Fangirl Friday: Shadowhunters Teasers, Sneak Peeks, and Lady Midnight

Posted October 16, 2015 by Lupe

Is it just me or does ABC Family (more like Freeform) bombarded us with tons of new information about the upcoming amazing show Shadowhunters? I guess they just like to see all of us fangirls freak out about it and make us wait until January 12, 2016.

Shadowhunters Teaser 1

Watch the trailer and we will discuss!

Edit 10/24: Trailer unavailable

Can we PLEASE talk about how awesome the graphics are and how amazing they introduced it! It looks so much better than the movie knowing they will have the time to establish the plot and storyline throughout the season instead of explaining it all within 2 hours.

The actors portraying the characters from the books look BOMB! Can we take a moment and look at Jace and Alec? *swoon*

Shadowhunters Sneak Peak #1

Watch and discuss!

Beautiful. Amazing. I want MORE!

The way they just land together and the way they act all tough just makes me so happy. Clary’s sarcasm? Yes Clary YES! I couldn’t help but laugh at the part where Simon just looked at her as if she was crazy for talking to her “imaginary” friend. I am hooked! BTW, the music is pretty catchy. I approve!

Shadowhunters Sneak Peak #2

You know the drill.

I know. Well dang, she is screwed!

I like the fact that there is humor in this show because if you know me at all, I love a good laugh.

Favorite lines:

  • “I’m going to go fail at getting us some birthday drinks.”
  • “I’m gonna go fail with you.”

Then we get introduced to more fabulous characters and I just love that this is getting a second chance. Now let’s hope the show will last.

Final Thoughts and Obsessions

Gosh darn, you got to love the fact that the teasers only makes things worse when waiting for the premiere of the series! January 12th is so close yet so far. They better just slowly release these sneak peaks not all at once. What are you trying to do ABC Family/Freeform? We can’t wait any longer anymore! Just release it sooner!


What I love

  • The graphics are BOMB! Although there are times where it just didn’t look right but it did look great the majority of the time.
  • I have a feeling these actors will do justice on bringing this story come to life
  • Love the humor, and it better stay this way or else… *evil stare* I’m counting on you Simon!
  • Clary’s Sarcasm is great!
  • The music really flows well with the scenes with what I saw in the sneak peaks

What I’m worried about

  • I just don’t want this show to fail like the movie did.
  • I don’t want the story line to be EXACTLY like the book considering that it will be boring to those who have already read the books and know what will happen.
  • I’m worried if they will drag the story line, I mean have you seen pretty little liars? I just don’t like it to be dragged to death if you know what I mean.

Give this show a chance. Watch a couple of episodes in order to fully have an opinion about the show and let’s hope for the best!

Shadowhunters will premiere on Tuesday, January 12th of 2016 on ABC Family (Soon to be Freeform) at 9pm/8 Central
Until next Friday!

FYI Watch one of my favorite Booktubers interview the cast!

Lady Midnight Cover

SimonTeen and Cassandra revealed the cover to Lady Midnight, the very first book in The Dark Artifices. I personally think it’s gorgeous, but does anyone notice the fonts are repeated through all of the Shadowhunters novels?
Here’s the cover in all its fabulous glory! What do you guys think? It comes in approximately 5 months – are you guys excited?
Note: All portions of Shadowhunters in this edition of Fangirl Friday are written by Lupe. The section pertaining to Lady Midnight is written by Sophia.

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