Five Things in My Life that Get Me “Amped”

Posted April 2, 2019 by Sophia / 22 Comments

things in life that get me amped

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Everyone has something they’re excited about.

We all have something we’re so passionate about, we want to shout from the rooftops to everyone around us. If some of us had the guts to turn around to the person behind us in the bookstore, we’d tell them, “This book is amazing and you should totally read it.” And when you look up the definition of “amped,” Merriam-Webster tells you this: filled with energetic excitement and enthusiasm.

Let’s go down a personal route and talk about what gets me amped.

If we’re not counting the occasional weekly wrap-ups I do (where my reading pile mopes continuously), it’s been ages since I’ve written a post that gives everyone a little glimpse about me.

But hey, sometimes we need a little positivity in our lives! And what better way to give everyone that little glimpse, be a little positive and talk about the things that I’m excited or enthusiastic about (aka what gets me amped)?

1. Books

You know you have an obssession with books when:

  1. You could talk about them all day long
  2. The Kindle app is one of the first apps you download on a new device
  3. You try to see what others are reading when you see them carry a book

In fact, you know your obsession is reaching new heights when you start an entire website dedicated to books and reading and do it for a long time.

Sure I go through slumps and could spend days not reading if I’m not in the mood, but if I have the time, I’ll always go back to reading. While I don’t like every book I read, I’m always entering a book hoping that I will be plucked into the pages and into the world the author(s) create and never return.

2. Learning and Trying Something New

I always find myself wanting to try things that pique my interest and experimenting, especially throughout my blogging years:

  • Messing with graphics
  • Playing with styles and formats
  • Writing new topics

Because I don’t always live in blogging, I like trying new things in life:

  • Dabbling with different subjects in photography
  • Trying different planning systems
  • Trying out a new snack
  • Making my character more adaptable to help people out in games

I like a little variety in my life and I’m not a huge fan of being restricted to one particular area, skill or trade. I always want to learn more, asking the why and how. I’m a firm believer that there’s always something new to learn every day, no matter how small or big.

3. Finding out why

Learning isn’t necessarily asking the why and how it’s also getting all your things together and going on an adventure to find out the why and how. Part of the beauty of blogging is not only trying out new things but getting the chance to explore the questions I ask when I make observations.

One question I’ve been asking myself lately is related to Bookstagram. Why are there so little accounts using the checkerboard theme? What can I learn from testing it out on my own account for a few weeks? I decided to plot out the theme and on March 14, I launched the plan into action, made observations and started collecting some data. I’m currently cooking up the post in drafts after reading Kal’s Stats Transparency Post, where she talks about the lessons she learned after one year of blogging.

4. Being Creative

I used to think being someone different was not okay, and I needed to be like everyone else around me. At some point in my life, I must have reached an epiphany.

Now I think, “what can I do to make this different?” or “what can I do to make this me and stand out from the others?” Whenever I’m writing a Top Ten Tuesday post, I don’t stay with the topic – I like kicking it into a new spin. When I created my Instagram and actually sat down to work on it, I thought about what I could do to make my theme stand out (but still be me).

5. My Accomplishments Journal

In late February I decided to start an accomplishments journal, where I list all the things that I’ve accomplished or find memorable throughout the month. Sometimes I find there’s a lot of stress and too much I forget about, and looking back through the entries over the months when I’m feeling down usually picks up my mood. Plus it’s always exciting to think about what new and good things will happen in the upcoming month. Each month that begins is a new, blank slate.

(When that journal fills up, it’ll be full of things I’ve been excited about at the time. That’s a good thought to have now that I think about it.)

The Biggest Amp: Blogging

Blogging takes all of the items that get me amped and rolls it into one. I’m talking about books, one of my favorite topics ever and something I could talk about all day. Whether it’s about blogging or myself, I’m learning something new all the time. I’m finding out why and answering questions I have while learning new things. I get the chance to be creative with my posts and try something new. I’m focusing on what things make me happy and documenting them in an accomplishments journal.

Starting my blogging journey at a young age gave me so much opportunity to learn and grow as a person, and I continue to do so today. I’m almost always excited to open a new post and write out my thoughts so I can have a conversation in the comments with everyone (even though I’m usually late).

