Spear by Realm Lovejoy | I honestly expected more

Posted February 22, 2021 by Sophia

Spear by Realm Lovejoy | I honestly expected more

Spear by Realm Lovejoy | I honestly expected moreSpear by Realm Lovejoy
Le Fay #4
Other Books: Sword, Grail
Published by Self-Published on December 12, 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Prime/Kindle Unlimited

The tides of change are crashing down. Can Morgan le Fay save Camelot once and for all?

Summoned back to Camelot after a year away, Morgan le Fay wonders if she is ready to face her past and serve King Arthur.

When the search for the missing Grail leads to another relic only spoken of in legend—the even more powerful Spear of Destiny—Morgan knows she must find it before it gets into the wrong hands. The ever-elusive Luminaries are on the hunt too, and they will stop at nothing to rule in Arthur’s place.

If Morgan cannot find the Spear before the Luminaries do, Camelot’s fragile peace will come hurtling down. And with it, King Arthur. Little does Morgan know that to succeed, she must face the darkest power that lurks within her.

In this riveting conclusion to the Le Fay series, Morgan is at her most powerful—and takes her place as an unforgettable heroine.

MOMENT OF APPRECIATION HERE: I’ve knocked down a series that I said I will attempt to finish in 2019. Great progress was made, but did I continue to make great progress? I’m honestly scared to look, so we’ll assume yes. Pretty sure that post is laughing at me because 2021 and this review has been sitting since 2019. But now we’re going back to our lately scheduled programming with Spear, the last book in Realm Lovejoy’s Le Fay series.

Set a year after the events in Grail, Morgan le Fay returns to Camelot as a hero only to set out shortly after to find the spear known only in legend.

Like the previous books in the series, Lovejoy’s latest novel is quick and fast, going from action to action; I found myself finishing the book in a matter of hours. It’s perfect for those who want a fast-paced, quick read.

But after finishing Spear and taking a few weeks to gather my reviewing dragons together and think about the book, I found myself… disappointed. Despite enjoying the book and series overall, I wanted more. Much of the series focuses on Morgan’s journey to Camelot and ultimately to find the Royal Relics before the Luminaries while proving that she is worthy of a high position in Camelot’s court. Like many book series, there are subplots in between the main plot that is explored and the Le Fay series is no exception.

But unfortunately, I feel the characters and their relationships with each other are undeveloped and the story is wrapped up too quickly. For instance, we have Morgan’s relationship with Merlin, which begins in Henge when they are competing to become Arthur’s Maven. After Morgan lands herself in prison, though, the two have a broken friendship that can’t seem to be repaired and there is even a bit of hostility between the two.

But in Spear, the two characters try to fix that friendship and perhaps pursue more. While we get a few glimpses, I felt the relationship went quickly after a year of negative tensions between the two and with the short time of development, I honestly felt they would be better off as friends (in fact, I thought they were friends other than the telltale signs of “I’m asking you on a date.”) I would have enjoyed reading an extra 100 or so pages that delved into their relationship and the other characters, or perhaps even the previous books could have been made longer to make time to dive into that relationship.

Overall, though, I enjoyed Lovejoy’s take on Morgan le Fay, but I wished there was more book time spent to develop the characters further.

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