Let’s Talk Peeves: Wizard101

Posted April 26, 2014 by Sophia

So… I’ve actually played Wizard101 for several years. Actually… 2x as much the time as I have blogging, but I doubt that’s relevant. Speaking of irrelevance, I notice a pattern with dates and me. They’re just easy to remember.

  • February 16 – Wizardversary. I just need to memorize the month. Heh.
  • May 28 – Twitterversary. Couple days before or after? Joplin tornado. Terrible way to remember.
  • November 2 – Bookwyrming Thoughts’ Blogoversary. Close to Halloween.

Back to relevance… with every game, there are peeves. And with peeves, there is a list. With lists, there are reasons.

“I need a girl.” or “I need a boy.”

Worst 5 words ever invented and placed together. THE WORST. I think it’s why I avoid crowded realms as well. ONE of the reasons.

Not to be mean, but my point? G.A.L. Because most of us are annoyed with the above 5 words: I. Need. A. Girl. Boy. Let’s face the truth: we’re all pixels, and unless your real boy/girlfriend is playing Wizard101 too, no need. Actually, if you have boy/girlfriend, why are you even saying this in the first place?

“Can you gift me? I don’t have any crowns.”

No. No. And no. Please don’t invent some ridiculous story talking about your bunny just dying. Really. I don’t care… but I’ll feel sympathetic. And all I’m going to say is “I’m sorry.”

I’m also not your mom, so go bug your own mother. I’m too young to be a mother of a well… I don’t know. You could be 60 and a creep for all I know, hoping to find out vital information.

My point? I’ll gift when I want to. Don’t ask, and you’ll have a higher chance of being picked. It IS my crowns, you know. I actually have a say on what to do with them.

Teleporting 24/7… or Almost

I commend the peeps on my friend list who either a) ask me if they can port, b) port rarely or c) only port because it’s been arranged. If I don’t port to you at random intervals, I do hope you have the decency to ask first, don’t port at all or port every once in awhile.

Repeatedly Sending a Friend Request

They say 3rd time’s the charm. If I don’t accept it after 3 times, chances are, I’m not interested or I have a reason. Most of the time I’m close to full. While I would love to add everyone who’s interested, I don’t have the room. It’s really annoying seeing that box pop up with the same words over and over again. “Friend Jane Doe Level 35 Conjurer?” Nooo.

My point? No is a no is a no is a no. PLEASE stop bothering me. >_< But speaking of repeated friend requests…

Repeated Hatch Requests

There’s a reason why I’m in the hatchery, and it’s either a) waiting for someone, b) avoiding the crowds or c) I’m hatching my own pet with another pet, hoping to get the perfect owl and building up an owl army. Actually, technically I am since I have quite a few owls and I don’t mind because they’re adorable. Then I plan to take over the world with the Owl Mafia, lead by ME.

Asking Me for Help Repeatedly

I feel like some people add me because I’m a high level and they’re a low level and they need my help, and my help only. What’s the point? I quote Review Policy: I don’t live under a rock and a rock does not teach me Algebra II.

On the other hand, if you’ve helped me in the past a lot, I won’t complain. I’ll consider it payback for helping me.

Asking Me for Help When You’re Perfectly Capable of Doing It Yourself

I don’t think I need to elaborate. But what’s the point? I only see myself doing it with a few people, but that’s because we’re bored and memberless. Most of the time we’re bugging Nightshade to get some goodies to sell. :p

Being a Jerk, Even If It’s A Bad Day

I’m sorry if you had a bad day or woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, but that’s really no excuse to be so nasty. On the other hand, I’m pretty lenient with this. If you’re usually nice, I’ll let it slide, as long as you don’t start offending me, just because we all have our bad days. Still, I don’t see myself lashing out my virtual friends. Take a chill pill if you have to.

“But chill pills don’t exist!” BAD excuse. It’s called cold turkey. Log off, take the rest of the day off. You’re welcome for saving you.

Ridiculous Fighting/Arguing and Complaining

“Me first! Me first! Take me in first! ME ME ME ME ME!” or “BUT YOU JUST WENT.”

I don’t see the point of arguing about the Kraken or who should go into Nightshade with so and so. No offense, but you guys sound like little girls fighting over which Teletubby is better.

Find a different realm, or grow some patience. Immaturity for a long while makes my patience go thin and I roll my eyes at the computer screen asking “WHY.”

“You’re not famous.”

Certainly more famous than you, and that’s good enough for me. 8)

Besides, fame doesn’t matter if you enjoy blogging about the topic, whether it’s Wizard101 or Books or both (like me). I certainly enjoy blogging more about the latter than the former though (books).

Of course, if you’re already famous, I’m just going to brush it off. “Oh, I’m famous? Noooo. You must have the wrong Sophia! :D”

“Where are you from? How old are you? What’s your name?”

If you ask me the last question, please go into your settings and turn on displaying names, because you obviously turned it off or KI is trolling your settings and it’ll appear later. But let’s get the first two parts clear: I’m most likely from the US (DUH. It’s a US server, not Panem). I’m 85 *GASP*. Happy?

(Obviously I’m not 85. I was talking about levels… in which I may be older than that)

One topic I wouldn’t mind being asked about over and over: Anything about BOOKS.

Mind reading complete. Or so I think. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more.

Is it just me, or does anyone else have these peeves, even if it’s another game?

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