Review Policy

Review Policy Updated: July 6, 2020

Thank you for your interest and consideration in Bookwyrming Thoughts! We want to ensure your request fits the blog and our audience, so we have listed some guidelines throughout this page to hopefully clarify things for you.

As bloggers and influencers, we want to retain our audience’s trust in us, so we try our best to remain as open and honest in our reviews. Review copies do not guarantee a positive review. All reviews are shared through Goodreads and social media links, which can be found in the sidebar (on most screens) or below (mobile).

Lupe (USA) – NOT accepting requests

Because Lupe is NOT accepting requests, her preferences for review will not be listed. When she is open to requests again, they will be listed.

Sophia (USA) – Accepting VERY LIMITED requests

Note: Sophia is currently on a semi-hiatus and is running extremely behind on reviews due to personal reasons. Responses and timeliness of reviews will more than likely be delayed.


  • Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs)
  • Traditional and Small Press
  • Limited Self-Published

Electronic copies are preferred, although a physical copy will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Netgalley and Edelweiss invites can be sent to sophia(at)bookwyrmingthoughts(dot)com.

Due to virus concerns, physical copies will NOT be accepted at this time. Only electronic copies will be accepted.

Genres Accepted:

  • Young Adult – Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Contemporary, etc.
  • New Adult – Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc.
  • Middle Grade – Fantasy

Genres NOT Accepted:

  • Non-fiction – a rare exception will be made depending on the topic
  • Self-help
  • Adult – a rare exception will be made depending on the genre
  • Poetry
  • Writing samples

#OwnVoices Representation: Asian American (Chinese, Vietnamese, though I am more familiar with Chinese culture), First Generation American.

Trigger Warnings, Topics Generally Avoided/More Likely to Result in a DNF

  • Sexual assault and harassment as a plot device, especially when it’s extremely graphic to the point where it’s uncomfortable
  • Problematic content, especially in regards to Asian representation
  • Suicide, self-harm and abuse, although that depends on my mental well-being and how it’s handled

Final Thoughts

To fully understand if your book is right for the blog, we highly recommend viewing our most recent posts and reviews. Doing so will give you a better understanding of our individual reading tastes and writing styles, and if we’ve reviewed a work of yours in the past, it’ll give you an idea of how receptive we are. There isn’t much point in contacting us if we hated one of your past works; unfortunately, we are just not the right audience and we would rather your work be promoted by someone who would actually enjoy it.

We do not accept a review copy if:

  • we feel the book is something that doesn’t fit the blog or the audience
  • various community members have expressed concerns about the book or the author
  • we have read an excerpt of the book and found some content that is harmful/problematic
  • the content of the book is triggering for us
  • some part of the book or request does not fall into what we accept
  • we are at reviewing capacity and don’t feel we can take on more books for review
  • we are not accepting review requests

Our reviews are based on our thoughts and experiences while reading the book. When we write a negative or positive review, our review states the reasons why we did or did not enjoy the book while keeping our unique voice. When and if we write a review for a book we do not finish (or DNF), our review and rating focuses only on what we have read, not the entire book. We try our best to remain critical and constructive about the book, so while a book may not work for us, it may work well with another reader. Upon accepting the book for review, we will not remove a constructive review once it is posted because it is a disservice to our audience. We will, however, look over and edit a negative review as necessary if it comes across as attacking the author rather than the book as that is never our intention.

We reserve the right to deny a request due to our personal schedules and interests, as we both have lives outside of blogging. Requests are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Any request that is denied will go unanswered; any request that is accepted will generally be responded to in about 1-3 weeks depending on time. Please do not send us requests on our social media, including Goodreads, as those will generally go unanswered as well. Furthermore, if you choose to seek out our personal profiles (such as Facebook and Instagrams set on private) and send a message request or continuously do so across multiple platforms, we reserve the right to block you. Our safety is a top priority, and we ask that our privacy be respected. A block from one reviewer will more than likely result in a block from the other, as both of us live in close proximity to each other.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our review policy. If you feel your novel fits any of the above requirements, please contact the reviewer of choice. We look forward to working with you!

When emailing, please include the following information in your request:

  • Book Title and Series (if applicable)
  • Author(s)
  • Publisher and Publication Date
  • Age Group(s) and Genre(s)
  • Information about the book – synopsis, Goodreads, website, etc.
  • Deadline (if applicable) – we request a few months ahead of time or longer (preferably longer) so we are given enough time to read, review, edit, etc.
  • Any additional information you would like us to know

Optional, but strongly recommended: why you think your novel is the right for the blog and/or the reviewer. Here are some notes and tips!

  • Saying you feel your novel is the perfect fit is not a reason; if you’re emailing, we assume you feel that way? Please, do better.
  • A review written in 2013 is more than likely inaccurate with reading preferences than one in recent years considering one of us started blogging as a first-year in high school… however if it’s a book that we continue to mention in recent posts, then that would be a fair reason.
    • Please note that while mentioning it multiple times over the years is a valid reason, the writing style for the oldest posts are quite outdated. Actually, if you want our opinion, it’s kind of mortifying.
  • Have we read one of your works before and enjoyed it?
  • Have we read any similar books?
  • Have we covered your works in a promotional post like a cover reveal?


Sophia: sophia(at)bookwyrmingthoughts(dot)com