Catching Thoughts: The Lightning Thief + Sea of Monsters Movie – Part 2

Posted September 26, 2014 by Sophia

Catching Thoughts is a combination of Catching Bookz and Bookwyrming Thoughts, where Lupe and Sophia discuss/debate/fangirl over books and movies alike through Twitter. Twitter Jail may be involved, and currently they’re stumbling over rocks.

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Sophia: That’s a pretty hard question. I’d have to say the 2nd one.

Lupe: Eh I like them both equally. 🙂

Sophia: Both weren’t terrible. I still think they could have done a bit better. By the way… what do you think of the younger Luke, Annabeth and Thalia? Thalia was actually pretty good casting. Same for Grover if you compare the looks. Annabeth, not so much in my opinion. I don’t remember Luke too well.

Lupe: I agree. Although I don’t remember how little annabeth looked like. Thalia was a really good casting.

Sophia: Unfortunately, Mini Thalia’s death looked a little… too fake. Not that I’ve actually seen what death looks like to be frank

Lupe: WOW I didn’t pay THAT much attention to the death scene.

Sophia: It looked weird, so I went back to it and rewatched that particular part. Think whoever played Old Thalia will make an appearance in Titan’s Curse?

Lupe: If they even make the third one which is not likely possible

Ye of little faith, Lupe. :p

Sophia: Most likely not. Thing is… it could take years. Look at the whopping 3 year gap between the 2 movies! O_O

Lupe: Yeah idk

Sophia: Neither of us do… unless we’re living in Hollywood or we’re part of the cast where we’re basically in the inner circle

Lupe: Hahaha the cast does not even know so ha!

Sophia: Okay. WarnerBros. Whoever bought the rights.

At the time, we completely forgot who bought the movie rights. So of course… since WarnerBros is most commonly known to buy movie rights for books usually… or maybe it’s Harry Potter

Lupe: Lol

Sophia: I think the really bright side of this is where we get a clarification on the prophecy. Percy’s 16 here, the time of the original prophecy. I don’t really mind too much on the age difference, but for some people it was annoying. Opinions on that? O_O

In an interview sometime in 2010, Lightning Thief director Chris Columbus mentioned he increased the age because 12 is a little too young for the violence… or something of the sort. Of course, Lupe makes a point that Sophia’s memory is actually good while Sophia vehemently protests.

Lupe: for me, I truly don’t care. I am not THAT picky

Sophia: I’m not that picky when it comes to food. Unfortunately, movies aren’t food. I really should be a Satyr. :p

Lupe: I am when it comes to food most of the time

Sophia: they did say opposites attract. O_O No wonder we’re friends. 😀

Lupe: lol yes this is y we are friends lol

Sophia: If you could meet any of the creatures, who would you want to meet? I would want to meet Martha and George, and the Hippocamp. Hands down.

Lupe: hippocamp? Wat?!

Sophia: Hippocampus. There wasn’t enough room. o_o

Lupe thinks Sophia simply misspelled yet again.

Lupe: Lol! Hippocamp!

We’ve pretty much realized that Lupe was thinking I meant a camp full of hippos when it’s actually the legendarily awesomely colorful creature. Sophia’s obviously going to take the route of the innocent and blame Jack Dorsey.

Sophia: Shhhhh! Don’t question the SMS of Twitter! O_O

Lupe: too late! Muahahahahaha

Sophia: It’s never too late! O_O

Lupe: It is now 😀

Sophia: I’m still alive. It’s not too late! I’ll swim away in innocence if I have to!

Lupe: Lol! I’m not going to hurt you. We are not even near each other rite now

Sophia: You know, same city is almost the same as being near each other. At least the nearest of any 2 bloggers. O_O

In all honesty, we might top the list. Obviously we’re not giving away where we live!

Lupe: true true

Sophia: Oh hey, did you take the Discover Your Powers Quiz? 😀

Lupe: No send me link!

Sophia: :o! You don’t have the DvD do you???? For the Lightning Thief????

Lupe: No

Sophia: Hmm… here’s a different kind.

Sophia gives the link… want to take the quiz yourself? Click HERE

Lupe: The link does not work on my phone 🙁

INTERMISSION: Sophia takes the quiz for Lupe… thus increasing her chances of landing in Twitter jail

Sophia: Okie… quiz complete. And intermission

Lupe: Intermission?

Sophia: Loading O_O

Lupe: Hehehe I knew that really I was just messing with you 😀

Lupe’s just plotting mini revenge. :p

Sophia: Zeus O_O

Lupe: Hurray!!!! Take that! U?

Sophia: For this quiz? Athena. On the DvD? It ranged from Hermes to Athena to Poseidon. HA!

Lupe: Zeus is awesomer 😛

Sophia: I wasn’t aware awesomer is a word. *hands you dictionary* 😀

Despite the fact Zeus is the head honcho of the gods, Sophia thinks controlling water is so much more cooler. So are owls. Meanwhile, she ends up using the dictionary as a distraction

END OF DISCUSSION – Between Lupe and Sophia, that is… for the day. They talk more often at school and on the bus.

We had completely different views when it came to both Percy Jackson movies, except for when it comes to the casting of Thalia. If you’ve seen both, what are your thoughts? Do you think that fans have too much high expectations when it comes to books turning into movies as Lupe thought? If you were a demigod, who would be your parent? Finally, should there be a third Percy Jackson movie, should they have plans for production?

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Sophia is a socially awkward Communications major who has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House Crisis. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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