Fangirl Friday: DuckTales and Movie Trailers!

Posted March 3, 2017 by Lupe

I don’t know about you guys, I am super excited for all these video clips I have for you today! I hope everything is going well for you, and just be happy that spring break is almost here. (Please come soon!)


Guys, Disney XD is stepping. IT. UP. The last time I was watching this channel was when I watched Phineas and Ferb. I really miss the old Disney shows. I hope I’m not the only one here. Just by watching the little sneak peak we have here, fills my heart up with joy. They are sticking with the basic animation format and I just hope this is will be marvelous.


I LOVED THE FIRST MOVIE. It’s my jam and I will always try to find the time to watch the film every chance I get. It’s funny, and the action is incredible. It’s a great Marvel film in my opinion. We got a new trailer thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. May God bless you my friend for sharing this master piece to the world. I can’t WAIT for May 5th!

Alien: Covenant

We also got a brand new trailer for Alien: Covenant! This film looks BOMB and I will definitely drag my dad to the theaters with me to watch this film. Watch it below and see why this is a very exciting film to look out for! In theaters May 19th!

Lupe is a 21-year-old Latina (she feels 80 sometimes) who loves to read and watch movies and share her thoughts/opinions about them! Her all-time favorite series consists of Bloodlines and Vampire Academy (among others), and her favorite author is Richelle Mead.

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