The Immortal Throne by Bree Despain | Finally An Ending to Daphne and Haden

Posted July 3, 2018 by Sophia

The Immortal Throne by Bree Despain | Finally An Ending to Daphne and Haden

The Immortal Throne by Bree Despain | Finally An Ending to Daphne and HadenThe Immortal Throne by Bree Despain
Into the Dark #3
Published by Carolrhoda Books on October 1, 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Mythology, Fantasy, Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Library

Daphne Raines was not expecting to wind up Queen of the Underrealm. She knew it was risky to enter the underworld to save the love of her life, Haden, who had sacrificed his own honor as an Underlord for her sake. But she could never have predicted that she’d end up betrothed to Haden’s conniving half-brother, Garrick, new King of the Underrealm—and bound to his dark world.

Even worse, Haden is banished to the mortal realm, and has just days to live as poison takes over his body and mind. Only Daphne’s kiss can save him, but how can she escape Garrick and reach Haden in time?

Surprises lurk around every corner in the final chapter of this romance story as Haden and Daphne fight to fulfill their destinies, challenging their fates and confronting the reality that they might die in the process.

Wow… It’s been so long, I didn’t even think I would remember this series.

Yet here we are, finally, FINALLY, getting to see the fates of Daphne, Haden and all the others, even after the doors to EgmontUSA closed years ago.

Let’s chat about The Immortal Throne, shall we?

Let me make it clear early on: I wasn’t a fan of the first, and the second was better but not OMG I LOVE THIS SERIES.

But I did want to find out what happened because there was a cliffhanger and even if it’s been years, I need that satisfaction. #inthecornercurious

We’ve got a refresher.

Most people would reread the entire series (or at least skim it), but Despain gave the run down in book two and I was expecting her to do so with book three.

She does exactly that early on, and this makes forgetful me very happy. (Plus there are SO. MANY. BOOKS?! How do I keep track of the deets?)

We’re jumping right in after the events in The Eternity Key.

So not only do we get a refresher, but we also get things going on right at the moment, right after everything that happened in the second book. I highly recommend at least skimming the first two novels to get a sense if it’s been awhile (don’t be like me, learn from my mistakes).

The ending is very satisfying.

Honestly I’m just happy Daphne and Haden got an end to their story (BECAUSE WHAT IF IT DIDN’T HAPPEN AND NO ONE PICKED UP THE LAST BOOK) and there’s room for more if Despain so chooses to extend it (I think it’s fine though).

The Immortal Throne is probably my favorite of the three – there are more risks at stake as we try to find out if the story will end horribly or if it’ll be a happily ever after.

(Secretly I wanted tragedy but I’m evil™.)

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2 responses to “The Immortal Throne by Bree Despain | Finally An Ending to Daphne and Haden

  1. I haven’t read this series, but I hope to one day! When it comes to refreshers in books, I wish they would have a separate area for them at the front of the book… that way readers who are binge-reading don’t get overloaded with the same information, but readers who waited awhile between books can choose to read it so they can remember what was going on.

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?

  2. It is a wonderful feeling to finish a series and things went as they should. Glad the ending was so satisfying! ♥️ I worry about finishing some of the series I’ve started. I look at my TBR and shutter!