On Blogging Organization: Origins and Whatnots

Posted January 11, 2016 by Sophia
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Thank you, Nori, for posing the Twitter question that inspired this post and beyond (because it would be many, many tweets that might have sent me to Twitter Jail).

Actually, I thank Nori for lots of things in regards to blogging. Like Novel Newcomers, for instance. That would not be a thing without her fabulous help and advice. (Well, it might, but I would have procrastinated a lot and then eventually forgot about it.)

Once upon a time….

I wrote a series of posts in regards to balancing real life and blogging (with horrible graphics to boot) that I don’t even remember.

It had four parts. And it had blue font, a scale, and…

That’s probably all I remember.

I think I talked about taking a blogging break. I definitely talked about my picky Netgalley habits (I’m still picky, but my limit has gone up a little… and then a review or two I still need to submit).

I may have talked about softwares I use on my personal computer.

Actually, that was another post. One that doesn’t actually need any updating…. I think. Massive sigh ensues.


In my blogling (it is now a word, I have made it a word, and any arguments in regards to that word is currently invalid because it sounds cooler than “baby blogger”) years, organization was easy. Posting was easy and the word “schedule” didn’t exist in my vocabulary unless I’m talking about school. School existed and work did not exist. (You must be wondering how old I was when I began blogging. I’ll tell you a secret: I started at the wee age of fifteen when blogging just started to become popular internationally and I want to hide all of those old reviews and posts. I avoid linking to those if possible.)

In fact, everything about blogging was generally “easy.” Of course, some parts were hard – some of those are still hard today. Three years later and I don’t even have the nerve to directly request books from the publisher. It took an entire year before I got the nerve to interview an author. (Priya Kanaparti remains my first interview guinea pig. I don’t think she minds.) It took two years before I got the nerve to share my online personal space with more than just myself (I’m still a little paranoid).

And it will take nearly four years before I get the nerve to actually allow physical copies for review.

Except in regards to my mother’s concerns, only traditional publishers are allowed to send physical copies on a case-by-case basis (I tell my mom they can’t kill or kidnap me without getting a bad reputation and it makes her feel better, but not the fact her kid’s room will probably grow into a bigger mess). Solicited. (Because we might be moving – out of state, country, wherever – and I’ll just end up killing trees. And, well, who knows what the people moving in after us will do to the ARCs. If it gets sold, it’s on my head. I like my head and I’d like to keep it intact for years to come. Actually, I’d like to keep it forever.)

I digress.

In my current blogging years (in which I still consider myself a blogling struggling to get her footing in the world), I have work, life (not much – it revolves around my mom’s constant nagging for me to stop blogging, even though she was actually interested in my first physical ARC), school, and blogging. I’m also a senior in high school, so that means I’m glaring at that dauntingly permanent C- from Calculus (it’s my first one! >_<) and getting ready to transition into college life (my mom refuses to pay my enrollment fee online because walking in unannounced sounds like a grand idea).

In the past three years (and then some more), I’ve actually changed the way I keep my blogging life in track. So in the next few weeks, I shall reveal my organization secrets from spreadsheets, planners, lists, and whatnot for comparison and critiquing.

Maybe you can mix and match my ideas with your current organization method. No harm done, right?

Although knowing myself, I’ll probably change it again when I start college this fall.

I give up at that rate. (I’m kidding. I adore all bookworms dearly. For the most part, I wing it. All my hard-work merely means I’m extremely good at procrastinating. I even have a certification. At least, that’s what I tell people when they ask….)

Maybe I’ll write another post about this subject in ten years. Assuming I’m still around. It… may or may not happen.

And now, the proper way to take over the world in a secretive fashion…

Sophia is a socially awkward Communications major who has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House Crisis. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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