Ten Other Majors/Careers Sophia Has Considered

Posted October 19, 2016 by Sophia

other majors and careers sophia considered

Once upon a time in a year long long ago…. I was not a college student and I could daydream about whatever and whenever (that included majors of the future, which my five-year-old brain probably didn’t care about at the time because I just cared about cute pink bunnies or something similar).

daydream tangled

And because my attention span gets bored really quickly when reading textbooks for class… I decided to take a break in between my readings and studying to write a post before I go back to towing through this chapter I’m reading (I do what I have to do to survive).

katherine pierce survivor vampire diaries

I’m currently a Communications major. A first-year, which bears a small chance of my loss of interest in the major and ultimately choosing another major entirely. But Communications wasn’t the major I’ve considered right from the very beginning of my time…

Allow me to indulge you in the dreams of my childhood and then some (then some meaning I’ve seriously considered it).


Okay, I did not choose this major. 5-year-old me did not care so I basically went with what some people call poster Asian child.

I won’t deny it – medicine is fascinating. Do I want to deal with memorizing all 206 bones of the average human body – names, functions, locations, and whatever else – for the MCAT, though? Not really.

medic animation

(It was really about the high paying salary. My argument to my parents is this: I would have to pay off hunks of debt first, and after I pay all of that off, there’s probably other complexities I would need to pay to protect myself if and when I accidentally kill someone.)


What? I like writing. I mean, I somewhat like it. I even wrote two books in 7th grade (all of this before I decided to go indulge my happiness into blogging) – all in first draft still – and have them on my laptop’s hard drive. Embarrassing, but whatever.

sheepish elena vampire diaries

Said books were the first two books in a trilogy. Fantasy genre. Main character named Chloe for some reason that I don’t even know. Elements and watchtowers involved. Um…

Maybe I’ll get back to it in the future. (I personally think I’m a better writer than a speaker. Not sure how that bodes for me as a Communications major.)

Web Designer

I claim the design of Bookwyrming Thoughts as my own. Back when I was 15, I didn’t have money to hire a designer (those are pretty expensive) and well… I just deleted my other blog and created a new one with an entirely different topic of focus. Granted that I enjoy reading, but at the time I wasn’t sure I would even blog for long – considering the fact I only lasted five months with The Wizard Diaries. A very boring name, but far less complicated than “Bookwyrming Thoughts.”

I’ve totally thought about changing it and rebranding the blog, but ha! Unwinding nearly four years isn’t my thing. Still, though, I tend to see “Book Wyrming Thoughts” commonly with “Bookworming Thoughts” a far second (I ignore the error if anyone spells it right).

I’m getting sidetracked. Long story short, I dipped my toes into web designing when I was 15, and here I am today. I decided not to go down this route because staring at code all day isn’t something I would enjoy (occasionally, yes). My parents would also flip their tables (my mom did – figuratively).

Although lately… I’ve considered a minor in Web Design.

sherlock thinking pose


Space! Planets! Stars! Flying – or as close to flying as I can ever get. My grandmother might have been horrified. Same for my mom. And maybe everyone else.

horrified kid home alone

I was 5-years-old.

Graphic Designer

So… One person says I don’t have an eye for design. (I think she meant interior design???)

Another says I do have an eye for design.

I’m really not sure what to make of this.

Update 2020: Look bookwyrms, we don’t speak of the oldest featured images used on the blog. We just don’t.

Professional Violinist

Too much pressure. I won’t lie, though. I love the violin.


Humans are fascinating sometimes.

fascinating house


Little me wanted to stick needles in people. I know, that sounds horrible, but I guess I hated needles when I was a kid and wanted revenge.

Entertainment Industry

Technically, I wanted to go into music and maybe acting, but while I’ve been told I have a good voice (I think I sound squeaky and overly high pitched), I’m no songwriter.

demi lovato singing

And well… Acting I have to be comfortable with speaking. And I’m not terribly comfortable with that.

Library and Informational Science

Unfortunately, the only school in Missouri that has an ALA-approved status is the University of Missouri – Columbia (commonly known as Mizzou).

A school, no offense to them, that I have a bit of a thing against and would rather go to a school that I don’t want to go to any day. (Really it’s because the school is a commonplace to apply to and I just don’t want to be that type.)

So instead, I basically chose the next major closest to working with books and ended up in the Communications field (now here’s to hoping I don’t change my mind in the next few years).


Sophia has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House crisis. Unlike her personality in blog posts, she's a socially awkward recent college grad who majored in Communications. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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