Let’s talk, bookwyrms! What gets you amped? What makes you excited and enthusiastic?

things in life that get me amped


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22 responses to “Five Things in My Life that Get Me “Amped”

  1. Ohhh that’s such a nice post !!
    I quite dig the “accomplishment journal” maybe I shall try that out for April..

    Aww I love what you wrote about blogging wrapping all of thoses together, that is certainly true! xx

  2. I could feel myself getting amped while reading your post lol I agree, Sophia, books and blogging are both such exciting things. I totally get you about hoping to love a book whenever I pick one up. Can’t wait to see your post on checkerboard theme and what you found out about it!

  3. Agreed on all of those! Blogging is still a bit difficult for me, but books have been a constant all my life, and reviewing just seems like a logical conclusion to being a bookworm.

    The accomplishments journal sounds like a fun thing to keep track of positivity, too.

  4. Nice list and great to get to know you better.

    It gets me amped to finish great stories; to design new artprojects with colourful fabric; and when I am outside in a forest with beautifull spring sunshine.

  5. I could not have explained it better Sophia!!!!! I love blogging for all the same reasons: I get to be creative, learn some technical skills, try new things and learn! Learning new things is what makes me happy in life! Great post!

  6. Books and finding out why definitely get me amped! Blogging also makes me excited (apart from when I feel bad for not being consistent).
    An accomplishments journal sounds smart. Sometimes, it’s better to focus on what I’ve achieved, rather than bemoaning what’s yet to happen.

  7. Books are definitely something are get me amped up as well, also, blogging.
    I mean blogging is really something that brings everything together since you could talk about anything you want and then find people who like the same things and form a community. Honestly, that is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

  8. I love that you have an accomplishment journal! And I too have books and blogging on things that get me amped, but music is my biggest one 🙂 Whether it’s listening or playing but I’m super excited about getting to do so much more musical things this year <3 Thanks for sharing what gets you amped, and also, I love that you're always looking for why, X'D Davinci Code crackin' insta one step at a time!

  9. Sam

    SOPPHHHH!!!!! You have inspired me to start my own accomplishment journal! I use to do gratitude sentences when I use to bullet journal but grew tired of it pretty quickly as it didn’t make me feel more…thankful? So I think I’m gonna waddle into the accomplishment journal thing you mentioned cause you know, sometimes you need that pat on your back saying “yeah you did that fam! GO YOU!” <3

    Sam recently posted: Genre in Depth: Thrillers
  10. I find it hard to allow myself to be ‘amped’. If I get too excitable over things most of my family smacks me down. Not Jonas, thankfully. He likes it when I’m animated over anything, given my health makes me exhausted all the time. But the others… Yea, it adds to my reclusiveness. I feel like I can’t express myself and that hurts. Work is different though, and I have friends that get me better. Qué sera.

    Things that get me amped include: books! Star Trek! Photography challenges. Exploring the metaphysical and paranormal. Dragons and saurs! My games, which are (haha) mostly Star Trek and Jurassic World. I had minor freakouts when the Star Trek games included Emperor Lorca, and John Harrison. Designing things for Port Jericho’s Zazzle store.

    Writing used to but not so much anymore. Painting too, and I sorely missed that but at the moment I have neither the time nor space to devote to it. I love playing with colour though, and enjoy adult colouring books.

  11. I so agree with you about books and blogging Sophia. My love of books has grown into a love for all storytelling. I love how individual blogs are and we are able to share our loves with each other. Great post Sophia. ❤️❤️

  12. Quote: Now I think, “what can I do to make this different?” or “what can I do to make this me and stand out from the others?”
    YYYYYEEEEESSSSS. That’s the purpose of life. Especially when we can do it and STILL not attract attention to ourselves (the virtual world is a blessing).

    Quote: “Trying out a new snack”.
    😂 😂 😂
    I used to be more flexible about learning new things when I was younger. Now my days are full…and so is my brain at times. But still – if I were given the chance of starting a new job and having to learn anything that comes with it from scratch, I’d jump at it. And I like to learn new computer-related things.