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Posted May 13, 2019 by Sophia

Novel Newcomers“Sophia, you’re still alive?”

Hello bookwyrms and everyone, I am very much alive and running around (though maybe I look like I lost a talon or two in the process). The semi-hiatus life is hard and getting back into writing a review or post is always the difficult part despite having 15 posts in pending of getting out of the hole. 😅

But today we’re popping out of the hole to welcome Diana from Fortunately, the Book on the blog! We’re going to be chatting about all things books, blogging and fictional characters.

What is Novel Newcomers?

Novel Newcomers is a feature based off features spotlighting debut authors, only with book bloggers! It all began in 2016 with Nori from ReadWriteLove28, started in 2017 but the feature took a back burner later that year and remained so in 2018.

This year, however, Novel Newcomers is back! Clo from Cuppa Clo and I will be featuring book bloggers who started in 2017 OR 2018 all throughout the year, so brace yourselves and let’s get started!

Outside of blogging and reading, what other interests do you have?

I was a cosplayer in the past years. I made a lot of costumes, even from movies or tv shows like Coraline and GOT. Recently, I discovered the needle felting, and I fell in love with this hobby! I love to create little animals or plants to decorate my home and my bookshelves.

What is your most unusual accomplishment?

Probably the prize that I won some years ago in a cosplay contest in my city. I made a giant toy cardboard box, and I put my dad into it as a toy with the accessories in the back of the box, too. Everyone congratulated us, and if you are trying to guess the characters… yes, it was from Toy Story 2.

What is your favorite food?

I’m Italian, so it seems trivial to say pizza? I really love pizza, with every ingredient on it, but I also love ice-cream and the guacamole that my dad makes on our Mexican Sunday, it’s really the best!

In honor of mother’s day in the US, who are some of your favorite fictional mothers and why?

Re-reading Harry Potter has really opened my eyes to how important Mrs. Weasley is for Harry. I think that she contributes, maybe just a little, to give to Harry a little normality, and love, and care, in his life. But there is a scene that always makes me cry, featuring another mother: when Narcissa Malfoy checks if Harry is dead in the Deathly Hallows. It’s a powerful scene where the love of a mother changes the future, like Lily’s sacrifice. These two mothers are my favorite.

Which characters would you adopt as your children if you could and why?

Probably Charlotte “Charlie” from The Ministry of Curiosities series by C.J Archer. She has a lonely and tragic history of abuse when she met Lincoln in the first book of the series, and it pains me to know that this beautiful and talented girl has lived on the streets, dressed as a boy, for years to survive. She deserves better than that.

If you had to save one fictional crush only, who would you save and why?

Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit (movie and book). I was totally heartbroken and the end of the battle of the five armies, so I would save The King Under the Mountain because he deserves to rule his kingdom and live a happy and long life (with Bilbo).

Let’s give backlist books some love! What are five 2015 OR 2016 releases that you would love to get around to this year?

I’m an atypical book blogger because I read more backlist books than new releases or ARC! This year I will read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell because I’ve loved Fangirl and Silver on the Road by Laura Anne Gilman. Her Majesty’s Necromancer is a 2015 release that I definitely want to read; the previous volume of the series of The Ministry of Curiosities is one of the best books I ever read.

What are three things you hope to learn from blogging in 2019?

I hope to learn to let go of my fear of writing reviews in English: it’s not my first language, and I’m always afraid of writing reviews full of errors. I want to learn to make cute graphics for my blog and last but not least to learn how to be better involved in the book community!

Visit Diana on the interwebs!

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  1. Sophia – Glad you’re still alive! 😉
    Diana – Welcome!! I completely agree about Mrs. Weasley. She is amazing and I don’t think she always gets enough love <3

  2. Wonderful interview! Ooh, pizza is never a trivial answer! It’s simply the best. 😉 That’s so awesome how you won that cosplay contest, Diana! That sounds like so much fun, and I’m sure it must’ve been so much fun to design the costume for your Dad to be Stinky Pete (I believe? lol). I love how your brought up Narcissa Malfoy! She’s such an overlooked character!