Fangirl Friday: Beauty And The Beast Final Trailer + Shadowhunters S2E5 Review

Posted February 3, 2017 by Lupe

Hello there! Is it just me or am I the only one excited for Super Bowl Sunday? Honestly, I’m only watching it for the commercials and for Lady Gaga. I mean, who wouldn’t? I’m not a football fan. I don’t think I will ever understand that sport at all. In other words, let’s begin with a look at another beautiful final trailer for the upcoming Beauty And The Beast coming in theaters on March 17!

Shadowhunters S2E5 Dust and Shadows: Spoiler Free Review

As always, someone always has to make me mad the entire time. Her name is Clary. She made the dumbest mistake ever just by wanting to bring one of her loved ones back. Simon had some trouble by wanting to tell his mother who he really is but told her in the most awful way possible. You will just have to see this episode to see what I’m truly talking about. Alec was beating himself up the entire time and just offered to help Clary after getting a pep talk from Magnus. Anyone who’ve seen the episode got a weird vibe from Aldertree when he gave the medicine to Isabelle to heal her wound? Or is it just me? The creepiness in this episode got REAL. This was the material I SIGNED UP FOR. The ending in this made me cry and I felt so bad for Clary. Thank God Jace came to the rescue. The ACTUAL ending though….. What’s up with that and why can’t it be Monday already? OK, Mondays are only good if there are new episodes. I only like that day for just that reason. YOU GUYS BETTER START WATCHING THIS BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS GETTING AWESOME!


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