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Posted November 4, 2014 by Sophia

It’s taken me awhile to jump into the pool of working with someone – I mean, I’m sharing space! This is like my virtual home. It’s like having a dorm to yourself in college and suddenly you have a roommate! – but after much thought over the summer before Junior year, I’ve decided that, well, I might not be able handle everything and do blogging at the same time on my own. Lately I’ve been a zombie. De-zombifying every weekend is so not helping me wake up at 5:30am every morning.

So for the last couple of months, I have been on the hunt among the intramawebs for a co-blogger or two (no, not Katniss style). Thank you SO much to everyone who applied or took the time to spread the word – it means A LOT. Virtual hugs! After some consideration (okay, and a few nopes), I’m extremely excited to announce that Ella will be joining me as a co-blogger and partner in mischief!

For a semi-new blogger, Ella is just fantabulous. I’ve read a few of her reviews on her blog, Once Upon a Bookish Time, and her letters are hilarious and have a lot of personality. I’m actually really surprised I haven’t come across her blog in the past. Dx! But after a few long (and entertaining) emails back and forth, it was extremely easy to say “YES.” I honestly can’t wait to work with Ella and it feels like we’ll be virtual best friends. ^_^

(I actually AM on the side of everyone that says she should get a Twitter. But there’s a reason… and I’m not revealing it for the life of me.)

Without further ado, I shall now allow Ella to introduce herself to you guys! ^_^

Greetings bookwyrming bookwyrms, frabjous people and future minions FRIENDS!!


I am absolutely rubbish at Introductions so sorry in advance if I bore you to tears! :/

I’m a 15-year-old girl that heralds from New Zealand although it’s more likely you’ll find me either lost in a book, throwing books that irritate me at my bedroom wall (this actually DOES happen…POOR WALL.), swearing at books, pulling my hair out over books, screaming over the internet about books, talking my best friend’s ear off about books, falling in love with books, or curled up under my duvet nursing a broken heart from books!

As you can see, BOOKS RULE MY LIFE. And I let it. And forgive it. And hate it. And love it. I am a very confused wyrm. 😉

I live in a magical house with over 2000 books in it, so you could say I basically breathe ink! I’m homeschooled, which makes my learning quite flexible so I almost always have a lot of time to read. I’m a massive daydreamer, and normally do it when I should be focusing on my Maths…everyone does this right?! I doodle everywhere and I have terrible handwriting. I’m also left handed which makes my already clumsy self even more awkward.

My imagination is almost always to full and spills its craziness on everyone around me, and I have hair that resembles something recently electrocuted (seriously…it’s bad). I trip down the stairs at least once a day (read said clumsiness) and my favourite colour is turquoise.

I am ever so mildly sarcastic (HA!) and I’m probably the most stubborn person you will ever meet. I always seem to dislike what the rest of the world LOVES and I’m more than a little cynical.

I’m a real history buff. History is probably my favourite subject and NOTHING makes me angrier then when a book or TV show (*cough* REIGN *cough*) mucks it up with it’s historical inaccuracy. SALT AND BURN THEM ALL.

I have the worst memory in the world, and I’m always forgetting something. Lists, post it notes and notes written in thick black marker on my hand are my life savers.

I have a scary (VERRRRY SCARRRRRY) obsession with Alice in Wonderland and fairytales. I quote Alice in Wonderland all. the. time. so you’re definitely going to see my posts here on Bookwyrming Thoughts chockerful with references! *grins*

I’m an incredibly critical reader. A book has to be freaking amazing and god like perfect before I give it a 5 star. I think I’ve only had like six 5-star read THIS YEAR which I find aggravating, but I’m just not comfortable giving a book a high rating if I didn’t think it deserved it. I’m brutally honest in my reviews, and I go over every. tiny. detail. but I never author bash. If I didn’t enjoy the book, I didn’t enjoy the book, there’s no need to go whack the author on the head with all you complaints. IT’S THEIR BABY.

Historical fiction is my favourite flavour to read – although I haven’t found anything great this year so recommendations would be great! – followed by retellings, fantasy, mythology and mysteries and thrillers! I also have an addiction to bad ass witches and anything with huge dollops of magic. 🙂

I’m NOT a Chick-Lit girl and never will be. I find you have to have lots of patience; patience I don’t have, haha. Soph is completely right when she says it’s like eating a bunny tail. 😉

I used to dislike Contemporary a lot, but now I don’t mind them. I’ve found some real beauties over the years and I hope to continue to! 😉 I cannot stand grief books though as they just rile me, and I LOATHE VAMPIRE AND WEREWOLVES BUT ESPECIALLY VAMPIRE BOOKS WITH THE LOATHING OF A MILLION QUEEN OF HEARTS. Heh, you just saw Alice in Wonderland reference, #1, lol. PREPARE FOR MANY MORE.

I have a weakness for survival books and pirates. I went through the most humiliating pirate obsession at age 12, that I find SO embarrassing when I look back *cringes* >.<

When not reading like my life depends on it (which…it kind of does) I can be found up to my eyeballs in my writing. I’ve had the writing bug since I was little and I hope it never leaves me! I would love to be a published author someday and I’m sloooooooowly working towards that goal (very. very. slowly.).

If I’m not reading, writing, watching TV or wasting my life span on the internet (*looks guilty*), I love Art, Craft, and baking. I enjoy dabbling in all areas and I love getting sucked into a project! I enjoy tearing up old books and including them in my art work

I’m a HUGE mystery and thriller junkie. Wherever it’s a book, movie, or TV series I LOVE IT. The more blood and guts the better. HOWEVER, saying that, I cannot stand horror! *shudders* Just the mention of it makes me want to sprint to the nearest lightbulb (*sighs* yes, I am a wimp).

I’m a TV Series Girl through and through. Movies don’t really interest me, so unless it’s a book to movie adaption, I normally can’t be bothered. I have a massive slight addiction to Murder shows. Current favourite is Midsomer Murders!

So, that’s me tied up in a bow! I also blog over at my own blog, Once Upon a Bookish Time, where you’ll find heaps of my madness there!

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Sophia is a socially awkward Communications major who has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House Crisis. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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