How to Continue Blogging Even After 7 Years | It’s the blog’s birthday!

Posted November 2, 2019 by Sophia

how to continue blogging

GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS, BOOKWYRMS! Bookwyrming Thoughts is officially SEVEN years old and I’m still wondering how I even lasted with this. But I ask myself this question almost every year.

And instead of digging out my stats like last year, I’m going to be spilling secrets.

Okay, Soph, how do you blog for so long?

I do like asking myself such painful questions sometimes.

Sometimes I hop around to some of my favorite blogs from long ago and they’re no longer active. It’s sad, and I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.

But 2019 has been a rough year so far, and it doesn’t look like I’m the only one.

Somehow the content creating apocalypse has landed into the book community and we’ve all turned into zombies? I feel like I’ve been out of ideas, but most importantly, I’ve been low on motivation and energy. I feel really bad for all the review copies I’ve taken on and started since July because I’m still perpetually behind. Anyone else feeling the same way?

So how do you continue blogging long-term?

I’m still trying to figure out all the answers to this, but apparently I’m rolling through. We all know I’m only rolling content out because I’m using the blog for a class or I’d be a potato, though. But everyone is different and while I’m still rolling around and surviving, it doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Therefore, you should take my advice with a little salt because my ways may not work for you. And I hold no responsibility if you turn into a dragon after too much blogging. That being said, let’s spill some secrets about blogging long term.

Create content in batches.

I’m a mood blogger. If I don’t feel like blogging, I abandon the blog and leave it in the dust (even if I’m active on social media). It’s really obvious in my archives that I’ve had the blogging blues from June to September because there are way fewer posts. And there are gaps between posts.

So it might be a little shocking that I have 12+ completed drafts sitting in pending. And yet another 13 that are partially completed, and then there’s this random Evernote notebook with a list of random ideas. Sometimes I’m in a really good blogging mood when all the ideas are coming freely and my fingers are flying.

Or rather, it tries to fly but sometimes we have an awful keyboard. And then there’s that wrist brace.

it be like that sometimes
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But I digress. I try to take advantage of my good blogging moods when I can. That way, if I want to post something but don’t actually want to put in too much work, I have a stock pile of posts to choose from.

Engagement really is key.

Blogging is such a lonely journey sometimes, especially when you’re going at it alone. There is so much time and energy that is invested into creating quality content that it’s easy forget we’re not alone. And 95% of bloggers are probably okay with another blogger sliding into their DMs to scream about their latest bookish obsession with them.

Or if you don’t feel comfortable going into DMs, there are definitely Discord servers you can join, like Bookish Collision, where there are other bookwyrms to conspire with.

Experiment with new things

Doing the same thing can be tiring, bookwyrms. And when you’re tired, you don’t want to do blogging and you lose motivation with blogging. Then 3 months pass and you realize you have 10 more ARCs to catch up on. Oops.

Your blog will evolve over time. Sometimes you see something you’ve never tried before but you want to try it. Go for it! It’s your blog; there’s no harm in seeing if it resonates with everyone else. Plus, as long as you’re having fun and not breaking any rules… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Who am I kidding? I seek to bend rules.

You don’t have to create content 24/7.

Frequently I see a lot of bloggers who make it sound like we have to create content all day, every day. We get bummed about not writing a new post and putting something fresh out there. We tell ourselves, “I want to write this post, but I don’t want to. But I feel like I have to.” Or when you’re watching a movie, you’re wondering, “I could be writing a blog post. What am I doing?”

I’m sometimes guilty of this too.

 youre doing amazing sweetie
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You’re doing amazing. There is a lot of time, effort and energy put into creating content, but that doesn’t mean you have to push out content always. We’re all successful book bloggers in our own way; what works for one doesn’t mean it will work for you, and that is perfectly fine.

