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Posted April 1, 2017 by Sophia

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fate of the stars arwen paris cover reveal

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I kid you not, this is actually a cover reveal organized by Xpresso Book Tours and not some joke I’m playing on everyone…. (But I did want to write a post about pranks and I chose not to, so maybe next year if I’m feeling it.)

Otherwise, happy Saturday!

Before we get into the reveal… let’s have a peek at the synopsis:

When the fate of the world rests upon you…

Allison Delaney wants to spend her senior year healing from the loss of her father, to leave the shadows of his death and her junior year break-down behind. A Labor Day beach party seems like a good place to start…but there’s more danger lurking than anyone could imagine. Death is coming to Earth if the pods of infectious creatures aren’t stopped. But only one human can help…

To live or die is no longer a choice.

Eenoki is a protector of life but must have a sentient host to fight the invasion. A teenage girl would not be the best choice, but out of desperation Eenoki invades Allison’s mind and body, granting her unnatural abilities and strengths – and helping her escape certain death when the first wave of pods land.

As destruction rains down on Earth’s population, Allison realizes to save everyone, she must make the ultimate choice: Reject her human side and bond with Eenoki to become the Earth’s Priestess – or be killed along with the rest of humanity.

Sounds like your type of story? Good… because the actual reveal is coming in 3…



Just a little longer… I mean, you probably have an idea from the banner up top, right? And if you stopped on the home page first, you see nothing but a generic reveal because I’m cruel like that sometimes…

Look! Yes… I dragged it this long. I’m not too sorry. 😁 Random Side Note: I am playing with blog post titles lately. Matter of style changes…

fate of the stars arwen paris

Is it just me, or is anyone else digging the font?

Fate of the Stars comes out on September 1, 2017! Be sure to add it to your ever growing TBR on Goodreads!


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