Weekly Wrap-Up: Halfway Point in Semester

Posted October 21, 2018 by Sophia

Happy Sunday, bookwyrms!

It’s beginning to look a little stressful over here, though the weather has been up and down. Sounds like typical Missouri/American weather, right? Everyone who wants the cold weather can have it – somehow we skipped from summer to winter to summer to fall… all in one week.

If a flower popped out of the ground randomly, we’d have spring as well.

This Week’s Posts

Book Haul

I BEHAVED! For now, that is. We’ll see how long this lasts, so let’s call this week one? Review copies from last week’s book haul don’t count, do they? 😂

Reading Life

I sped through Three Mages and a Margarita this week, and I am so excited to write the review for the blog tour this week! Will I actually give the book justice? Maybe, maybe not.

Except that’s a typical book blogger problem. 🤔

I’m trying to make progress in The Scarlet Sisters and Crane but that didn’t exactly happen this week aside from very little. I will, however, have to finish both books by this week. Joy.

Real Life

My very first online class begins this week (I mean, so does my web design class, so I’m at a full workload now)! I’ve um… looked at the layout of the class, and my anxiety is going a little through the roof here. Everything is totally okayyyy. Completely and totally okay over here. I’m sure I’ll be okay though?

But gosh, I am so happy I have nearly all of my blog posts scheduled for the rest of the semester (aside from Weekly Wrap Up and Fandom Friday). This makes my burden just a little lighter… aside from making the last two Blogoween posts for my time to host this week. After that, I’m almost good! I call this an accomplishment after failing to get back into scheduling since 2016.

Let’s talk bookwyrms! How was your week? Have you taken an online class? Any tips or advice? Do you prefer consistent or flippy weather?

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31 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Halfway Point in Semester

  1. I want to read Three Mages and a Margarita. I think I bought it on sale (gotta double check my Kindle) and it looks like a blast. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a pretty busy time. Although I don’t have classes, it has been similar for me. That, and I ran out of posts xD or time to write them. Argh. And we also went straight to winter weather in like one day! But that was a couple of weeks ago. It warmed up since then, but now I’m skeptical xD

  3. Yeay for scheduling! I fail miserably at it but I’m eternally hopeful that one day I’ll get in the swing of it… As for the weather, I hate it when it can’t make up its mind. Just find a season and stick to it already! However, we’re very much in autumn here… No fluctuating, which is nice. But cold.

    • I’m sure you’ll get there eventually in regards to scheduling! School holidays make it easy for me to schedule posts and write them out in advance, although my schedule for the first half of the semester has been nice as well.

  4. Wow.. It sounds like you’re very busy. But off course you’ll be okay. Just keep breathing 😉
    Good luck with getting back into scheduling. It’s the one thing I’m pretty good in. LOL!
    Happy Reading!

    • Good at scheduling! I think a lot of us are jealous, haha. And I’ll be sure to breathe! Maybe… We’ll see in two weeks after my reign in Blogoween is over.

  5. I share your weather lament. I miss the in-between weather. I have been seeing Three Mages around the blogosphere. Glad you liked it. I did one online class, adolescent psychology. The format was responding to online posts, tests, and reading. I missed the debate and interaction of a traditional classroom, but it worked well with my schedule. Good luck with your classes! I am sure you will do great.

  6. I’m impressed you’ve got your posts scheduled through fall—wow! I am so far behind right now; it’s pitiful. Take a deep breath and try to relax; I’m sure you will do fine in your classes. As for the weather, we seem to have skipped from summer (mid-80s) to mid-fall (low 50s to low 60s) too. But we still don’t have much fall color. The leaves are just drying up and falling off without the pretty colors in between.

    • Aww, the colors are the best part, though! Perhaps there will be a few leaves that will fall in style.

      And it’s okay if you don’t have them scheduled or the time to – life comes first! ♥️

  7. What? You have ALL your blog posts schedueled for the end of the semester??? you have to tell me your secret girl! 😉 OK fingers crossed for you and your online classes and …I will begin blogoween level 2 with your posts this week! But you made me sweat Sophie :D)))

  8. Hooray for blogging ahead! Good luck with the rest of the semester – I took one online class and I wasn’t crazy about it. Felt like even more work than my other classes and had mandatory participation (commenting on other people’s stuff).

