Snoop into The Cursed Key by Miranda Brock and Rebecca Hamilton

Posted January 17, 2020 by Sophia

Snoop into The Cursed Key by Miranda Brock and Rebecca Hamilton

Happy New Year, bookwyrms and friends! Here’s to new beginnings and achievements, and that TBR finally getting conquered this decade. (And trying to get my hands on discounted New Year’s and Christmas candy, but my local stores are as disappointing as my DNF pile.)

Pretty sure that’s been laughing at me since I was born though… but one can hope, am I right?


Realistically, none of us will end up like Gatsby. At least, I hope not.

Welcome to the next blog tour stop in The Cursed Key by Melissa Brock and Rebecca Hamilton (and the first post of the decade and the year)! I’m excited to dig further into the novel because there are curses involved. And where there are curses involved, you know there will be chaos somewhere. And anyone who shares a server or two with me on Discord knows I bring chaos everywhere I go. 😌

Until then, we’ve got a sneak peek into the first novel in The Cursed Key trilogy! But first, a little intermission with the synopsis.

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Snoop into The Cursed Key by Miranda Brock and Rebecca HamiltonThe Cursed Key by Miranda Brock, Rebecca Hamilton
The Cursed Key #1
Other Books: The Cursed Key
Published by Evershade Publishing on January 14, 2020
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance

A forgotten past, a dark mage, and an unyielding curse.

Another team beat free-spirited archaeologist Olivia Perez to the dig of a lifetime, and now she’s left with the choice to wait for scraps or brave a dangerous, dusty tomb in hopes of finding other priceless artifacts. Her reward? A mysterious key she has no idea is cursed. Soon, Olivia realizes she’s brought home more than just an ancient rarity.

Malevolent visions begin to plague her. Unnerved by what they reveal, she casts away the key…unknowingly placing it into the waiting hands of a dark mage bent on destruction. Only when a shifter agent from the Paranormal Intelligence and Tracking Organization arrives searching for the key does Olivia realize what a huge mistake she’s made.

Forced to team up with the ill-tempered shifter, her journey to reclaim the cursed key leads down a twisting path of dark histories, dangerous magic, and deadly obstacles. But Olivia’s efforts to take back the ancient relic before the dark mage can destroy the lives of humans, shifters, witches, and fae alike are thwarted by her own dark past…and a price steeper than what she’s willing to pay.

The Cursed Key Sneak Peek

A quick glance over my shoulder showed the doorway was half the size it had been. Despite the chill in the air, sweat beaded on my forehead, and I swiped it away impatiently. Then, it clicked. I had been too caught up in searching for the similarities that I hadn’t realized the answer was in the differences. Placed throughout the runes were symbols that held none of the same angles, lines, or curves.

I twisted the outer circle, matching up symbols that held no relation. Even with this discovery, there could be any number of combinations, but I had to try. The grinding stone behind me told me I was rapidly running out of time. I paired the symbols, closed my eyes, and sent a silent prayer up to every corner of the universe. With tense muscles, I pushed and nearly cried when the lid gave way.

Not wasting a breath, I snatched a cloth-wrapped item from inside. It was like someone struck me in the chest as my I clutched it in my fist, but I didn’t have time to dwell on it. I started up the steep path as the stone door descended above. The moisture in these walls and stones had been no accident of nature. It was just one more safeguard to keep the unwanted from getting a treasure that was not meant to leave these depths.

Gritting my teeth, I used one hand to scrabble at the wall on the left to help pull me up. My muscles burned as I drew in quick breaths, struggling, eyes locked on the shrinking gap. A cry left my lips as a foot slid out from under me, earning me a sharp crack on the knee. Ignoring the pain, I tapped into a reserve of strength deep within me, pushing my legs until they felt like they would snap from the pressure.

I wasn’t going to make it.

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  1. Haley

    I liked this one, it was a quick fun read, and let’s face it, I was so curious because of the synopsis that I couldn’t help myself lol