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Posted November 13, 2014 by Sophia and Ella

the book blogger tag ella and sophia

Happy Thursday! On the same day next year, it’ll be Friday the 13th, and there’s LOTS of them next year (actually 3 of them, 2 of them straight in a row).

Superstitions aside (hehe)… Ella and I would like to thank Haley from My Addiction: Books for tagging us to do the book blogger’s tag! Plus, it’s our first duo post together, so bear with us and try not to bite one or the other’s (or both for that matter. We’d like to keep our heads intact.) head off, eh?

off with his head alice in wonderland
Sophia found this. Not Ella.

(But really, you guys might go after me. Only because I’m so lengthy and detailed compared to Ella. o_o)

that does put a damper on our relationship

1. How many times do you check your email every day?

Ella: I have my blog email address but I don’t have a personal one. I’ve always used my Mum’s and have never been bothered enough to get my own. I am ever so slightly lazy, haha. :p

Sophia: Lazy possibly meaning checking email every few days. 😉 I have a few personal ones for a variety of uses, though hotmail is what I prefer (gmail is for blogging and yahoo is for well… crap). I was pretty lazy with making an entirely different email account, so when I actually started blogging… I kept it the same. But I check my email every few days usually. Sometimes I won’t check until a week later. IF I’m busy.

2. How many times a day do you go on Goodreads?

Ella: I DO NOT WANT TO ANSWER THE QUESTION. I am seriously embarrassed at how much I’m on Goodreads, BUT I CAN’T HELP IT. It’s a website alllll about books!!!!!!!!! What’s not to like???!!!! But, ahem, back to the question, at least 5 times a day, alot more if I’m in a time wasting mood. I know. I have a problem. *bows head*

Sophia: Compared to Facebook, I think I probably worship Goodreads (but don’t all of us bookish peeps do that in some way?). After Twitter of course!

3. How long does it take to you to edit your posts?

Ella: Oh dear, A WHILE. I have the attention span of an ant and I’m VERY easily distracted. Like: *typing merrily away on a blogpost* I must google that very important THING! *googles it* *forgets that a much needed blog post is waiting for her to finish* *comes back 2 hours later to hurriedly finish blogpost* Yes, that bad. >.<

squirrel up dog
This sums up Ella’s pathetic attention span PERFECTLY.

Sophia: Off the intramanetty, Ella! (JUST Kidding…)

I usually just do a skim to make sure there isn’t anything embarrassing while formatting it into HTML code (just to copy and paste in the end because I’m almost always on limited time). MOST of the time I don’t bother to look.

But if I ever want to be a successful court reporter, I need to wing it. Well… in the ears and out the hands. Sadly, my tendency to correct things might get me… as well as overthinking everything (but what if this happened?!?!?!).

4. What kind of laptop do you use?

Ella: I share a very old PC with 3 other family members. The squabbles over who’s turn it is on it gets ridiculous sometimes. :/

Sophia: There is an absolute advantage to being the techy of the family AND the only child. *huggles Toshiba Satellite* MINE. But that Toshiba Satellite will die one day – it’s nearly 10 years old. But WHEN that dies… I plan to get a Surface Pro. Touch screen and all. Or an Android Tablet. Do any Android users know of Android tablets that have a USB port AND the keyboard can be taken apart? I think it may be handy to have. Use the wifi at work before I actually clock and finish school research and what not. Schedule blog posts. Stalk blogs. Et cetera. I may get lots accomplished in 20 minutes.

gonna do an internet procrastination

5. How often do you check your Twitter?

Ella: I DO NOT HAVE TWITTER. Sophia and Siiri are very determined that I SHOULD get it though, and I feel like I might give in sometime in the future.

Sophia: Who, me? *bats eyes innocently* Ella will be a FANTABULOUS addition to the Twitter world – it’s the best thing in the entire world (according to my humble opinion. Twitter the social media, that is.)!!! Okay, I’m usually on a lot, but until the next Kindle update to which Amazon actually changes – hopefully (GET GOING, AMAZON) – the certificate of the web browser because Twitter and Facebook use SSL and the two social networks decided to turn it off due to some vulnerability found. >_<

6. Why do you use Blogger, WordPress, etc?

Ella: BLOGGER FOR THE WORLD! Blogger is so basic and easy to use that even a person like me can understand (most of) it! I actually had a WordPress blog awhile before I started Once Upon a Bookish Time, but I much prefer Blogger over WordPress. WordPress is very argumentative which frustrates me.

Sophia: I beg to differ. WordPress is confusing. Nuff said. But it’s nice to know Ella and I on the same side with this topic – yay! It means there will be no debates. 😉 There’s lots of reasons as to why I’m not jumping on the WordPress bandwagon, and one of them is Blogger being very customizable for a free platform. It makes the designer/perfectionist in me HAPPY.

happy supernatural

Then again, it’s a matter of preference. WordPress may be more “professional,” but the free version is limited. And I mean VERY limited. Plus, in my eyes, any site could look professional. A professional site doesn’t have to be overly elaborate – even the simplistic ones could be just as professional. A blog may be really pretty, but if I feel like I’m becoming blind the longer I read, I’m going to a site that’s softer on the eyes.

More discussion on that another day.

7. Are you good at keeping up with your reviews, tags, etc?

Ella and Sophia:

hahaha no watson

Ella: SHERLOCK!! *fangirls*

HA! Oh yes, I’m AMAZING at keeping up with reviews, tags and comments! NOT. I am so behind on all those 3 that it’s HUMILIATING. I am quite possibly the worst book blogger in the history of blogkind. No joke.

Sophia: O_O I think that’s Watson. O_O

Define “keeping up.” 😀 Like I mentioned in question 3, I format and schedule my posts ahead of time. Especially during the summer, when I have lots of free time and read a LOT of books.

Though in the past 2 years, I’ve pretty much done pretty well on my own in keeping up with reviews and all kinds of posts. Over time I started dropping out of memes and now most bookish events except for some blog tours. And of course, I’m also dipping my toes into coblogging with Ella from Once Upon a Bookish Time. She is simply fantabulous and lots of fun to work with. Coblogging might not be as bad as I fear. 😉

8. How many times a week do you post?

Ella: On Bookwyrming Thoughts I’m hoping to post a few times a week, and on Once Upon a Bookish Time…whenever. I’m trying to post at least twice a week on there and failing miserably. Go me.

Sophia: At LEAST once a week, though I do it whenever I can. Of course, with the amount of books I read in the summer, I could be months ahead – as you guys may be aware of, my summer reads pushed me through October/early this month.

I might not be really active in the blogging world this year, and the 8th graders of the blogging world are complaining. Really, guys. It’ll be easy for the next two years after this. 11th grade is typically the hardest year – I have it easy compared to most of my friends!


(Okay, Sophia’s Victim, because she thinks this is more like an interrogation of sorts)

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