    This weather is crazy! My geraniums are still blooming, but there’s frost on my car in the morning!

  9. So organised Sophia! Are you doing online classes as well as college? That’s absolutely incredible! Looking forward to hearing about your web design class, I’m thinking of taking similar classes next year actually. It’s always something I’ve been really interested in too. I hope it all goes well sweetheart ♡♡♡

  10. I am always amazed when people can schedule so many blog posts, but it sure is useful when life gets busy! I take a lot of online classes, but I do them self-paced so I rarely submit my assignments in time. I am there more for the information, rather than the grades – although the peer reviews sure help. I hope you will enjoy your week!

  11. I have never taken an online class, but I am super impressed that you are doing it on top of your other classwork! The thing about college is that everything seems stressful, but in the end you are really glad that you did it. I mean, don’t go killing yourself with an insane amount of year, but I do think that reaching a little bit can get you farther.

    I really prefer consistent weather. Like, even if it is consistently cold then at least I know to wear my winter coat. To me, there is nothing worse than waking up to a sunny, warm day and then in the afternoon the weather transforms into a cold, rainy mess.

    That being said, my semester is getting more stressful too. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of fall/Thanksgiving break that I can use to catch up on everything and shove turkey in my face. That’s really the life, isn’t it?

    • Thanks, Lauren! If I do decide to take an online class in the future and have questions, I’ll be sure to ask! 😀 (I chose to drop out of this one because I don’t need this credit and should use it for something else rather than getting the credits and being done with it.)

  12. Good luck with your classes. Blogging ahead is a great tool isn’t it! And our south coast weather is finally feeling like fall this week. I’m sure the hot and humid will return. Crazy weather is the norm here. LOL

  13. Seems like you have been quite busy 🙂 Good luck with the web design course. I am sure that would be very helpful for you 🙂
    Ahh, I really need to learn the art of scheduling posts in advance. I always fail so hard. I am happy for you though 🙂
    Have a lovely week ahead.

    • Thanks, Sim! I’m hoping I’ll learn something from the Web Design Course. 😀

      The art of scheduling is hard, and I’m pretty sure it will catch up to me eventually, haha. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts, though.

  14. While it’ busy, you sound organized and like you are doing well! It’s great you have some posts ahead.

    Good luck with your class – my tip is to tackle things one piece at a time. If you try to think about doing everything at once it can be overwhelming. Tackle and complete a portion at a time.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

    • I SOUND organized, but I wonder if I’m actually organized, haha. Thanks, Anne! Although I’m currently not taking the class anymore (dropped because not needed), I’ll definitely keep that tip in mind for the rest of the semester as final projects approach. ❤

  15. Yeah, it was a weird weather week. We went from eighties to snow flurries.

    Look at you not taking any books this week. I wish I could say the same, but I weakened and got three.
    Yikes, you do have a busy load for school, but way to go getting ahead on your posts.

    Have a great week, Sophia

  16. RO

    Very cool that you got all your posts done in advance. More and more people tell me I need to do that, but I have yet to follow-through. Looking forward to hearing more about your web design class too, and know you’ll ace it! Hugs…RO

  17. Ah, yes. Flippy weather apparently causes a few skin problems in addition to cough and cold for me, so I get how you feel. I’m taking a history class through my University, which offers a few undergraduate classes online for students! I’ve dropped out, though, because the amount of work for the online class is too much for my schedule at the moment (I CAN do it, I’m sure, as I tend to get through even the busiest of the busiest for me, but I’d rather not cross that line).

  18. We can wish all we want but knowing nature, they love teasing us humans daily, haha.

    Sorry to hear about your working issues! I’m sure you’re doing great the way you are, and with no one training you, you can only do the best you can! With time, I’m sure you’ll be just as good as your coworkers. We all start somewhere and work our way up. Sometimes I feel after a certain point, veterans forget they were just like the new coworker as well.