Fandom Friday: FIFA World Cup 2018 + more!

Posted June 22, 2018 by Lupe


Happy Friday! I’m deeply sorry about last week. I had an insane amount of HW due and a quiz to study for. This is my first time taking summer classes. I thought it was going to be easy but BOY IS IT NOT. I’m glad my advisor didn’t let me take 10 credit hours this summer. 😁

FIFA World Cup 2018

The World Cup kicked off this summer on June 14th in Russia! I’m still disappointed that the U.S did not qualify this year. 😭 So I got to root for Mexico, my parent’s home country.

News broke out that the host countries for the FIFA World Cup 2026 are Canada, U.S, and Mexico. All three countries will unite and host the World Cup in 2026! How cool is that? Also, more teams will be able to participate! The teams will increase from 32 teams to 48 teams! We won’t know the host cities until 2020 or 2021. As of right now, they plan to do 60 matches in the U.S, 10 matches in Mexico, and 10 matches in Canada.

Audiobooks are Better than Movies/ TV Shows

I thought it was interesting to let you guys know about these new study! According to USA Today, “listening to audio books is more emotionally engaging than watching film or TV.”

Now we have a LEGIT scientific reason for us to fight those who do not believe that books are better than the movie/ TV show!

Creed II Official Trailer

Dumbo Official Trailer

Who are you rooting for in the World Cup? What are your thoughts on audiobooks? Are they worth it? What are your thoughts on the trailers?

Lupe is a 21-year-old Latina (she feels 80 sometimes) who loves to read and watch movies and share her thoughts/opinions about them! Her all-time favorite series consists of Bloodlines and Vampire Academy (among others), and her favorite author is Richelle Mead.

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2 responses to “Fandom Friday: FIFA World Cup 2018 + more!

  1. That is cool about the host countries! I had not heard that! And I need to watch some games- I’ve hardly seen any of the World Cup yet. Argh.

    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. I like listening to Audiobooks when I am driving because I get so bored! My fiance makes fun of me sometimes and now I have amo to fire back! That is awesome 🙂 Thanks!