Fandom Friday: Mini Books + More!

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Happy Friday! I’m sorry about missing last week! I worked every day last week before taking my two-week staycation. My job is demanding and exhausting at times. Also, school is around the corner and closer than I’ve realized. Oh, My! That reminds me! I need to buy colourful pens for the upcoming semester. Am I the only one obsessed with stationery items?

Penguin Minis

the fault in our stars john green mini book

We’ve all heard of John Green, right? Green wants to try out a different book format. Penguin will be releasing 4 of Green’s best selling novels (such as The Fault in Our Stars) this October. According to The Washington Post, all the original wordings will be there. The pages will be downsized to approximately the size of a cellphone. Due to its size, the book will be read horizontally. This concept is nothing new, but it will new for us since we are not accustomed to it.

Harry Potter on the Big Screen


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first publication of the first Harry Potter book, Cinemark will be showing all eight films at locations across the United States. As well as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This special event will go on from Aug. 31-Sep. 6. Tickets are on sale right now at their website!

Ruby Rose is Batwoman

The CW cast Ruby Rose as Batwoman! Batwoman will be introduced in the annual DC Crossover event this winter! CW is also developing a series solely about Batwoman! This is big news as it will be the first TV series that will be focusing on an LGBT superhero!


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

What are your thoughts on mini books? Are you near a location where all Harry Potter will be shown? What are your thoughts about Ruby Rose as Batwoman?

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8 responses to “Fandom Friday: Mini Books + More!

  1. That is a really weird format for the books! I think it would be super annoying to have the spine on the top of the book?

    The HP movies in theaters sounds awesome!!!!! I will have to see if there is a theater near me doing it!!

  2. I didn’t hear about the John Green books, but how fun! And yay for Ruby Rose as Batwoman. I’m excited that the HP movies are back in theaters for a bit. I’m hoping to see one or two of them with a friend of mine. 🙂


  3. That is so cool about Cinemark and HP! How cool it would be to see them on the big screen again (or in my case for the first time- I’ve seen NONE of them in theaters!

    I’m hoping Manic will be good.

  4. There’s a Nutcracker movie coming out? *squeals unintelligibly* Dayam I look forward to it! I love how there seems to be no mention of romance in the trailer–this one actually looks promising.