Fangirl Friday: Shadowhunters Ep. 8-11 Review/Recap

Posted March 25, 2016 by Lupe


Hello there! I have so much to say about this series and seriously, you are missing out on a fantastic show if you aren’t watching it!

Episode 8: Bad Blood

Oh my did this episode really struck me in a way that makes me want to strangle Clary so much. She cried too much and really battled with herself throughout the entire episode about what she is going to do with Simon. On the other hand, Alec and Isabelle really are at risk here and really need to figure out how to fix their family name’s reputation. The ending was really great honestly. This episode was a bit lagging mainly because Clary cried too much in this episode which got old really really fast.

Episode 9: Rise Up

My god, Lydia, a girl sent from The Clave to be in charge of the institution which really angered the Lightwoods. She angered me too honestly to the point of me thinking she is onto something and wanting to strangle her. Alec gets really annoying in this episode. It really frustrated me with the fact of how stubborn he is and how he thinks he knows whats best for everyone when really, he doesn’t. On the other hand, Clary is growing on me since the last episode from all that crying. She is stronger now and she is truly becoming a leader in a good way. Jace has Clary’s back and because of this, Alec gets angry. Things heat up at the end when everyone turns against Alec and the action in this episode was excellent!

Episode 10: The World Inverted

Now things are turning around and becoming more interesting than the ending of the last episode. Clary was rewarded with some help to find her father, Valentine. This is a pretty dangerous game she is playing right now and risks it. So here she goes to an alternate reality, where the threat of any demon no longer exists, to find the portal that will lead them to Valentine. Of course that would not be easy. Alec really angered me the most here because he literally weakened Jace through their bond and broke their trust in each other. Isabelle really is trying to get a hold on herself because she got arrested of the incident that happened with the downworlder attack in the last episode. She will be put on trial. It was a pretty heated episode.

Episode 11: Blood Calls to Blood

Well we learn some surprising stuff in the end of the last episode which really confused me until the end of this episode. I have to be quite vague here because all of the things that I want to discuss about this episode, I can’t say or else I will spoil it for you. Alec seeks help from Magnus to help Isabelle in her trial and let me say, the things Magnus says in the trial made me both smile and laugh. Clary and Jace learn something terrifying towards the end of the episode which really is a great way to almost close the season. This episode was really intense and let me say I cannot wait to see how this season will end in the last two episodes left of the season.

I’m very pleased with the pace that this show is going and I’m really surprised with the fact at how awesome and captivating this show is getting. I’m very happy with it and cannot wait to see more! Please tell in the comments below of how you felt with the series so far! I would love to know!

Lupe is a 21-year-old Latina (she feels 80 sometimes) who loves to read and watch movies and share her thoughts/opinions about them! Her all-time favorite series consists of Bloodlines and Vampire Academy (among others), and her favorite author is Richelle Mead.

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