Some Thoughts About My First Readathon

Posted August 28, 2016 by Kaeley

some thoughts about first readathon

So I just participated in my first readathon, and I wanted to talk about it a bit. For context, I signed up for this readathon hecka early. I planned out all my books and some of them I was extremely excited for, and some of them were more like “responsibility” reads. The line up:

kaeley readathon pile

I waited around for 3 weeks to read them and let me just tell you that was a project. Waiting around to read a book I’ve been excited about since I read the summary is extremely difficult. I thought about starting This Savage Song and Only Ever Yours before the readathon started and I ended up reading one of the books at least a week before the readathon.

But I was really excited for this readathon because I was able to become involved in the community and I was able to chat with those who participated.I’m now 2.5 weeks into this readathon and so far I’ve read 4 of the 8 books. I also was extremely ~smart~ and checked out around 10 more books from the library. Which didn’t help since, unfortunately, I was much more interested in some of the library books than the books on my readathon list.

Maybe I set the bar too far, or maybe I really just wanted more entertaining reads, or maybe I’m much more excited about the books I have off my readathon list.

Pros: I like the readathon because it gives me a sense of community and it helps me set goals. I liked participating with a lot of other people.

Cons: I am not actually doing super well at reading all these books (I kind of took a non-reading vacation in the middle) and it’s making me a little sad. And kind of preventing me from reading what I really want to be reading.

In conclusion, I liked the readathon, but I’m not sure I want to participate again. I think the fun of setting the goal and talking with people about it appealed to me more than anything. Although I did fully enjoy the books I read!

How do you guys feel about readathons? Do you feel like they help motivate you to read or limit what you actually want to read? Until next time!


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