Fangirl Friday: The Shadowhunters Edition Episodes 1-3 (Recap)

Posted January 29, 2016 by Lupe



At the end of each month, I will review and share my thoughts and opinions about all the episodes that aired that month for Shadowhunters. I will keep doing this right up until the season ends, of course.

So let me just summarize what happened very vaguely (don’t want to spoil anything for anyone) for every episode.

Episode 1 was basically the pilot, or the premiere, episode where they introduced each character and really started to develop the plot. Nothing special really happens in this one other than the fact that Clary is thrown into this world she never knew about until now. The bad guys took Clary’s mother away because Valentine wants the Mortal Cup back.

Episode 2 was mainly about how Simon, Clary’s best friend, is trying to get used to Clary’s new world. Clary is frustrated by everyone asking her where the Mortal Cup is. Clary doesn’t know anything since her memories were taken away when she was a little girl because her mother was sheltering her from this world. Jace takes Clary to the Silent Brothers in the City of Bones to try to get her memories back which helps them reveal who Clary’s father is. It ended with Simon being kidnapped by vampires. Sorry, I really need to say this because this leads to episode 3.

Episode 3 was all about how the vampires are using ways to get Simon to spill information about where the Mortal Cup is. Simon doesn’t know where it is obviously. So Jace, Clary, Alec and Isabelle go out to rescue him. It ended with a big cliffhanger. If you have read the books  you sort of know what’s bound to happen next.

My Thoughts and Opinions

I really like the show but there’s something about it that seems pretty off. It just seems like a cheap action movie cut into pieces. That’s how I feel sometimes as I was watching the episodes. I am not hating on this show whatsoever. I am just going to have to wait until it gets a bit more interesting and hope the CGI gets a tad bit better.

The actors do a great job portraying the characters which I am so happy about. Not gonna lie, I was a bit worried considering how the movie was a bust. These actors have big shoes to fill and I personally think they are doing a phenomenal job!

Now, let’s discuss the characters themselves. Alec is the annoying one because he is too sensitive at times (Trust me I KNOW and I am talking to those of you who have read the entire book series). It just that it’s really hard for me to watch the show without wanting to tell the world what happens in the first book. Sorry, I have only read the first one. Don’t judge me quite yet.

Isabelle is great but sometimes I feel uncomfortable when she is on screen because of how comfortable she is in her own skin. Nothing against her at all, it’s just how I feel. Now Jace is mysterious and also very helpful, unlike Alec, and always tried to find a way to help Clary out since she literally has nowhere else to go. Clary is becoming a leader and taking risks, willing to do anything to save her mother, which I approve. GO CLARY! The attraction between Jace and Clary is pretty obvious and gets pretty intense as each episode goes by. It is fun to see Jace get jealous seeing Clary and Simon together no matter how many times Clary tells him that they are just friends.

I still think the episodes go a bit too fast but then again there are parts where it gets too slow. I think that’s a good combination for a show right? I don’t know. I am still going to keep watching this series and hopefully, it gets better. I have high hopes for this show. Like I said, this show has a big job since the movie was a flop. Watch Shadowhunters on Freeform every Tuesday at 8pm CST!

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