Other Ways You Can Do Blogging Related Tasks:

  • Check images and links – any broken ones? (There’s a really cool plugin I’m using to help check them but I’m finishing this post on my phone so… you’re not getting anything from me)
  • Hang out with other bookwyrms on social media
  • Read some interesting blog posts
  • Leave a comment on some of those posts if you have something to say (no, not just “great post!”)
  • Debate whether or not you should be getting rid of blog posts you don’t feel you’ll need
  • Read that ARC from a month ago
  • Be a pest to Shruti because she’s fun to be around sometimes

I’m kidding. Please don’t actually be a pest to Shruti. But there are other tasks you can do if you’re not feeling it. If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe bust out a test blog and play with a new look?

Take a break.

You deserve it. It’s okay to fall off the blogosphere and recharge yourself. You can come back and take over the world later. But most of all, it’s important to take care of yourself always.

If you’re really not feeling like creating a blog post for tomorrow, that’s perfectly fine. There’s always another day you can push that post out into the world. In my opinion, it’s better to take a three month break and come back with renewed energy than pushing through only to hate blogging forever. But maybe that’s just me.

Let’s talk, bookwyrms: what do you do when you’re feeling burnt out? Do you think you’ll be blogging five years from now?

how to continue blogging

Sophia started blogging in February 2012 for the hell of it and is surprisingly still around. She has a GIF for nearly everything, probably listens to too much K-Pop and is generally in an existential crisis of sorts (she's trying her best). In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications and minor in Women's Studies. More of her bookish reviews and K-pop Roundups can be found at The Arts STL.

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34 responses to “How to Continue Blogging Even After 7 Years | It’s the blog’s birthday!


    You put me to shame…I forgot my own blogoversary AGAIN. In my defence, I had the whole October booked by Halloween-related posts and a few other shenanigans, so I didn’t even get a chance to reflect on my own milestone.

    Those are all useful tips, and I’m ready to die on the “You don’t have to create content 24/7” hill. Of course, in my case, scheduling did the trick. But if you end up feeling prisoner of your own schedule, there’s no harm in taking a break. And if you’re like me, your brain will automatically start to plan new content a few days into your hiatus LOL.

    I will definitely be blogging five years from now (pssst…I hope you will too!). Heck, I will probably be blogging fifty years from now, if I live to see my 103rd. Blogging gives me life. It can be hard and daunting and demanding, but it connects me to the world in a way nothing else does.

    • Sophia

      OMG ROBERTA HOW COULD YOU FORGET. But it’s okay, there’s always next year… I’ll die with you on the not creating content 24/7 hill because the amount of time and energy can definitely make you feel like a prisoner. And half the time I’m planning content into my hiatus, so I kind of have to really force myself to step back. But in my defense, I generally do that because I’ll forget all the good ideas and want to write them down while I have momentum.

      Ahahaha, long live Roberta! I think I’ll likely be blogging five years from now, but maybe the content will change or the frequency of posts will change depending on my schedule. I’ve been blogging for so long it might as well be my life force because it’s become a part of me.

  2. I was recently going through my follow list and seeing all the people who’ve stopped blogging makes me so sad. Weirdly, 2019 has been good for me so far, haha – since I’ve moved to wordpress I’ve been proud of all the posts I created. I’ll say this though – I’m super demotivated to write reviews; it 1000% depends on the book if I feel like writing something or not. (Also, I’m VERY ASHAMED, because I got sent a physical ARC, which is so rare as an INT blogger, and I still haven’t read it, even though it was released in spring. *hides*)

    Creating content in batches is something I do too – like you, I’m a mood-blogger and I always have 10+ posts ready to be published and then some close to ready, and I collect my ideas in my phone. Great post, and congrats on SEVEN YEARS, wow!!

    • Sophia

      “It 1000% depends on the book if I feel like writing something or not.” I RELATE. I’ve always felt less passionate about the books and more forced if I feel like I don’t want to write anything and it’s for a review copy and then the shame ensues because ARCs cost money and uh… here I go getting an ARC when it can be given to someone else who WILL read and review.

      Moving to WordPress did some good for me as well with my posts and I’m proud of most of the content that I’ve created. Hmm… maybe there’s something going on there, haha.

