Review Policy

Are you an author or publisher or work for one? We’d love to work with you! Please take the time to read our review policy to see if your book is right for any of our reviewers and the blog. Thank you so much for your consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Sophia: Not Accepting Requests unless worked with in the past
Lupe: Accepting VERY Limited Books for Review

Types and Formats

All Reviewers

  • ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies)
  • Traditional and Small Press
  • Limited Self-Published

Sophia (USA)

  • Accepts audio and electronic books – all formats
  • Accepts physical books – traditional ONLY

Lupe (USA)

  • Accepts electronic and physical books – all formats


All reviewers on Bookwyrming Thoughts accept young adult books for review while some reviewers accept new adult or adult books for review. Each reviewer, however, has their own preferred genres that they enjoy reading (see below). Non-fiction, children’s, religious books are generally not accepted.

Sophia mainly reads young adult books and is willing to read new adult from any genre other than contemporary romance (exceptions may be made). She enjoys reading books from most genres but has a preference for fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction books. She loves a good retelling and is more drawn to books with something not usually found in other books – the more interesting, the better. Middle-grade books are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Lupe mainly reads young adult and middle-grade books. She prefers reading paranormal romance books but also enjoys fantasy, action/adventure, science fiction, and a good laugh (humor her). The more interesting the plot and world is, the higher the chance she’ll pick up the book. Young adult romance and adult books are accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Reviews are typically scheduled ahead of time, depending on the reviewer. All reviews are not only posted on the site, but also posted on Twitter, Bloglovin, and Facebook, which Sophia runs. Most reviewers post their reviews on Goodreads, but it may take awhile for the review to show up. If you would like your review to be posted in other places (Amazon, Barnes & Noble), contact the reviewer.

Blog Tours and Other Promotions

Sophia is currently accepting invitations for blog tours, guest posts, or similar promotions. Lupe is currently accepting limited invitations. To guest review or guest post on Bookwyrming Thoughts, please contact Sophia.

See above for each reviewer’s genre preferences. You do not have to be a specified genre to be a guest poster.

Fandom Friday

Fandom Friday (formerly Fangirl Friday) is a weekly feature where Lupe, share the latest news about books, movies/TV, gaming, and general news. If you have a cover/trailer reveal or anything you feel may fall into Fandom Friday, please contact Lupe. Please note that selection is not guaranteed.

Additional Notes

  • The average turn-around time varies from reviewer to reviewer. As most of us are busy with schoolwork, please bear with us if we are not quick with our reviews.
  • Book series requests are welcome, but we would also like to read prior books in the series as well. Depending on the reviewer, there is also a chance that if we do not like a book in a series, we will not continue reading.
  • The amount of requests accepted at a time fluctuates from reviewer to reviewer.
  • Due to the amount of review requests we receive, we may choose not to respond if we are not interested.
  • Netgalley/Edelweiss invites for Sophia can be sent to sophia(at)bookwyrmingthoughts(dot)com.

What to Include in Your Review Request

Please be sure to include the following when sending your review request (or it wil most likely be lost in the void of the inbox known as the trash or spam):

  • Book Title/Series
  • Author
  • Synopsis of the book or Goodreads link
  • Deadline (if any)
  • Format of the book


If you would like to make a request or inquiry, you can contact any of the following reviewers:

  • Sophia: sophia(at)bookwyrmingthoughts(dot)com
  • Lupe: lupe(at)bookwyrmingthoughts(dot)com
  • All: requests(at)