Instead of a Review, Let’s Chat About Reviewing Slumps

Posted September 12, 2015 by Sophia

Confession: I’ve been writing reviews for every book I’ve read since November 2, 2012.


Early last month, near the end of summer, I just didn’t feel up to writing reviews for some books. Steelheart was one of them, but I chose to write a partial review of sorts in the end that ended up as a list.

I planned on reviewing The Eye of Minds today. In the long run I decided to give myself the shorter end of the reviewing stick and come up with another post entirely different than a review.

So… without further ado, let’s chat about reviewing slumps!

Mash Up the Titles

Back in 2014 when I first started Chibi Views (BT’s version of mini reviews), it was just short and sweet and reserved for anthologies, short stories, and novellas. I later stopped because I thought it was being far too positive. This summer, though, I brought it back. I chose two books (none of them anthologies, short stories, or novellas) and decided to play around with the titles, being as creative as I could without moving any of the words in the original titles around. I did it just for the pure fun of it all and (primarily) for my own amusement. Steelheart is not Unhinged unless On a Clear Day. See?

Post Other Things You’re Passionate About

Once upon a time I considered myself a book blogger and a book blogger only. These days, I guess I consider myself an Entertainment/Media Blogger with a primary focus in books. I started out in books, and eventually threw in the occasional gaming post, movie review, and definitely a music related post or two (not playlists) in the future. I spent the last few weeks of my summer planning with Lupe her new feature (we started it just last Friday!).

Write a Tutorial or Guide

You don’t have to be a complete expert – it can even be something as simple as “What To Do with eBooks You Hate,” which I did save up in my hard drive. I think I’ll have to go through that folder and pull some out for actual use rather than stuffing it in a virtual folder (considering the fact I’m too busy catching up on schoolwork).

I’m as bad as a writer in that department. I’m not saying writers are bad though…

Make a List of Really Random Questions

When all else fails, make a list. Make a list of really random questions – maybe a mock interview with the author? Who knows – maybe one day you’ll actually get to interview the author and you’ll have a set of questions you could potentially pull from!

I honestly haven’t tried this one yet (although lately I’ve been questioning love interests). Maybe I’ll make a sporadic feature (Sporadic Questions, but that sounds like something you’ll find on Sporadic Reads. I didn’t think too much through the blog name, did I?) out of this.

Make A Bookish Playlist

If you’re a huge music fan, you might want to come up with your own playlists for the books you read!

Wait… maybe you could give out song recommendations. I call kpop.

Go On a Mini Hiatus

Maybe you’re not feeling anything. Take a little vacation and come back a newbie blogger with fresh ideas and content. Your readers won’t be going anywhere because you’re downright amazing. While numbers matter in some way or form, it doesn’t really matter too much if you enjoy what you’re doing and enjoy your little band of loyal minions followers.

It’s like Twitter – 500 followers who happily interact with you is better than 5 million followers who stare at your tweet like any other tweet carelessly.

I admit I haven’t gone a hiatus in my entire blogging life – maybe the occasional mini one, but it doesn’t actually qualify as a hiatus. I did have plans to ask one of my cobloggers to take over for a week or two if QuizBowl went to Nationals, but we didn’t even make it past round one in State (it was a brutal brain beating). Maybe this year I’ll try my hand at Nationals in FBLA. Wishful thinking – it’s my first year.

I’ll even make a “Do Not Disturb Sophia” sign if necessary (okay, I’ll totally be available. I’ll demand to bring my tablet if I can’t bring a book or two) – it’ll have “Read. Blog. Sleep.” In reality, it’ll say, “Chill. Sleep. Repeat.”

I think I have this all planned out.

Bring the teacups, coffee, and chocolate, and let’s chat about what you do when you’re in a reviewing slump. What do you do? Have you actually done any of the things I came up with? Anything I haven’t tried yet?

And please, don’t suggest singing in the shower.

Sophia is a socially awkward Communications major who has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House Crisis. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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