Fandom Friday: Wizard101 Spring Test Realm + Deadpool 2 Trailer

Posted March 23, 2018 by Lupe


Hey, guys! Hopefully, things are going very well for you guys. I have things to share with you that happened throughout the week! Tsk tsk, Sophia even invaded my post!

Wizard101 Spring Update

Look, it’s Sophia and I’m invading Lupe’s post (I told her I was calling dibs on this portion, thanks.) to talk about the Wizard101 Spring Update!!! I haven’t been on test realm myself yet due to life and school, but I’ve been following what has been going on in the community since test realm went up on Monday.

Honestly, I’m really excited about the loading screens. I finally made it to Empyrea a few months ago, which gave me a taste of what will ultimately be carried out to the rest of the game. It’s good to see something different than what I’ve seen in the past seven years, and from the previews shown by other players, the loading screens are amazing.

I’m planning on checking this new update soon, but meanwhile, Wizard101 has an official rundown of what’s coming in this update.

Deadpool 2 Trailer

At this point, I feel like I am the only one who has not seen the first Deadpool film in the franchise. Please don’t kill me! I’m catching up on films as I am trying to catch up on books. It’s a tough life for sure. Here is the new trailer for Deadpool 2 if you have not seen it yet!

Infinity War Trailer

The trailer was released LAST WEEK Friday, but that does not mean that we aren’t allowed to keep enjoying it this week! If you have not seen the trailer, then you totally should. Its action packed and filled with awesomeness! Plus, we were told that Thor will be given more screen time! This film might possibly break me.

A New Netflix Movie!

Anyone a fan of Jenny Han’s ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’? According to Variety, Netflix has acquired the rights to make the book to film adaption! The movie adaption will star Lana Condor (known for Alita: Battle Angel) and Noah Centineo (known for The Fosters). It will also star your favourite Pretty Little Liar, Janel Parrish. The film will be set to release THIS SUMMER!

Charles Lazarus’ Death

Charles Lazarus died on March 22 at the age of 94. He founded the widely known Toys ‘R’ Us. It’s devastating that he died just as his company is closing down all of his stores. Actually, it has been a week after they announced that they will be going out of business. I’m sure we remember how happy we were when we were kids when we stepped foot in his store. May Charles Lazarus rest in peace.

What are your thoughts on the Wizard101 Spring update? Are you looking forward to seeing Deadpool and Infinity War? Anyone excited about the upcoming Netflix adaption that will be out this summer? Are you sad about Charles Lazarus’ death?

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7 responses to “Fandom Friday: Wizard101 Spring Test Realm + Deadpool 2 Trailer

    • Lupe

      I can’t wait either! I do have to see the first Deadpool movie before I go see Deadpool 2 though. Gotta get on that ASAP! Thanks for taking the time to comment Bee!

  1. I’m super pumped for all of the Marvel movies! I still need to watch Black Panther, though. My husband and son went to watch it while I stayed home with the babies. We’re going to switch for the Avengers movie. I’ll go with our son and he’ll stay home with the babies. My mom is coming in October so we can watch Venom together! Whoop. Deadpool is hilarious and I can’t wait to see what happens with him and Cable.

    Do You Dog-ear?

  2. Wizard 101 looks adorable! Just checked it out and will have a bit of a ply shortly. I can already see how addictive it’ll be. Honestly, I haven’t seen Deadpool either. I’m not a massive watcher of films and usually they’re comedies or disaster movies when I do sit down to watch something. I know hoe popular Marvel is but I just can’t seem to get into superheroes sadly. That’s so incredibly sad about Charles Lazarus. It was briefly on the news here that the US stores were going into receivership and maybe the tragedy of his life work might have been too much, bless his soul. It’s devastating that he had to see that just before passing <3

  3. Excited for Infinity War (but nervous they’re gonna kill people off! Noooooo) and I haven’t seen Deadpool either, so you’re not the only one! 🙂

    That’s exciting news for the Jenny Han book!

  4. Vee

    I am here to tell you that you are NOT the only one who hasn’t seen the first Deadpool movie LOL
    I will eventually get to it! I really want to see Deadpool 2 because it looks quite funny! Also need to get caught up on all my superhero movies as prep for the last Avengers movie!