How Book Nerds Procrastinate (And Not Add Books to their TBR)

Posted March 20, 2018 by Sophia and Lupe

Book nerds are just like any other human: we procrastinate. We procrastinate with papers and homework, but let’s be honest: we won’t actually admit it.

Or we’ll admit it by complaining how there isn’t enough time in the world to do everything we need to do.

So to stick with our procrastinating natures, Lupe and I came up with ten ways book nerds procrastinate and not add books to our TBRs because we’re procrastinating. If you’re wondering, we were too busy coming up with all the ways to add any books to our TBRs…

1. Watch videos on YouTube

The prime way of procrastinating, as Lupe would admit she is completely guilty of this when writing papers. Funny cat videos are a great cure when you’re reading a boring book, though.

2. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime…

Cousins of YouTube basically, though the selections are longer than YouTube and sure to be more entertaining.

3. Homework due in 3 hours

Sometimes you procrastinate so much, you forget to do your homework until you check online and see the due date.

4. Work, work, work (Mainly Sophia)

Sophia has no weekends. Has never had a weekend off since she joined the working force at 16 unless it was for a chess tournament or NHS or… well, technically she wasn’t off.

5. Their attention is caught by another book

Sometimes we start another book because one book is boring. Other times we get caught up in another book because the book is so good, you forget your TBR even exists.

Me, while reading The Heart Forger, which you should totally get. 😉

6. Gaming

I feel so bad for my questing buddy right now because, since winter break, we haven’t made any progress with our characters.

Okay, we did a couple of hours during spring break, but that was it.

Anyways, gaming is not that easy because you have to be aware, and if I’m reading a really good book, I’m going to be distracted. And if you’re with the right people, you’re too busy hanging out with them as a pixelated character to even bother looking at books.

7. That really funny tweet Lupe retweeted

Lupe is probably the queen of retweeting in our smol little group – most of her timeline are retweets, ranging from funny to serious… most of them funny.

8. That really cute panda video Sophia shared on Facebook

This is a call out to Lupe because she does get distracted when I tag her on Facebook with a cute panda video… or any cute animal.

9. Adulting

Honestly, do we need to explain this one???

10. We forgot this one

Let’s talk: Are you a procrastinator? Do you sometimes procrastinate enough you forget about your bookish life (or… life?)

Sophia started blogging in February 2012 for the hell of it and is surprisingly still around. She has a GIF for nearly everything, probably listens to too much K-Pop and is generally in an existential crisis of sorts (she's trying her best). In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications and minor in Women's Studies. More of her bookish reviews and K-pop Roundups can be found at The Arts STL.

Co-blogger at Bookwyrming Thoughts

Lupe is a 23-year-old Mexican-American who enjoys reading and watching movies when she gets the chance to relax. Her all-time favorite series consists of Bloodlines and Vampire Academy (among others), and her favorite author is Richelle Mead.

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31 responses to “How Book Nerds Procrastinate (And Not Add Books to their TBR)

  1. Really fun post – again. Always enjoy the spin you all put into these posts.

    Youtube (or for me, Booktube) video is a problem, but more than that, it’s all about the TV binging for me. Ugh. I’m addicted. Also, adulting… why must it be so time consuming!? 😉

    • Lupe

      Youtube is the reason why I never get anything done. I don’t binge-watch TV as much as I binge watch Youtube videos. Thanks for the comment Rissi!

    • Lupe

      I’m so glad you loved #10! It was Sophia’s genius idea 😀 I agree that there are plenty more distractions than the ones we have listed. Thanks for commenting and stopping by, Greg!

  2. hahahah this is an awesome post! Work certainly puts a damper on things! I’m currently working two jobs (one 40 hour, one part time), so I 100% understand the stress of not having time off. On top of that I’m trying to plan a wedding. Phew!

    Erica | Erica Robyn Reads

    • Lupe

      Erica, you are one busy woman. Honestly, you are wonder woman considering the number of responsibilities you have to tackle on a daily basis! Thanks for stopping by Erica!

    • Lupe

      LOL, I procrastinate on the daily basis! It’s horrible of me to frequently procrastinate considering that I have so much school work to do. Thanks for stopping by, Lauren!

    • Lupe

      Very true! We all need a breather here and there. Anything you liked on Netflix that I should know about? Thanks for the comment!

    • Lupe

      I’m still a college student and I like to say that procrastination is one of my many talents. Sadly, procrastination is not considered a talent AT ALL. Thank you for stopping by Cholla!

    • Lupe

      You love adulting and you don’t love Netflix?! LOL, it’s obviously the other way around. The real question is, who LOVES adulting? Thanks for the comment Leslie!

  3. Hardcore Adulting. ALL of my kids have been sick this week and it’s been awful. I barely have time to shower and eat, so blogging and reading have been neglected. It’s easier to check Twitter when I pee than it is to get a book out or type up a post, lol.

    Do You Dog-ear?

    • Lupe

      I don’t have kids, but I can totally relate to you especially with the amount of school work I have to get done. Like I’ve said before, no one said life was easy. Thanks for stopping by Lindsi!

  4. Lupe

    Shopping on Amazon is truly an addiction. Amazon does give us awesome book suggestions though. My poor wallet. Thanks for stopping by Megan!

  5. Lupe

    Sophia can confirm that 99.9% of the time instead of blogging, studying, or doing homework, I am on Youtube watching some cat video of some sort. So I totally get it! Thanks for the comment Charvi!

  6. Unfortunately mine is Cooking, cleaning and being an adult in my downtime doesn’t leave a great deal of time to read. If you throw in blogging on top of that and you need to forgo sleep just for a few extra hours to catch up. Seeing a cute video is super distracting for me, especially puppies. Also listening to music, chatting online to book friends. The list is endless. Lord help me if I ever get into Booktube, no one will ever see me again 😀