Fangirl Friday: Harry Potter Mobile Game + Nintendo Labo

Posted January 19, 2018 by Lupe
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Are we already halfway through January?! I have already accepted that this month is just a trial month for me and that the new year actually starts in February. Or Tuesday, because that’s when school started. Honestly, guys, I’m a complete mess. Oh wait, I’m always a mess. What’s new?

Enough about me. Let’s talk about Harry Potter! There’s a new mobile game coming out for both iOS and Android systems this spring and I can’t wait! Check out the trailer below!

Disclaimer: Video was taken from Gamespot

I’m sure you all have heard of the game system that literally EXPLODED and rocked the entire world. THE NINTENDO SWITCH. I was going to buy it two days ago for myself, but realized I won’t have time to play. Let’s get real, I BARELY HAVE THE TIME TO READ. (Sophia: I don’t think anyone does on here? Shh…)

This new NINTENDO LABO LITERALLY looks like something I could create myself with some pieces of cardboard I can get from my local hardwood store for a quarter of the price. At least they made this look fun and some what intriguing in the trailer. It’s a pretty creative idea from them, I will give you that, but it still looks really fragile. I can’t wait to read the reviews once this is released!

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