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Posted October 12, 2018 by Sophia


Happy Friday, bookwyrms!

Because of reasons, I’m taking over for Lupe temporarily (maybe a few weeks), so you get to hear my best evil laugh as I sprout about the awesome things that happened this week.

Let’s get this started, shall we?

Ryan Coogler will be writing and directing the Black Panther sequel.

I still need to watch Black Panther when I get the chance, but Meteor Garden is taking sooo long with the episodes (the season is like 50 episodes holy shizz). 😭

black panther

I saw this GIF and had to include it because Badass™.

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald photos

Eep. Entertainment Weekly released some photos from the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and I’m screaming on the inside just a little. I know, I know, it’s controversial and problematic but NEWT.

Aladdin Live-Action Poster

I admit I kind of forgot about Aladdin (okay, I’m forgetting everything this week, I’m so sorry) but Will Smith revealed a first look at the upcoming live-action of Aladdin and omg it’s sparkly and pretty. 😍

aladdin live action

New York Comic-Con Trailers!

NYCC happened this past weekend with plenty of trailers released! Check out the entire compilation below, including Aquaman, Mortal Engine, Harley Quinn and more.

Halsey releases Without Me

I’m an entire week late, but I am in love with Halsey’s newest song, so I might as well include it this week.

Let’s talk, bookwyrms! Have you listened to Halsey’s new song? Are you excited for the Black Panther sequel? Have you seen the trailers from New York Comic Con? What else are you excited for this week?

Sophia has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House crisis. Unlike her personality in blog posts, she's a socially awkward recent college grad who majored in Communications. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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9 responses to “New York Comic-Con, Black Panther, Aladdin and More | Fandom Friday

  1. Every year I think about going to NYCC, but then I never do. This year I was actually on vacation. But one of these days, maybe, I will follow through. SDCC is on my bucket list. That one just seems so much larger than life.

  2. I like Halsey’s without me as well and I sorta like her songs for a while now, which is weird considering it is totally not my taste at all. I saw Meteor Garden on the suggestions, should I watch it? I have no clue what is it about.

  3. Oh! Forgot to add – I enjoy the new version in its own way, but there are 50 episodes and can come across as long and boring at times. There are a few new characters and storylines added that make it seem that way.