Novel Newcomers: Interview with Josie and Marissa

Posted May 30, 2016 by Sophia

Hello and Happy Memorial Day (I kind of forgot… Is that bad?)!

Anyways, let’s give a warm welcome to Marissa from Growing Up Booknerd and Josie from Josie’s Book Corner! 🙂

Update 4/10/2018: Josie is no longer blogging.

Outside of blogging and reading, what other interests do you have?
Marissa, Growing-up Booknerd: Lately I’ve been REALLY into Bookstagram! I just started about a month ago (@growingupbooknerd) and it’s been so much fun to use my creative juices! I am also teaching myself how to knit. I like to jog. I’m a writer as well; currently working on my very first, for-realsies, WIP. I’m a huge tv show addict and love sitcoms like Black-ish, Fresh off the Boat, and Grandfathered, dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, and trashy reality shows like Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Dance Moms, and Outdaughtered. If I’m not doing any of the above things I’ve watching movies! I love most book to film adaptations (Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, etc.) and Marvel movies (Team Iron Man!).

Josie, Josie’s Book Corner: One of my most obvious passions/interests outside of reading and blogging is writing (although, maybe that corresponds somewhat with blogging). I love to write and I am currently studying a major in Professional Writing and Publishing in university. Speaking of studying, another interest of mine is studyblrs. I adore studyblrs and the way they take pretty study notes and post study advice. I’m also investing a lot of time into playing piano lately, indulging my musical senses.

What is your most unusual accomplishment?
Marissa, Growing-up Booknerd: Uh, I’m not sure I have an unusual one? I think one of my biggest accomplishments was my freshman year of university. I was living in my own apartment so I was running a household (cleaning, cooking, etc.), working almost full-time, going to university full-time, writing, and in a relationship, right out of high school, all at once. Literally, surviving that was an accomplishment.

Josie, Josie’s Book Corner: My most unusual accomplishment? Hmm, that’s a hard one. I think I’d consider making pretty study notes consistently is one of my most unusual accomplishments? I don’t know! Haha!

What is your favorite food?
Marissa, Growing-up Booknerd: I have to pick? C’mon. Is iced coffee a food? No? Well I can’t choose between pizza and donuts. Oh man, thinking about pizza made me think about cheesy breadsticks, then mozzarella sticks, then pasta… See my problem here? I LOVE FOOD.

Josie, Josie’s Book Corner: Mmm, food… my favourite food is Asian food: specifically seafood fried rice. Even more specifically, belachan seafood fried rice! Agh, that stuff is just HEAVEN to me. (Even though I don’t like seafood and I pick it all out when I eat it, oops).

If all book bloggers were stuck in the Hunger Games (oh dear) and authors were sponsors, name three bloggers you would want to be your ally and three authors you hope to be your sponsor.
Marissa, Growing-up Booknerd: Ahhhhh this is terrifying. I would definitely want Kathleen (@kcmmp13), Melanie (@Melanie_Leanne), and Sara (@bookchic13). They’re super rad girls and we would make a dream team! Obviously, I would want my three most favorite authors in the entire world to sponsor me, JK Rowling, Richelle Mead, and Rick Riordan.

Josie, Josie’s Book Corner: Oh gosh this is hard! How do I pick?! I’d love to have Cait @ Paper Fury, Aentee @ Read At Midnight and Jeann @ Happy Indulgence as my allies because they are simply marvellous and badass girls. As for authors, I don’t know! Possibly Sarah J Maas, Patrick Ness and Rick Riordan!

If you had to change the ending of any book aside from Allegiant by Veronica Roth, which book would it be and why would you change it?
Marissa, Growing-up Booknerdr: First of all, I absolutely would never change the ending of Allegiant. I love it. A lot. Okay, now that that unpopular opinion has been aired, I would definitely change Marie Lu’s Champion. ~SPOILERS~ I just don’t feel like Day deserves what happens to him… I don’t like the idea of him and June having to “start over” because that’s exactly how I feel, they don’t GET to, they HAVE to. Someone give that poor boy a break.

Josie, Josie’s Book Corner: I’d love to change the ending of Eleanor and Park! It just left me feeling so sad – not a good, book hangover kind of sad, but a deflated “is this it?” kind of sad!

Who are some of your favorite singers/songwriters and bands?
Marissa, Growing-up Booknerd: Ohhh man. I’m a big 80s fan so obvs KISS and Guns n’ Roses. I’m super into pop music though so I really like Life of Dillon, Neon Trees, Meghan Trainor, and Lorde.

Josie, Josie’s Book Corner: At the moment, I’m loving Ariana Grande. Some of my favourite bands include Paramore, Hillsong Young and Free, Elevation Worship.

What goals do you have as a blogger?
Marissa, Growing-up Booknerd: To be consistent and have a consistent following. I don’t really care if I ever make it huge in the blogging world, I mostly do it to improve my writing. But I love this blogging community and I love all the friends I’ve made through it. I look up to the girls who have been doing this for three or five years who get regular views each day and have a regular following. It makes it hard for me to post consistently because of university, but I’m going to try and be better about it after I get a plan and get organized this summer.

Josie, Josie’s Book Corner: Honestly I just want to share my love for books with fellow book lovers. One of my goals that I am aspiring for though, is to find the perfect aesthetic for my blog and to reach 1,000 followers. I’d love to get into contact and work with more Australian publishers and authors around the globe also!

One day, you wake up alone in the world (sad face). What’s the first thing you do?
Marissa, Growing-up Booknerd: Cry. I don’t like to be alone and I’m not brave like all the book and movie heroines I read and watch. I would be very afraid.

Josie, Josie’s Book Corner: The first thing I would do first is probably wonder if the zombie apocalypse has finally fallen upon the world. I’d probably then call my best friend and my boyfriend, and proceed to freak out!

Be sure to come back in two weeks for another edition of Novel Newcomers! 🙂

Sophia is a socially awkward Communications major who has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House Crisis. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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