Chibi Views: The Grimm Diaries Prequels 7-10 by Cameron Jace

Posted July 21, 2014 by Sophia

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I’m introducing a new feature – it’s called Chibi Views! Essentially Chibi Views are my versions of mini reviews. How did the name come about? Chibi are found in Japanese manga, and they’re absolutely adorable. Plus, they’re short and have big heads. Mini reviews – short. Big Opinions (reviews do count as opinions) – big heads. Get my mojo? 😉

The Grimm Diaries Prequels #7-10

I felt like the synopsis would probably be too long. Check it out on Goodreads here!

         Once Beauty, Twice Beast

Cameron Jace weaves a bit of history into fairy tale magic on a heartbreaking story based on Beauty and the Beast. The genders are switched for the most part, which I find interesting, but you don’t know who the narrator is. On the bright side, the castle plays a MAJOR role.

Sometimes , hands are like tongues, acting against our better judgment, screaming out the secrets once kept in the deepest closets of your mind.

Rating: 4.5 Owls

Moon & Madly        

Moon & Madly is perhaps one of the only few fairy tales I haven’t heard of, being based off of Buried Moon. Oh, and in thoughts of that being a series… I think it would be really interesting – and unique! – how the moon being a girl to protect us from things that go bump in the night would play out.

Frogs are helpless. Everyone in the kingdom has been bewitching them, turning them into princes and princesses. The poor creature is being played with and humiliated when all he wanted in life was to croak us out of our sleep every night.

Rating: 4.5 Owls


Rumpelstein is basically about how Rumpelstiltskin got his name and why he went from good to evil. There’s also a bit of Frankenstein involved, but I think I’ve given too much. It’s also shortly after Moon & Madly (at least, I’m assuming that and I have reasons…). Oh, and Ladle Rat makes an appearance too! Personally I think she’s one of my favorites, even though she might have to kill me one day.

Fairy tales are a good way to believe the unbelievable

Rating: 5 Owls


Wow, this one was actually pretty good. Jawigi is basically told in the Sandman’s view View Spoiler »
even though he was in disguise. It’s mainly about the Queen of Sorrow’s birth – panthers involved, but ew? – and what Jawigi means. Apparently the meaning of Jawigi was pretty much expected. But nope, I didn’t actually expect the ending – now that’s a first (really, it is. Most of the time my brain’s right on target or close)!

If you start your tale with a phrase like: ‘Once upon a time…’ they expected a ‘Happily Ever After’ ending. If you start with: ‘It was dark and stormy night…’ they begin looking for a monster under the bed.

Rating: 4.5 Owls

Average Rating: 4.5 Owls

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