Fandom Friday: Is it Yanny or Laurel?

Posted May 18, 2018 by Lupe

fandom-fridayHappy Friday! I thank Sophia for taking over last week’s Fandom Friday post because I was knee deep into my finals. Boy am I glad that is over. This week was also busy since I was recovering from a little incident I had Cinco de Mayo weekend. Basically, my purse was stolen at work. I will fully explain in detail in this week’s Weekly Wrap up post.

What do you hear?

I swear, the internet has nothing better to do nowadays. Is it another ‘dress’ situation? Probably. Am I contributing to this craziness? Why yes because I’m here to inform those who don’t have a clue what I’m writing about.

This all happened on Tuesday. People all over the internet were divided on what they heard from an audio clip. Some heard ‘Yanny’ while others heard ‘Laurel’. The reason depends on what device you hear the audio clip, how well you hear, or your age according to various news sources.  You can also hear different things depending on the pitch of the audio clip.

Sorry, TEAM YANNY. The source of the audio clip is for the word ‘Laurel’ off of Laurel is a wreath worn on a head which often symbolizes victory. I heard ‘Laurel’ on my phone and ‘Yanny’ on my television.


Check out the new cover for Marie Lu’s Wildcard, a sequel to Warcross! Wildcard will be released this September 18! Entertainment Weekly shared the gorgeous cover and an excerpt!

Wildcard Marie Lu

Mission: Impossible- Fallout Trailer

Bohemian Rhapsody Teaser Trailer

Do you like the new Wildcard cover? What are your thoughts on the movie trailers? Most importantly, what do YOU hear? Is it Yanny or Laurel?

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9 responses to “Fandom Friday: Is it Yanny or Laurel?

  1. Danielle

    I hear Laurel and THAT IS THAT!! Lol. First time I heard with my earbuds was Laurel, then on my laptop speakers, I heard Laurel. So it’s LAUREL!! And that GD dress was white and gold dammit lmaooo!! The internet is a wild place…..
    Bohemian Rhapsody movie looks SOO good!! Rami MALEC is gonna kill it as Mercury!!

  2. I definitely heard Laurel! I will still watch the Mission Impossible movies even if they don’t really make sense to me anymore, and Henry Cavill is in this one, so bonus!

  3. It STILL freaks me out how two people hear two totally different things!!! I always hear Laurel, but I did try to watch videos where they messed with the frequencies and eventually heard Yanny. xD

  4. The first time I heard it it was played inside my quiz game I was playing I heard Laurel. But when I actually looked it up I heard Yanny. But then one of my coworkers was playing for someone else in the office and I heard Laurel again. Each time was under different circumstances and and different volumes and I was different distances away from the source, so the news people prolly have it right. I haven’t read Warcross but I love the cover for Wildcard!

  5. That Wildcard cover is amazing! Love. And so that’s what the Yanny/ Laurel thing is all about lol. Had no idea…

    Sorry to hear about your purse! Ack.

  6. Yanny, most definitely Yanny. Even when others were posting the lower pitches and on various devices, I can still only hear Yanny. I also seen the dress as black and blue.

    There’s been so much talk about the Queen movie coming out this week but that’s the first time I’d seen the trailer. Rami Malec is a good choice but I think Sasha Baron Cohen would have perfect for the role. I think after watching Mr Robot, I can’t see Rami as anyone other than Elliot. It looks incredible though. I hope they don’t erase his bisexuality and the AIDS epidemic from his narrative as that was such a major role in his life and ultimately what he succumbed to. Can’t wait to see it! ♥♥♥

  7. This has been the buzz this week, LOL. I hear Laurel. I’m excited to read Wildcard. I love the Mission Impossible movies, so I look forward to seeing this one.