Fandom Friday: Happy New Year!

Posted January 4, 2019 by Lupe


Happy New Year!

I still can’t believe that it’s 2019. Honestly, I still think that 2008 was yesterday. I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Anyway, new year, new stuff!

Today’s post will be another short one. There weren’t many earth-shattering announcements this week.

Stranger Things 3

Netflix announced the premiere date for the anticipated third season of Stranger Things. The third season will be available on the streaming service on the fourth of July.

CW orders Batwoman pilot

We first saw Batwoman in action during the crossover event in December 2018.  It’s no surprise that CW ordered to create the pilot for Batwoman starring Ruby Rose. David Nutter, known for his work on Game of Thrones, will direct the pilot episode!

The Notebook Musical is in the works!

Yes, there is gonna be a musical adaption of The Notebook. Ingrid Michaelson is a singer-songwriter and Broadway star. She will be composing the score for the musical. I am still in that 1% who has not read or even seen the movie. Is it a good movie though? I’ve heard mixed reviews and was told to get a box of tissues if I ever do decide to see it.

The Masked Singer

Did anyone watch the show on Wednesday? I sure did! It was awesome! I am well aware that the original idea came from the show King of Mask Singer in South Korea. I was skeptical about the show at first when I first saw the trailer for the show. After watching it, I enjoyed the hell out of it!

The show is pretty simple to understand. No one knows who the celebrity is under the over the top costumes. They show a small video before every singing performance with hidden clues for each contestant. I am horrible at guessing. I’m just going to enjoy the ride and see who are under these insane costumes.

Are you ready for the third season of Stranger Things? What are your thoughts on Batwoman? Should I watch The Notebook or is it a waste of my time? Have you seen The Masked Singer?

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8 responses to “Fandom Friday: Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Lupe! I really need to catch up on Stranger Things before July now… AND MASKED SINGER WAS A TIME!!!! Much popcorn was consumed, much snorts were made. The Judges guesses had me choking on my popcorn. a time folks. a time.

  2. Oh I’m excited for Stranger Things 3!! I really liked S2 fajdksla and it’ll be weird seeing the kids all grown up and I wonder where they’re going to take the plot next. I’M EXCITED.

  3. Hallo, Hallo Lupe,

    I’m coming through the Comment 4 Comment Challenge? I have been visiting your lovely blog for the past few days – I wanted to mention that *The Notebook* crushed my soul – how they can take such a gut-wrenching story and turn it into a musical is going to be a unique challenge! Also, like you I had NO IDEA what to expect out of #TheMaskedSinger and took a liking to it! The clues are above & beyond difficult – the only guess I had that I’m semi-comfortable with is Donny Osmond for the Peacock? Mostly due to what they said about that person: re-invents himself, a poster your Mom had on her wall and a performer since age 5 – seemed to fit him but the magic segue threw me but I felt it was him anyway!

    When I hopped on Twitter – a lot of people were guessing who the Unicorn and Lion were – none of which I would have suspected myself, the Lion though – that voice!! Whoa. I’m just enjoying the ride with this one – it is a nice diversion from some of the comedies which aren’t floating my boat and the grisly dramas I could live without. Honestly, I’ve been binge watching “Crikey! Its the Irwins”, “Magnum, PI” (love how Honeysuckle Week’s sister is on this series and how they look near-identical! She was on “Foyle’s War” which I loved and now I get to see Perdita on this one!) and catching up with the Christmas specials I missed like Darcy Lynne.

  4. The Notebook musical. I honestly thought it was a joke when I first seen it announced on Twitter. How ridiculous. I thought the book was much better than the film and I cried towards the end, finding it incredibly emotional. Making it into a musical feels like a bit of a mockery though. It’ll be like seeing a accident, it’s traumatic but you can’t make yourself look the other way. God help us all.