Blogging Goals Check-In (AKA How Did Sophia Do and Is She Failing?)

Posted July 11, 2018 by Sophia

Apparently, it’s almost mid-July, which means we’re halfway through 2018 (already?!). 😱

Which basically means, maybe we should go back into the blogging goals we set for ourselves earlier this year and see how we fared.

It’s always nice to see if I accomplished many things so I can give myself a reassuring pat on that back. And say, ”Look, mom, I accomplished things even though it looks like I sat around procrastinating!” In reality, I did procrastinate or didn’t feel motivated. I’ll have my own pity party, no big deal.

So how about those goals so far?

AKA did I succeed? Did I fail? Did I pull a Goodreads Challenge and adjust it to make it seem like I did better than I thought?

Move to self-hosted WordPress

I did the thing! I like Blogger and all, but the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin is a blessing (I live for that Review Archive being updated automatically). It’s so shiny and new and omg that cute dragon. 😍 If anyone is wondering, NotionPic is the amazing artist (it is indeed under license).

I’m failing on sending monthly newsletters of reviews though… Sigh.

Comment on blogs more

This is both an accomplishment and fail, honestly… I’m keeping up with comments but I’m also behind. I’m still in June’s blog posts, but I’m making my way through the comments (meanwhile, I really appreciate all the visits and comments even though I’m behind! 😊).

Post more than sporadically

I think I dropped off from the world at some point in May through June? I’m not too sure… But I still dropped into the void. Oops.

(This is a bad habit methinks. But there are days when I feel like doing everything and then there are other days where I just want to do nothing? You feel?)

Update the blog, clean up links, reformat old blog posts

Let’s just call it general blog maintenance. I’m currently on page 19 (?) of 56 pages? I’m not really reformatting blog posts, but I am going through and updating links.

Newish goals for the rest of 2018?

I would like to say I accomplished a lot, but at the same time, I feel like I could have done more. It didn’t happen though. Here are my goals for the rest of the year, with some changes to the ones made earlier:

Catch up with comments and stay on track

Moving to WordPress has a blessing in which I get a notification almost every time someone comments. You’d think I would actually do them right away or when I had a free minute… but that doesn’t happen. Or ten minutes daily right before bed – something along those lines.

Post at least once a week

“Post more than sporadically” is quite… detailed. I’m hoping to aim for at least once a week, not including Lupe’s posts and hopefully not including the Weekly Wrap-Ups.

(But you know… good luck with that, Sophia.)

Actually send out the reviews posted monthly on the blog to subscribers

I am SO bad at doing this and it needs to change ASAP. 😂

Blog maintenance

I’m 95% sure this one won’t be accomplished by the end of the year, but progress will be made for sure. At the very least I’m hoping to:

  1. Reformat reviews so they get into the review archives
  2. Get rid of the Google Analytics junk that got left there during migration
  3. Update links and get rid of the broken ones

I’m hoping to get to at least page 40 if not more, but if I do finish it… I might get around to doing other things.

  1. Reformat the other posts so it fits the WordPress theme
  2. Finalize categories and clean them up, along with tags
  3. Redirect the broken links from when BWT was on Blogger

I’m pretty sure most of the views that are on the homepage are all a result from broken links since I did change my permalink.

But anyways, maintenance never ends (and I never did it in the first place back then). 😭

am, however, going to join Clo from Cuppa Clo with tidying up the blog. If we keep each other in check, maybe I’ll get all of this done before school starts again???

To brand or not to brand?

For most of my blogging career, I’ve always done owls and switched colors around and I could never figure it out omg. I think at one point I’ve settled with purple for some reason with either black or white and a hint of blue occasionally. How did that even happen in the first place?

I do like this purple though… and with Instagram, the white stands out from the purple. I’m likely keeping this.

But all of my discussion/fun posts aren’t even the colors I use on the blog except maybe black. And I switch between two fonts. (Anything that doesn’t have the dragon is one font, anything with the dragon has the main font in the header.) 🤷 I also like matching the colors to the photo so they don’t clash though… Am I overthinking this?

You’d think at this point I would figure this out but I don’t feel like I have? Maybe I started going on that path and I’m getting closer to figuring it out? 🤔

Work on my bookstagram

I joined Instagram sometime late last year and it saddens me that I rarely see eBooks used as part of the photos???

But I do want to consistently post on Instagram… Which unfortunately means I need to stock up 4 months worth of photos because of my schedule this fall. 😩 But I also have so many other things.

Let’s talk, bookwyrms: how are your blogging goals going? Any new ones made? Are you on Instagram? Will you be joining Chloe in tidying your blog and Goodreads?

(Shameless self-promotion, but I’m @HannahSophiaLin)

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11 responses to “Blogging Goals Check-In (AKA How Did Sophia Do and Is She Failing?)

  1. Reading about updating blog posts… I don’t even want to think about doing that, my formatting has changed so much over the years that I feel like it’d be a lot to fix. (I probably should but. I’m not sure if I should.) Congrats on working toward your goals! (Especially migrating to WordPress, it sounds (and looks) like it’s going well!

  2. Oof just saying if you need any help/advice on the whole colour scheme, branding side *waves* hi friend, I’m happy to help. I’m taking a Graphic Design course at college and I do know a bit about the whole thing, it’s a headache but honestly, it helps if you limit how many fonts you use. Colours all have different meanings etc

    As for your list *looks at list above* We got this, we have all of August to get this sorted so that’s a month. I’ll be chugging away at stuff for the whole month too so we got this, baby steps…and maybe it won’t eat us? (if it does I’ll call a twitter break so we can like chit chat haha and ignore the mountain of work we gotta do 😉 )

  3. WOOHOO FOR MOVING TO SELF-HOSTED!!! It has been an awesome ride for me as well (although I’m not using UBB–but I want to! Curse being a broke college student). I really need to reformat old posts though. Branding is SO hard, and I can’t seem to decide on a final font for everything, so I always end up switching, but I’m too lazy to make sure all the old posts use the new font and stuff. D:

  4. It sounds like you’re on top of things for the most part! Yay! I recently redid some of the formatting on my blog, changed a few fonts, updated some widgets, but nothing major. I like the simplicity of my blog!

    I’ve only really set one challenge for myself, and that was the Beat the Backlist Challenge. I want to read more of my older books that I’ve had forever! I’m doing pretty okay…

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?

  5. I feel you. It is so hard to find something that works. I am now going with the green and butterflies but that went gradually. Sometimes it is just a shift. You don’t have to switch everything over right away if you don’t feel like it. It has to work for you.

  6. Well done for moving to a platform that you are happier with! That’s awesome. I also keep falling into the void… But at least I’m present pretty much a LOT on bookstagram! Ha ha. I have managed to post monthly wrap ups each month though. And I think I’m about on my target of reviewing a book a week…. I think???

    I also had a goal to spend half an hour a day responding to blog comments but… Yeah. If I did that life as a blogger would probably be a lot easier!

    The only branding I really use is my header type background and that’s OK by me. I use it on my blog, Twitter, Insta etc.

    I have posted a few ebook pics but its so much easier to use real books or overlay covers!!! I probably won’t be tidying anytime soon…. 😉

  7. At least you’re somewhat through to your goals! And FIFTY SIX PAGES WOW THAT’S A LOT.
    I’m so much like you when it comes to overthinking. Should I do this? Should I not? Will it really look good?

    For brand colours – what really saved me was going through the Pantone Colours and choosing a scheme I liked best. I think you would too 🙂

    Best of luck for the remaining half of 2018!