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Posted January 19, 2016 by Sophia

I am a picky person on Twitter. A very picky person. I keep my following list small, and while it’s been growing the past few months, it’s still considered “small” compared to everyone else’s 650+ average. (I’m also thinking about cleaning it again…)

I thought I could give some insight as to why I follow the way I do.

Don’t Bring Illamas to the Dramas – Bringing Illamas means more drama, and this is probably directed to Twizards (because this is who I see the most drama from) who bedazzle like nobody’s business over free codes from official fansites. I get it. Not all of us have a job and can get adorable polar bears and penguins. That doesn’t mean I want to see fights popping up all over my timeline.

But that doesn’t make anyone who takes more than one or two codes even better. In fact, seeing everyone fighting? It probably amuses them and fuels them. And let’s face it: The Friendly Necromancer doesn’t have to give out codes. Kelsey Fireheart doesn’t have to give out codes. I don’t have to run giveaways and waste $10 that I can spend on maybe ten ebooks or renew my domain so it’s out of my hair for another year.

Be Interesting/Funny – I might follow back most book bloggers (note I said most, because I don’t catch everyone), but they’re interesting, funny, or the combination of both. Bonus points if you’re mildly sarcastic, snarky, and sometimes exaggerates for the purposes of being funny.

Have I mentioned punny? I do love [creating and seeing] cheesy puns (they’re facepalm worthy and it’s hilarious).

We’re Like Real Life Friends – Although Roberta from OffbeatYA and I live across the world from each other (oh, and there’s a whopping age gap, too), we nag each other like I nag Lupe (and vice versa). Of course, in the Lupe situation, she knows more about Sophia than anyone else (like my real name).

Verdict: If I know you and we’ve interacted quite a few times (via Twitter Chats, Goodreads, etc), then I’m bound to “annoy” you as well. Just less than I do to Lupe (which basically means no emoji wars).

Don’t worry, Ella is after Lupe. Then everyone else. 😀

Tweet Moderately – No one cares if you’re in the bathroom. Nor do they care about one letter popping up after the other just so you can elongate CRAPTASTIC in whatever many tweets. The end.

Inspirational/Relatable – Perhaps if you’re quotastic… (I adore quotes, okay? They inspire me and I favorite them far too much.)

Oooo, Giveaways. Gimme gimme gimme! – Nope. Just nope. I’m okay with giveaway entries through Twitter, but I like my timeline remotely clean. And mildly entertaining with a dash of seriousness.

I Have (or Have Plans to) Read Your Book and I Adored It (or Think I Will When I Read It) – Only reserved for the special peoples (write a love triangle in which I love both and you just might find me advocating your book to the school librarian). I have nothing against authors, of course.

Bonus points if you’re from Missouri. (Because you’re local, and that automatically makes you awesome, even if I might not like your book. Don’t worry Illinois – you’re awesome as well. Generally.)

Don’t Follow and Unfollow Repeatedly – Here’s what really annoys me: people who follow and unfollow me repeatedly. It just means they want my attention, and I’m probably not going to give them my attention. (It goes to my notifications, okay?)

It doesn’t matter if they’re a book blogger – I follow most book bloggers back, but there are some I’ve come across who unfollow as soon as I follow them back. I’m not going to run in a vicious cycle with them if they’re just going to follow to get my attention, have me follow, and then unfollow. (I pay attention.)

Chances are, I’m going to notice the person doing so (what they say is true: multiple mentions of your name causes them to remember you), and I’m going to ignore them. I won’t use the block button unless it is absolutely necessary (which is code for taking it to a dramatic level, saying bothersome things, or unkind criticism).

Besides, why are you even following me if you’re just going to unfollow shortly after I follow you back? I’m confused there. Someone tell me why. Hands down, if you’re going to do that, then don’t follow me. Simple and easy.

Are you picky about who you follow on Twitter? What makes you click that follow button, and what makes you not? And if you don’t have a Twitter but want to know more about it, check out the posts created by Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books and Jeann @ Happy Indulgence. But if you do have a twitter, feel free to give me (@HannahSophiaLin) a holler if you want – I don’t bite without a reason.

Sophia is a socially awkward Communications major who has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House Crisis. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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