Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright | Musical and Cute

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Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright | Musical and Cute

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Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright | Musical and CutePerfect Harmony by Emily Albright
Published by Amberjack Publishing on September 18, 2018
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

Pippa Wyndham is a top cellist―she’d never settle for anything less. Determined to get into the nation’s most prestigious music college, nothing’s going to stand in her way . . . Until her senior year of high school when a new guy from a fancy New York conservatory transfers to her school.

Declan Brogan’s cocky, and he knows how amazing he is at the cello. He has every intention of knocking Pippa out of first chair and showing her who really belongs on top. Forced together when assigned a duet, their personal competition and mutual dislike transform into a teasing friendship.

Torn between her childhood crush and the boy who threatens her dreams, Pippa finds herself at risk of losing her best friend, her future, and the boy who makes her heart melt. Struggling to make things right, Pippa discovers that sometimes the thing you want the most doesn’t always end up being the thing you need.

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Perfect Harmony speaks of two things: cuteness and music.

In fact, it is probably the embodiment of a dream my mom once had for me when I used to play the violin when I was 10-years-old. Maybe I’ve mentioned this at one point in my blogging career, who knows. She wanted me to be famous (well, actually, she still does) and as a result, I stopped playing after a year because of too much pressure to practice, practice, practice (and 10-year-old me probably didn’t care about fame more than actually enjoying the instrument itself).

But I do like the violin when I think about it! It’s such a delicate and tiny instrument making pretty music. But I digress – Perfect Harmony reminded me a lot about my orchestra memories.

Soooo What Can We Expect From Perfect Harmony?

Because that’s the most important question of them all.

Lots of music!

Pippa is super passionate about playing the cello – it’s become a part of who she is as a person, and if someone takes it away from her, it’s like they’re taking away her soul. Music to Pippa allows her to express her emotions much like words allow writers to express their emotions. There is not a page that goes by without some reference to music in Perfect Harmony.

Cuteness (or rather, a cute and fictional boy)!

Pippa’s life seems perfect until she meets her competition in the form of Declan during her senior year, who is just as good at the cello as she is and seems determined to keep her dreams as dreams. Declan is the cutest and sweetest boy ever – omg he did not deserve the harshness of his life. He’s a precious cinnamon roll, and I’ll keep him forever if Pippa ruins his soul.

Sometimes there were too many love crises.

It was hard to keep track who was attracted to who and who was pissing off who deeper into the story. I’m sorry I get confused so easily.

Friendship! Family! Siblings!

All of these play a huge role in addition to the musical competition and passion. Since a lot of the characters grew up together or watched each other grow, it was fun to see them get through all the obstacles life throws at them and find their path to each other, whatever it may be.

Writing that is meh?

The writing style is why I rated the book lower than I wanted to since I enjoyed the novel. A lot! But it was so hard to look past and see into the book itself because I just didn’t like the writing for some reason – maybe it’s just me. It is, however, easy and quick to read. It just didn’t ring well with my reading preferences.

About Emily Albright

Emily Albright is the author of EVERYDAY MAGIC and THE HEIR AND THE SPARE, both available now from Simon Pulse. Her next novel PERFECT HARMONY will release 9.25.2018.

She’s a writer, a major bookworm, a lover of romantic movies, a wife, a mother, an owner of one adorable (yet slightly insane) cockapoo, and uses way too many :).

Author Links: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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7 responses to “Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright | Musical and Cute

  1. This sounds cute, but also like a whole lot of drama – I remember being a teenager, why does every crush, every boy have to be the be-all, end-all? LOL

  2. I liked this one a lot more than you, though we agree on the strengths. I am big on how a book made me feel, and this one did a great job making me feel. I felt so proud of Pippa and Declan when they succeeded. I felt sad for them when they failed. I was mad when people hurt or disappointed them, and overall, I was left in an elated state, which is my favorite way to end a book.