Ways a Villain Could Ruin the Holiday Season

Posted December 1, 2019 by Sophia

🎶 Guess who’s back, back again. Sophia’s back, tell a friend. 🎶

It has been a million years since I’ve waddled straight into Bookending Winter and I’ve been bestowed the honor to kick things off with not a bang, but a snowstorm! Besides, the cold never bothered me anyway.

let it go elsa staircase

Did I just do two song references? Yes. But you all love me, and it’s time to get this winter party started.

Honestly, I shouldn’t be trusted with this because it’s well past midnight on December 1, and I’m writing this on my phone. Oh, and I should be sleeping because I’m working, but YOLO. 💁‍♀️ Hey, did I set my alarm? If not, that fine. It’ll be payback to my coworker for being annoying.

(So if you somehow see random characters or boxes, they’re supposed to be emojis. WordPress app can hella rude, and I hate it. 😤😤😤)

The villains have returned!

I hope you all know I don’t miss out on involving villains wherever I can, and this prompt is no exception. I mean, I did have a Pinterest contest that no one entered, but to be fair, I didn’t exactly promote it either. 🎶 Every day I’m villaining. 🎶

Of course, with so much activity going on and the negative energy that appears from all that stress, the villains have returned! Only you’re finding them pop out of stockings everywhere. Kind of concerning, don’t you think? Not all of them are Loki.

loki wink

Anyways, a moment to talk about what today’s prompt is!

You know, I almost forgot about this. I’m a poor host to leave you all with nothing.

I want to know what villains you want to find in your stocking or don’t! What would you do with them?

But before you decide whether or not you want to call your local Villain Police Department, you’re curious how they could ruin the holiday season.

Should you truly be concerned? Are they secretly cinnamon rolls? Or should we all brace ourselves in the next few weeks? 🤔 Let’s get our brainstorming caps on.

They might steal all your stockings.

Stockings are nice and warm and cozy… and they don’t burn. Considering how these villains came popping out of stockings left and right, it only makes sense they’ll want to steal them. Their home = their property = their right to take what’s theirs.

(See, if I actually had the hindsight of not losing track of time, there would’ve been a GIF from Finding Nemo. But that didn’t happen. 😪)

They’re gathering to overthrow the Grinch.

The Grinch has too much time in the spotlight and he’s not that cute anyway. Wouldn’t you rather have a more handsome villain to steal your Christmas this year? Would anyone object to this at all? What if they’re your favorite fictional villain appearing on your doorstep saying they’ve come to ruin Christmas for you?

You probably won’t notice.

They’re not stealing Christmas, they’ve come for the New Year.

No one expects New Year’s to be stolen. Plus with one week after Christmas, a little patience can go a long way. They don’t care about Christmas – the Grinch can keep stealing that and stay in that spotlight. He’ll be perfect for a distraction as us humans are running around in chaos figuring out what happened to Christmas.

I’ve called it, bookwyrms. I’ve called it. Villains are going to steal the New Year. Hey Darkling, make sure it’s the Roaring 20s if you throw a party, yeah?

They’ll eat all of Santa’s cookies before he arrives.

Santa is going to find himself thoroughly disappointed and hungry this year. All he’ll find are crumbs, remnants of treats once delicious and meant for him.

We’re getting put on that naughty list unless someone exposes these villains!

They can replace the gifts meant for you with something else.

Holidays are already filled with people stressing about what to get for their loved ones. No one knows what they’re getting either usually until Christmas morning. With some practice and sneaky plotting done beforehand, they can take that shiny new Switch and replace it with crushed carrots in a box that looks remarkably like the Switch is put in.

Starting feuds is fun for villains. They can live and thrive off the chaos.

Let’s talk, bookwyrms: would you trust a villain randomly dropping into your stocking? What ways could you as a villain ruin the holiday season?

ways villain ruin holiday season

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21 responses to “Ways a Villain Could Ruin the Holiday Season

  1. This prompt is such an original idea! Yesssssss, I hate when villains steal my food or presents!

    They can also ruin your holidays by making drama or start gossip.

  2. Villains have lots of ways to ruin a holiday, I agree. Stealing the cookies though…that’s something unforgivable! I mean, it’s not as if Santa doesn’t have cookies from other households, so I’m okay with his cookies being stolen, but my heart would break if the villains would steal the reindeer kibble. That’s a line they should not cross! Awesomesauce prompt, Soph!!

  3. Danielle

    I don’t know if it’s the headache from the cold I’m trying to get rid of very poorly or if I’m just not smart today but I thought this would be a list of villains who would ruin the holiday or something?? Lmaooo either way, great post SOPH! You just reminded me of my posts I have to write for BEWinter too oops 😬

  4. I honestly laughed my way through this entire post. As long as I get my cookies and pie, all will be good! (and my hot chocolate…the only thing worse would be them stealing that!)

  5. Haley

    Eating all Santa’s cookies? Nuh-uh that’s too far! That and messing with kitchen appliances like Ruby suggested, lol I draw the line with those

    • Sophia

      But the cookies are too good for the villains to pass up! Messing with kitchen appliances could be a little too chaotic if you ask me… unless they want full and total destruction, one house at a time?

  6. Haha, this is a fun post! I would NOT trust a villain, but it would be funny to see what they did . . . provided they drop into an imaginary world, and they don’t actually cause chaos in my home! I imagine villains could come up with villainous alternatives to Christmas songs, like the Joker did. I remember that song playing on Cartoon Network in December back in the day (no idea if they still do that).

    • Sophia

      I’d love to see the villainous alternatives to Christmas songs! They would be fun to listen to for sure. I’d also love for them to drop into an imaginary world, or at least a parallel world, but we’ll never know.

  7. “I should be sleeping but YOLO” has been me this whole past semester and I feel like I should be more ashamed of it. BUT YOLO.

    this is such a fantastically hilarious post, in classic Soph fashion I might add. there are a few villains I wouldn’t mind getting a Christmas (or New Year’s) visit from, but I definitely wouldn’t trust them not to ruin the season! 😂

    • Sophia

      Don’t be ashamed! What is sleep for college students? We don’t know such things. (I would hope this is in classic Soph fashion, though… otherwise someone probably kidnapped me if there isn’t the occasional villain related post. I’d be really concerned who’s behind the blog by then.)