Catching Thoughts: The Lighting Thief + Sea of Monsters Movie – Part 1

Posted September 23, 2014 by Sophia

Catching Thoughts is a combination of Catching Bookz and Bookwyrming Thoughts, where Lupe and Sophia discuss/debate/fangirl over books and movies alike through Twitter. Twitter Jail may be involved, and currently they’re stumbling over rocks.

Recently during the Summer, I started to indulge myself into books turning into movies – I was extremely lucky to actually get both Percy Jackson movies around the same time. ^_^ Since Lupe is an avid movie person herself, we thought it would be a great idea to start discussing not just books, but movies as well.

The Lightning Thief + Sea of Monsters Movie Discussion

Sophia (@SophiWaterheart): So… I watched The Lightning Thief for the 2nd time and the Sea of Monsters for the first. Personally I think both movies were okay… but for a bookworm like me who can’t help but compare the movie to the book, it pretty much… sucked. In a way. Thoughts?

Lupe (@CatchingBookz): ok so many people did complain about anabeths hair from the first movie. I actually liker her with dark hair than blonde

Sophia fully admits that she is not planning on correcting Lupe. Unless they’re arguing and she needs a tool of distraction.

Sophia: The director did change it to blonde though. Probably to follow the book as close as possible without doing too much damage

Lupe: I have not seen the first one in a while. i have seen the new one recently again.

Sophia: I watched both pretty close to each other. I think I must have gotten lucky or something. Chiron changed! Like.. a lot.

Lupe: probably because people these days dont appreciate that they actually turned this into a movie these days. it makes me mad! I like both movies to be honest. They were good. remember I have not read the entire series since the 6th grade

The part about fans having high expectations for movies might be a discussion for another day. Sophia whole-heartedly agrees with Lupe’s point.

Sophia: High expectations. What’d you expect? I do like the visual elements/special effects to it though. The characters were pretty good. I did want to see Clarisse dumping Percy’s head in a toilet though! That was one of the funniest moments in the book. Anyhoo, I haven’t either. I think I read most of the series in 6th grade, but I didn’t finish until around early 8th grade. By the way, the discussion is breaking into 2 threads. o_o

Note: Sophia is using Twitlonger. Eventually both decide to use a million threads and try to reply from the very last thread… and continue. We’ve pretty much decided Twitter is a bad idea since it’s 140 characters, but it’s not like we’re going to stop and use Facebook… O_O

Lupe: I just like the humor man. The action was really good. 2 threads? ok let’s go back to one thread

Sophia: Ooo! Favorite character. I just love Grover! Oh, by the way, I loved the ending to The Lightning Thief were Gabe is basically turned into stone. That wasn’t in the book, but I loved it. 😀

Lupe: hahaha i dont remember what happened in the book. HAHAHA you got a better memory than me or u just took the time to reread. idk I really didnt like uh clarissa or watever her name is. She was annoying not until the end tho. I like the cyclops 😀

Sophia doesn’t have a good memory. Especially in math, even though she’s Asian. Half the time she wonders WHY she’s in advanced math.

Sophia: I swear, I didn’t even reread. I read The Mark of Athena, but that’s an entirely different series, old sport. Uh… which cyclops?

Lupe: yup you do have a better memory than I do. Its been so long since I have read this series. I should do a reread

Sophia: I DON’T. What did I learn in Algebra II? HELP, KAHLAN, HELP!!! She’s busy doing AP Gov. *pokes* >_<

Kahlan Jade is the one who occasionally protests about spoilers on her Twitter feed. Unfortunately, we’re both evil enough to continue or attempt to drag her off of Twitter. Kicking and screaming may be involved. Kidding about the kicking and screaming!

Lupe: the only nice cyclops there is. Percy’s bro? who else would i be talking about?

Sophia: If you have a weird brain, it might be Polyphemus. o_o

Lupe: uh no. I dont even remember who that is. I’m telling you, I’m forgetting everything at the moment but that was not the person i was talking about

Sophia: I officially don’t know you o_o

As you may now realize, every so often we claim that we don’t know the other. In reality… we do.

Lupe: LOL!

Sophia: anyways… back to conversation. What do you think of Brandon T. Jackson acting like a girl in disguise to full Polyphemus?

Behind the screen, Lupe is doing a victory dance and eating Dauntless cake, which Sophia is plotting to steal next time. JUST because Sophia spelled a simple word wrong.

Lupe: it was funny! It was also very smart of him to do that in order to trick that cyclops!

Sophia: I thought the Bad Bull part was hilarious

Lupe is feeling absolutely dubious about that particular scene being funny.

Lupe: really? that part? i like the part where that chick was ordering those zombies (if i remember correctly) to move the ship

Sophia: I thought you hated Clarisse :p

Lupe: so? but that scene was funny

Sophia: I need a backstage pass to the inner workings of your brain. I have no clue how that’s funny unless you find everything funny. O_O

Lupe: It was funny. U need to go rewatch that scene 🙂

Sophia: But… but! I’ve already returned it! It’s a Bestseller!

Lupe: Darn

Sophia: At least… it is. According to our library.

We’ve pretty much agreed our library is weird. Or maybe lots of people read negative reviews and checked it out, because Sophia saw the Great Gatsby copy she checked out became the newest Bestseller…

Lupe: C’mon those zombies look awesome 🙂 but not as cool as #thewalkingdead zombies.

Sophia: Oh my! She uses a picture! 😀 What’s the Walking Dead? It’s literally a Walking Dead Person, isn’t it?

Sophia actually does know what the Walking Dead is. She probably shouldn’t have said it because the next thing she knows, Lupe has the Twilight saga in her hands.

Lupe: :0 you did not just say that.

Just so you know… no books were literally thrown. No pointy shovel agendas were used either. But Sophia certainly has a trusty distraction up her sleeve… MUAHAHA

Sophia: Fun. I get to do a victory dance. (Admit it. The panda is awesome)

Lupe: That’s so adorable! Lol!

Psst! If you ever speak to Lupe, have some pandas at the ready. It may come handy! It’s how Sophia survives. Maybe it’s perks of an Asian.

Sophia: I suppose that means I don’t need to polish my skills. Tiger Woods agrees.

Lupe has forgotten about the books she planned to throw at Sophia.

Lupe: Lol wow. So which do like better? The first or the second?

End of Part 1 Come back on Friday to read the rest of the discussion! ^_^

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