The Experience of Blogging on a Tablet (Blogger Edition)

Posted May 8, 2017 by Sophia

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I ask myself weird questions and come up with post ideas sometimes. (Or sometimes they become a partially written post, and I leave it sitting there on my hard drive.)

My latest idea had something to do with commenting devices, but then it turned into a post about my blogging experience on a tablet for the past few years. Okay, I’ve been meaning to write about that experience for a while but I just never got around to it.

Most of my blogging career is a very split divide between a tablet and a computer. A very crappy computer, but a computer nonetheless. But speaking of crappy computers, I did have to get one for school because sometimes an iPad provided by the school just isn’t good enough for productive work.

I totally use it to watch videos and do the actual typing on my laptop, though. Everyone wonders why I use both (some wonder why I even bother with a laptop but an iPad is NOT the same when I run around doing graphics for school) but I have YouTube Red, and YouTube Red isn’t available to download videos on a computer. Plus, my battery lasts longer on an iPad than a laptop (Macs are expensive, so I like Windows better).

Does that make me sound like I’m rambling?

i'm rambling aren't i

My Tablet Blogging Experiences

It’s slow. Extremely slow.

And. I. Mean. Computer. Having. A. Hard. Time. Breathing. Type. Of. Slow. Okay, so maybe it’s not that slow, but the general, overall gist is this: it is a long and slow process. I don’t know how I have the patience for this because I’ve been told that I don’t have patience, but I’ve also been told I have patience. Does this mean I’m picky with my patience as much as I am with what I remember? My memory sucks horribly sometimes.

Sometimes, I can be compared to Dory.

Unfortunately, the world is merciless, and I get yelled at constantly. (It’s really bad when there’s a lot going on in the background.)

One can only swipe for so much before getting frustrated.

The great thing about my tablet is how I can get custom keyboards that enable me to swipe (or the default keyboard lets me swipe, which Apple has yet to implement in their keyboards, but I like downloading keyboard apps from the app store because of themesss). But occasionally? My iPad likes to play calibration issues when I charge it and do swipe typing of words all on its own. It’s very annoying.

iPad won’t let me scroll in Blogger.

I’ve tried, honestly. All I can do is run around in HTML mode and then edit, which is precisely why I’ve converted to writing on Google Docs and then copying/pasting into Blogger. (I still lose the formatting because there is so much crap if I copy directly. And I hate dealing with crap when I have to go into the coding myself, so I like to keep it clean.). Because my computer is so small in storage, I’ve resorted to using Google Drive for everything rather than OneDrive (I still keep that one around in case I have to do something other than press releases and shenanigans).

Before anyone asks, yes, I have a microSD card for expanded storage. My computer still sucks at storage, but I can at least carry it around for blogging and schoolwork. My home computer, which is old and cranky when it connects to the internet and runs on Windows Vista, is just there to be pretty. Apparently my new laptop I can’t take out the battery and replace it when it finally dies without actually consulting a professional. I am not okay with this.

The Blogger app is horrible (Android).

When I first got my Nextbook, I wanted to use it for blogging as well. Alas, it has a terrible battery that drains quickly and can only be used for reading if you want the battery to last somewhat long. I’m slowly turning my iPad into a reading device and just ditching the Nextbook entirely unless I have an ePub file that I don’t feel like emailing to my Kindle app on my iPad.

Um, change of topic. Back on track.

So the Blogger app? It is horrible. Awful and simplistic and the computer is so much better. In fact, the WordPress app knocks the Blogger app straight out of blogging orbit and through the atmosphere. It’s still simple, but it’s not as horrible.

iPad doesn’t have a blogging app.

Okay, okay, I lied. They do have a few blogging apps, but none of them are to my taste and liking and usually screws up my coding big time or another blogger’s coding and well, it just goes horribly from there. Then I have to go and fix it all up by going to the actual site. Way too much work in my opinion. I’d rather have scrolling problems.

My comments tend to be short.

One thing that I’ve noticed about blogging through a tablet? My comments tend to be a little short. I mean, I do make short comments if I don’t have much to say because I haven’t read a book and therefore there isn’t much to say, but I’m talking about discussions. Discussions are the posts that I love reading about because there is almost always something for me to say (also I am a very wordy person, so I tend to ask myself why I write fewer discussion posts sometimes).

Imagine blogging on a phone.

I’ve come across one blogger (forgot who it was) who actually blogs on their phone! According to this random poll I sent out a few weeks ago, the majority who voted have blogged on a device other than a computer or considered it.

I find this extremely admirable because if I can’t handle blogging on my own tablets without wanting to strangle technology, I don’t think I could ever blog on my phone (I did have to do it one time and it was an entirely unpleasant experience for me.) Tracfone really needs to invest in an unlimited data plan – I am all for it (I’m not talking about Total Wireless, Straight Talk, and Net10, which all run with the Tracfone company and have unlimited plans). Have I mentioned already the Blogger app on Android is horrible?

Technology is quickly moving into the mobile world with its apps and other shenanigans, but it seems blogging on an app is difficult currently.

Perhaps this will change in the future as Blogger realizes, “Hey, people are relying on mobile devices to create blog posts and other forms of content!” But until then, it looks like more people are packing up their bags and jumping the Blogger ship to head WordPress instead. I’ve heard it’s friendlier than Blogger; it certainly isn’t as difficult to navigate as Blogger seems to be… and the mobile app is much better.

Do you think this will change in the future? Have you tried blogging on a mobile device? If so, what was your experience? If not, would you ever consider it?

Sophia started blogging in February 2012 for the hell of it and is surprisingly still around. She has a GIF for nearly everything, probably listens to too much K-Pop and is generally in an existential crisis of sorts (she's trying her best). In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications and minor in Women's Studies. More of her bookish reviews and K-pop Roundups can be found at The Arts STL.

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