      My posts are all over the place – there’s 10+ that are ready, but then there are some sitting in the drafts of WordPress that are ideas or partially written and then there’s the various places I try to keep my ideas. Somehow some of those supposed ideas are fully fledged posts… I’m really just a mess.

  3. Happy anniversary SOPH!!! Why did I think you were blogging for 2-3 years and not SEVEN?! Damnnnnn I thought my little 5 year old blog was going through it lol.
    But yeah seriously thought I would cry reading these tips because I’ve been going through a lot of struggle with my own blog writing. I’m in serious need of a hiatus (after Bookending Autumn 2019 is over) because I have no idea what to do with it now. Thanks for all the helpful advice! 🙂

    • Sophia

      Hmm… maybe it’s because everyone else seems to be around for 2-3 years and a lot of us bloggers who have been around for awhile have somehow disappeared and became inactive? It’s hard to keep track of all the bloggers, lol.

      Sorry to hear you’re going through a struggle! If you feel the need to take a break, go for it! Don’t burn yourself out and take care of yourself. <3

  4. Soooooo, I’m in some way helping you with blogging, is that what you mean? Where’s my royalty?

    I’m just kidding lol.

    Also, OMG, I so relate to not being able to find favorite bloggers from the past anymore. Where did they all go? Why are their blogs inactive?! Ugh.

    And review copies. Why, why do we always bite off more than we can chew?

    • Sophia

      Well… Friendship does count? I think? I hope?

      I DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY’VE WENT EITHER. I just suddenly remember I haven’t visited them in ages and go visit and they’re just not there anymore. 🙁

      Also it’s because there are way too many good options and we are cinnamon rolls who just want to promote all the books.

  5. Congratulations on still be here after so many years. I just saw a Twitter thread about how so many bloggers have quit, and it’s sad when they not only shut down their blogs, but also drop out of the book community in general. I just do what I want, when I want. I read the books I want, and I hope people will like to talk about some of the books with me.

    • Sophia

      Thanks, Sam! I haven’t seen that thread myself but I completely agree. I’ve seen way too many who have left and they just drop off completely from the community. 🙁

      (Side note: I enjoy your reviews! Every time I’m in need of a light and fluffy contemporary read I always take a peek of what you’ve been reading.)

  6. Congrats on 7 years of blogging! That’s fantastic. It can be tough to keep motivated with blogging, but I keep at it because I love the community and I do find blogging fun most of the time. I definitely like your idea of having content ready to go from when you were more motivated. I do have some posts like that and I really need to get them scheduled on the blog.


    • Sophia

      Thanks, Lauren! You’re not alone with getting around to eventually scheduling some posts that have been written. I think the community is one of the biggest reasons why I’m still around, even when I don’t feel like blogging at all and have lost some of the passion (thankfully it comes back after a break).

  7. Wow, 7 years !! Happy Blogoversary !! ❤️

    All great tips, Thank you!
    The biggest one for me has been branching out of solely books & blogging — adding gaming, BuJo and other random personal stuff really changed the way I feel about posting. When you have to fit in a square and post something you don’t really wanna post… it feels like a chore and we don’t want that!

    I also really need to relax with the feel like I need to be productive 24/7 — or like, atleast ONCE a day, and since I can’t obviously work more than I usually do… this mostly includes blogging. On my days off I just NEED to write something or bloghop or something in that vein.

    • Sophia

      Thanks, Kristina! I think you put it perfectly and that’s how I felt when I just posted about gaming (of course, I never liked the name of that one, so good thing I started over as a book blogger?).

      I feel the EXACT same way. If I’m not doing anything, I’m just not productive? Blogging has really become a huge part of my routine, LOL.

