Google Translates My Blogging Advice from Last Year (Spoiler: I insist on hating blogs forever)

Posted November 2, 2020 by Sophia

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So with everything currently going on, and has been going on since March, I’m not exactly feeling up to doing much for the 8th anniversary of Bookwyrming Thoughts. (Holy shit, it’s November 2020 I’m –) And I don’t feel like skipping a post completely, because who am I to pass up writing a fun post?

It’s time to see what Google Translate really thinks of my blogging advice.

Inspired by the awesome Sam @ Fictionally Sam, who wrote a post where Google translated some of her favorite books, and to celebrate eight years of this tiny little corner I’ve carved out for the last 8 years, I’m translating my post from last year’s blogiversary about how to continue blogging even after 7 years to Chinese and back to English again.

Guess what day it is, BOOKWYRMS!

Bookwyrming Thoughts has been formally established for seven years, and I still want to know how I can stick to it. But I ask myself this question almost every year.

Moreover, I will not dig out my statistics like last year, but will reveal secrets.

Okay Sophie, you haven’t blogged in so long?

Sometimes I like to ask myself such painful questions.

Sometimes, I will jump to some blogs I like a long time ago, and they are no longer active. Sad, I don’t know why I should continue to do this to myself.

But so far, 2019 has been a difficult year, and it seems that I am not the only year.

The content that created the end of the world somehow fell into the book community, and we all became zombies? I think I have no idea, but the most important thing is that my motivation and energy are very low. All the copy of the reviews I wrote and started writing since July are really bad for me because I have been falling behind. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I’m still trying to find all the answers, but obviously I’m solving it gradually. We all know that I am just posting content because I am using a blog as a course, or I am a potato person. But everyone is different. Although I still walk around and survive, it doesn’t mean everyone else is.

So, how do you continue to blog for a long time?

Therefore, you should add more salt, because my method may not work for you. If you become a dragon after writing too many blogs, I don’t take any responsibility. That being said, let’s write some secrets for long-term blogs.

Create content in bulk.

I am an emotional blog. If I don’t want to blog, then I will give up the blog and throw it in the dust (even if I am active on social media). In my archive, it is obvious that from June to September, my blogs are getting fewer and fewer because the number of posts has decreased. There are also gaps between positions.

Therefore, it may be a bit shocking that I have more than 12 completed drafts awaiting review. There are another 13 partially completed products, and then this random Evernote notebook, which contains random ideas. Sometimes, when all the ideas come up freely and my fingers are flying, my blog is in a very good mood.

Or more precisely, it tries to fly, but sometimes our keyboard is terrible. Then there is the wristband.

it be like that sometimes

But I digress. I will try my best to use my good blog mood. In this way, if I want to post something, but actually don’t want to do too much work, then I have many posts to choose from.

Participation is indeed the key.

Blogging is sometimes a lonely journey, especially when you do it alone. Creating high-quality content requires a lot of time and effort, and it’s easy to forget that we are not alone. 95% of bloggers are probably not bad, and another blogger slips into their DM to shout about their recent obsession with them.

Or, if you don’t like to use DM, you can definitely join a Discord server, such as Bookish Collision, where there are other bookstores.

Try new things

Nerds, doing the same thing can be tiring. Moreover, when you feel tired, you don’t want to blog and lose the motivation to blog. Then 3 months later, you realize that you need to catch up with another 10 ARCs. Damn.

Your blog will evolve over time. Sometimes you will see something you have never tried, but you want to try it. Go! This is your blog; there is no harm in seeing if it resonates with everyone else. In addition, as long as you are happy and have not violated any rules, \\ _(\)_ /¯ am I kidding? I tried to change the rules.

You don’t have to create content 24/7.

I often see many bloggers, it sounds like we have to create content every day. We are frustrated not to write new posts but to put new things in them. We tell ourselves: “I want to write this article, but I don’t want to. But I think I have to do it.” Or, when you watch a movie, you will wonder, “I may be writing a blog post. What am I doing? ?”

I sometimes feel guilty about this.

youre doing amazing sweetie

You did a great job. Creating content takes a lot of time, energy, and effort, but that doesn’t mean you have to always launch content. In our own way, we are all successful book bloggers; what works for one person does not mean it will work for you, which is good.

Other ways you can perform blog-related tasks:

  • Check images and links-are there broken images and links? (I’m using a very cool plugin to help check them, but I’m finishing this article on my phone, so… you haven’t received anything)
  • Hang out with other book friends on social media
  • Read some interesting blog posts
    • If you have something to say, please comment on some of these posts (no, not just “great post!”)
  • Debate whether you should delete unwanted blog posts
  • Read the ARC a month ago
  • Become a pest of Shruti because she can be funny sometimes

I’m just kidding. Please don’t actually be harmful to Shruti. However, if you can’t feel it, you can perform other tasks. If you are adventurous, maybe you might as well try a test blog and then try a new look?

Rest awhile.

you deserved. It’s okay to get rid of the blogosphere and enrich yourself. You can take over the world later. But the most important thing is to take care of yourself.

If you really don’t want to create a blog post tomorrow, that’s great. One day you can publish your post to all over the world. I think it’s better to take a three-month break and rejuvenate, rather than just insist on hating blogs forever. But maybe it’s me.

What do you make of Google Translate’s advice?

Google Translate seems to think I’m full of bullshit because I’m Sophie, and I’m an emotional blog. Who am I to tell you how to continue blogging after 7 years?

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15 responses to “Google Translates My Blogging Advice from Last Year (Spoiler: I insist on hating blogs forever)

  1. “I am an emotional blog. If I don’t want to blog, then I will give up the blog and throw it in the dust”
    Favorite quote from the entire post 😂😂 This google translate thing is such a cool idea though!!

  2. Google translate is a gem, the line “I am an emotional blog. If I don’t want to blog, then I will give up the blog and throw it in the dust.” Is definitely my favourite line from the entire post sksksksk, it’s a whole mood cause I feel like so many of us consider throwing it into the dust at one point.

    • Sophia

      LOL yes! I’ve considered it plenty of times over the years; I’d say at least once a year?I feel so called out by Google Translate lmao.

  3. I just… wow! Google translate does have such useful advice
    ‘join bookish servers where there are other bookstores’ haha
    I loved reading this!

  4. Hahaha! I think my favorite line is “The content that created the end of the world somehow fell into the book community, and we all became zombies?”

    So, now we know who to blame for all these issues with 2020—your content created the end of the world!!!

  5. Shruti

    I was going to quote either the book bloggers becoming zombies line or throwing your blog into the dust, but but Google Translate really decided to attack me as well? 😭

    Become a pest of Shruti because she can be funny sometimes”

    I —

    Nothing worse than being attacked TWICE. 😭