Fangirl Friday: HP Hogwarts Mystery, Becoming, Fahrenheit 451

Posted March 2, 2018 by Sophia

fangirl friday
Welcome back to Fangirl Friday at a shiny new home!

Lupe’s busy doing a cleaning of her bookshelves, so I’ve basically booted her to the side this week and took over. But she might pop in later and add to Fangirl Friday. 👀👀

Let’s get started because there is a lot.

We Bring the Distant Near Reading Sprint by LitCelebrAsian

I’m one of the cohosts of LitCelebrAsian and we’re hosting a Reading Sprint tomorrow! Come join us at 4pm EST and talk about your thoughts while reading Mitali Perkins’s novel.

“Wreck-It Ralph 2” trailer released

Ralph’s going to break the internet in this sequel to Wreck-It Ralph. (I’ve been reminded by the interwebs that I broke my own blog while redirecting for a few days…)

“Fahrenheit 451” trailer released

I’ve heard this book floating around, but I never read it myself. And now there’s a move in the works with a trailer that released this week!

“Black Panther” dominates box office

I haven’t seen Black Panther yet, Elena has and I am sitting here across the county jealous. It. Will. Happen.

“Mulan” release date pushed back

Mulan was supposed to release later this year, but the live-action starring Liu YiFei has been pushed to March 27, 2020.

Netflix brings Arabic Representation with “Jinn”

When Netflix is doing good things. Let’s see how this goes, Netflix. Deadline gives more details about the fantasy show airing next year.

Michelle Obama has a title and release date for her memoir

Former first lady Michelle Obama is writing a memoir?! 😱 Her memoir is titled Becoming and is set to release Nov. 13.

I got Lupe hooked on Harry Potter last year, and she does not regret that decision.

Now we’re free to shove all the Harry Potter goodies at her! 😈

This, of course, includes news of the newest game based on J.K. Rowling’s series called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, which was announced months ago. The game is now available for pre-register on Android, so get ready to cast some spells, make some potions and enter a magical world! (Sorry, Apple.)

Olympic Closing Ceremony

The Olympic Closing Ceremony happened Sunday night! Unfortunately, I was at work, so I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see EXO and CL from 2NE1 perform. 😭 (I’m totally watching their performances on YouTube though…)

Let’s talk: What are you excited about this week? Have you registered for the new Harry Potter game? Have you watched Black Panther yet? Did you watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony?

Sophia has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House crisis. Unlike her personality in blog posts, she's a socially awkward recent college grad who majored in Communications. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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12 responses to “Fangirl Friday: HP Hogwarts Mystery, Becoming, Fahrenheit 451

  1. This is the first I’m hearing of a Harry Potter game! And it’ll be available on android too! I’m so excited for Michelle Obama’s memoir. She’s such a remarkable woman that has inspired not only young girls all over the world but young girls of colour by shattering that glass ceiling. I love the new look girls! It’s been a while since I visited last but looking forward to catching up ❤

    • Haha, yes, it’s been a LONG TIME. I’ve been busy busy and was in an awful slump so I felt robotic in my posts for the past year and then some, unfortunately.

      And yes! The Harry Potter game is currently available for pre-registration on Android – I have definitely signed up for it and can’t wait for the release. 😀

  2. OMG I can’t believe I haven’t watched the Wreck-It Ralph trailer yet. *flails* I must do it as soon as I get out of work. Also I MUST go see Black Panther soon because the hype is killing me and I neeeeeed it in my life. Also I don’t mind Mulan is pushed back because I’d rather have them take the time for this movie and do it RIGHT then rush it and get it absolutely horribly wrong.

    • I agree with Mulan being pushed back! I would rather them do it right as well and get all of the elements correct than ruining it because they wanted to meet the release date of this year. I’m hoping the wait will be worth it, though! 😀

      It’s okay if you haven’t seen Black Panther yet – there are plenty of others who haven’t seen it either! (But you should totally watch it. I should watch it. It’s worth our money. No regrets, nope.)

    • I wish so as well, but like Bee mentioned earlier, I’d rather wait for Disney to take their time than rushing through the filming. I’m sure the wait will be worth it, though! 😉

  3. Same – I wasn’t able to watch much due to work, and if there were any, they were videos posted on social media.

    It is definitely hard to afford time off, so I understand where you’re coming from (what even is vacation)!

  4. Yay for all the Harry Potter love. I’m curious about this game! I haven’t seen Black Panther yet, but I DO want too. And I’m so excited about Michelle Obama’s memoir. I will definitely be reading that when it comes out. I never read Fahrenheit 451 either, but I always wanted to – looks like I need to do that before the movie. And it stars Michael B. Jordan?! I’m in!


    • Same! I think it’s set before Voldemort became a big thing, so I’m very curious how this will play out, haha. We’ll have to see when it comes out (already registered, so there’s step one)! 🙂