  8. I must say that this is a great post, Soph, because it is.
    I have just been blogging for a year and a half and I have seen that pushing yourself to create content is often useless.
    Currently, I am really busy with studies and college apps and I’ve been really burnt out so, I just take a break and attempt to write a post a week, or sometimes 2, to sort of stay in the blogging community and not be a total outcast because once that happens, it’s a deep well, my friend.
    Also, congrats on your 7 year bloggiversary! That’s so amazing! 🙂

    • Sophia

      It really is! Oftentimes it’ll backfire on you and you’ll end up worse than before pushing yourself.

      I can relate to that deep well so much; quite a few of my posts in the summer never actually made it out because I took a mini break and um… I start getting used to it. Good luck with school and college apps; I hope you’ll get into the college you hope to get into! <3

  9. First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lasting 7 years is a huge accomplishment!

    It will be 10 for me next month and I have struggled! For about 5+ years I posted 7 days a week and had dozens of arc’s and I burned out soooooo bad. I almost quit a few times but I really love the people and having my little space.

    I just roll with things now. I cut way back on arc’s so I read for fun now. I post about whatever I feel like – life, travel, food, my dog, books. And, most importantly, I take breaks if I have nothing to say. I still visit everyone else during those breaks but sometimes you need to step away so you can come back refreshed.

    Karen @ For What It’s worth

    • Sophia

      Ten years is a huge milestone! Congratulations to you as well and happy early blogoversary! Oh my goodness, 7 days a week for more than 5 years? That is a huge feat to accomplish and requires a lot of blogging stamina. (I did do the same back when I first started though, but stopped after a few years.)

      I’ve also cut back on ARCs now as well – personally I’ve found it less stressful and much more manageable; I’m so glad you are still blogging and are taking care of yourself.

  10. Happy blog birthday!!!!!!!! 😀
    My blog is almost 3 years old and so far I don’t think I’m running out of ideas? XD I’ll probably be still blogging in 5 years but idk. I can’t even imagine what my life will be like one year from now.
    When I feel burnt out I just skip a couple of posts and go back to it. I only post twice a week so so far I haven’t felt like I needed a hiatus longer than a week or two.

    • Sophia

      Not imagining what life will be like a year from now is a MOOD. We never know what will happen anyway.

      It’s good you’re not out of ideas yet or need to take long breaks!

  11. Oh my gosh. I just want to cuddle this post. This is the sweetest, loveliest and one of the most relatable posts I’ve read !
    I understand about being a mood blogger. I’ve just stepped my very new toes into the blogging world and I’m reeling in both a fantastic way and OMG I’m reeling kinda way with everything that blogging involves.
    But the community is so supportive and the number of times I’ve received such warm welcome when I’ve slid in unceremoniously into someone’s DMs is uncountable ♥️♥️

    Loved your post Sophia!

    P.S.: I may be the girl who pesters Shruti often. I may even have her personal number and I maybe using it ruthlessly to spam her. All this is pure speculation. Any likeliness to persons living or dead (or commenting right now) is purely coincidental.

    • Sophia

      Aww thank you, Ahana! I’m so glad this post resonated with you. 🙂 The community is definitely supportive and one of the things I love about it! Blogging can definitely get overwhelming, so feel free to slide into my DMs if you need some help. <3

      LOL you and me both with pestering Shruti often. She's probably tired of us honestly, but she loves us pestering her.

  12. Well I’m saving this, first off, it’s incredible how much stamina you have for book blogging, and secondly, uh, you’re my hero, seven years!!! SEVEN. I’m just now edging up to one year! I aspire to be like you.

  13. First of all, congratulations for blogging for 7 years! Happy blogiversary and here’s to many more 🙂 I have been blogging for a long time now too. I had to drastically reduce how much I posted when life got busier for me, and since then I’ve always felt a little inadequate. I have also worked on investing more time into each post with making my own photos and such. But what always keeps me going is interacting with friends and engagement, above all else. And having a vault of posts ready to go for whenever I want to share!

    • Sophia

      Thanks, Olivia! Investing more time into creating each post and focusing on quality over quantity is important as well, in addition to interacting with friends and engagement. Blogging can get lonely sometimes and having friends to talk to always make things better (in my opinion).