Fandom Friday: High School Musical TV Series + More!

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Happy Friday! I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! I sure thought it was not long enough.

Just a fair warning, this post will be Disney news heavy.

High School Musical TV Series

We are getting a High School Musical TV series! This is separate from High School Musical 4, which is still in the works. The 10 episode series will air on the Disney streaming service! The official title for the series is High School Musical: The Musical. Each episode will include a ‘new rendition’ of an original song from High School Musical. It will also include an original song made specifically for the new series! It will be shot as a docuseries. The series will feature new characters! If you want to read the description of the new characters, head on over to Variety to read more about it!

Disney Streaming Service

New information emerged about the upcoming streaming service from Disney! The service will launch sometime next year. The official name for the streaming service is still unknown at this time. Dinsey won’t be pulling their products from Netflix and Hulu right away. They do plan to charge less than Netflix since they won’t have much content. Original content will soon emerge on the streaming service as well as their classic animated films.

A Special Look at Captain Marvel

Let’s continue with the Disney news. I did warn you this will be Disney heavy!

Captain Marvel will be the biggest movie yet! It’s a female-led film and will introduce us to the most powerful hero in the MCU! EW exclusively released photos from the upcoming movie! Head on over to their website to see the photos!

Halloween Trailer

Halloween is around the corner now!

What are your thoughts on the HSM TV series? Do you plan to get the Disney streaming service once they release it? What do you think about the upcoming Captain Marvel movie? Do you like horror movies?


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10 responses to “Fandom Friday: High School Musical TV Series + More!

  1. Danielle

    Why are they remaking everything?! Ugh as much as I LOVEEE HSM I want regular original content. Brie Larson looks incredible as Captain Marvel!! I’ve never read the comics but I LOVEEE the movies.

  2. I am super excited for Captain Marvel!!! I don’t know how I feel about the Disney Streaming service tho. I am tired of having to have subscriptions to a million different things in order to watch anything I want. It gets expensive too. I don’t want to join ANOTHER one for Disney 🙁 Thoooo maybe Disney could just buy Netflix 😉 and then I can have both!

  3. I can’t believe they are making a High School Musical series?? I am in shock right now hahaha. I wonder why, and why now. I can’t believe High School Musical aired so long ago haha. I think I’ll still watch because I am very curious about it overall, haha. Thank you for sharing that news! 😀

  4. RO

    Always in the back of my head, I wonder about Halloween 39 at some point in my life(lol) I watched the 1st one years ago, and was thoroughly scared, but after that, it was just too much! I liked High School Musical, nd wonder if it will work out as well as a series. I feel the same about the Purge too. Captain Marvel? Yes! Happy Sunday and Hugs..RO