and a whole new world that she never new existed until a Dracian comes into her life.
  3. One of the most memorable things from Dracian Legacy is the Gummy (I wrote Grumpy for a minute there) Bear song. Why that song in particular?
    Truthfully, it was my son’s favorite song back then, and he’d play it constantly while I was writing. I wanted to incorporate a little bit of him into my first story and when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t help myself.

  4. Hehe, it is pretty catchy however annoying it gets. 😉 But it’s really sweet to have a bit of your son into your first novel. 😀 There’s a love triangle between Ren, Axel, and Dean – I’m not sure if I got those names wrong. If you had to choose between Axel and Dean, which would it be and why?

    lol. No you have the names correct. For Ren, I’d choose Axel completely without a doubt. But if you’re asking about favoritism… it’s Dean! Lol. He was the reason I started to write this story, although it’s told from Ren’s POV.

  5. Yush, favoritism. 😉 But I’m glad I got the names right. Maybe I don’t have a terrible memory after all though I can’t say the same in school. 😀 It’s April Fool’s Day (imagine that)! What kind of prank do you imagine Dean doing?

    Hmmm… I actually don’t know. Dean isn’t necessarily predictable. His actions don’t every seem to fit his intensions. So it’s hard to say ;).

  6. I was sort of imagining him setting Axel on fire but… yeah (shh… don’t get any ideas, or that wasn’t me *shifty eyes*). What’s next for Ren & Co? Inquiring minds would like to know. ;D

    Ren and Co. head back to Dracia and they find out things aren’t what they seem to be. There might be some heartache between Axel and her and even more between her and Dean. And then there’s our ultimate evil master mind – Telal who will make an appearance in this book!

  7. Should I be worried about the trio then? 😮 But I did manage to pry some spoilers… teehee. In case anyone’s looking for some book recommendations, what are 5 YA books that you read last year and would recommend?

    Jennifer Armentrout’s: The covenant series and Lux series
    Shelly Crane’s: Significance series

    Veronica Roth: Divergent series
    Tahereh Mafi: Shatter me Series

    Shannon Dermott: Beg for Mercy series

  8. OMG, I actually KNOW the majority of the listed series (actually, I just don’t know one, but it does look familiar). *happy dance* 😀 I read Obsidian, the entire Divergent series and currently reading Onyx, but I’m also being pressured by Lupe to read Shatter Me (She’s pressuring me to read a few others as well, lol). Oh gods, she might even pressure me even more after this… *attempts to avoid L at school but fails quite miserably* O_o If you could rewrite the ending of a book, any book, which would it be?

    Allegiant by Veronica Roth! Gosh, I Loved that ending as much as I hated it!

  9. I hated it. Sort of. At least I think I do. I would check my review from last December but I’m a) too busy and b) too lazy. Can they exist together? O_o If you could meet your favorite author in real life, who would it be, and what would you two talk about?

    OMiGosh! Jennifer Armentrout! I think I’d spend most of the time squealing and drooling over her! I don’t know if I’ll be able to form any coherent thoughts!

  10. No pressure if you do meet her, but I’m sure you’ll do fine. 😀 If there was a zombie apocalypse, what would you do?

    I’d try to find a bunker and hide out for as long as i can, before I brave the world with a machete! I’ll probably be zombie kibble in less than 5 minutes after that!

  11. At least I won’t be alone in Kibble town. I would probably try to dig a hole underground and go from there but that’ll take days… I’m pretty sure I’ll be toast by then. :p Any tips or advice for aspiring writers?

    Find your support group that’ll help you improve as a writer and don’t be afraid to share your writing with them. It’s better you being critiqued by your work by a group of people that are passionate about your work before your readers get their hands on your baby!

  12. Thanks for stopping by!

    Thank you Sophia again for having me! It was great chatting with you again!!! <3

Author Bio

Priya lives in the beautiful city of Boise, ID as a full-time working mom and part-time YA Novel Author. For the past 7+ years she has worked in multiple fortune 500 companies and has recently found the passion to read and write.  The Dracian Legacy is her first YA paranormal romance series. She strongly believes that true love conquers all and that’s a common theme you’ll find within her novels.

Author Links:

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