Weekly Wrap-Up: It’s the End of July???

Posted July 29, 2018 by Sophia

weekly wrap up

This is going to be me every month, asking if it’s really whatever month it is, isn’t it. 🤣

I’m finally back! Hopefully with fewer disappearances in the future, but eh, who knows. It’s bound to happen again. 😭 On the bright side, nothing serious – I just need to change a few things around *coughs* pretty sure they meant my schedule *coughs* and I should hopefully stay out of a brace longer than 5 months.

It sucked not being able to use chopsticks though.

This Week’s Posts

Bookish Haul

None. I have so much self-control. 😂

Reading Life

I’m having a sucky reading week – Strange the Dreamer is kind of abandoned… I’m just suffering here, so can someone tell me WHEN it gets better? Like halfway? 75%? If it’s 75%, I’m done. 🙈

But I’m suffering. And I want to call it quits. Help. 😣

I’m also suffering with Echoes because IT. IS. SO. CONFUSING. But it’s also good and keeping me interested?

I finally started #MurderTrending because well… see the above two books. I’m becoming that reader who starts a book and never comes back to it now. 🤔

Real Life

I spent most of my time trying to design a planner (while out of a wrist brace, then went back in, then back out – it’s been on and off), then went and brought refills for my current planner. I’m trying it out to see if it works for this year, then I’m using my own template.

Best to start basic and adjust from there, I suppose. We’ll see how that goes. So far it’s not horrible. 😂

Meanwhile my wrist aches if I use it for a long time, so it’s on the slow road to full recovery. (But I can use it! That’s all that matters.)

Let’s talk, bookwyrms! How’s your week? Do you prefer chopsticks or forks? Is anyone else suffering with Strange the Dreamer? Do you use a planner or bujo?

Sophia has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House crisis. Unlike her personality in blog posts, she's a socially awkward recent college grad who majored in Communications. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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26 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: It’s the End of July???

  1. I’m really curious about Echoes and am hoping to read it soon. I hope it picks up for you if you get back to it? #murdertrending of course looks fabulous!

    Hope your wrist feels better soon!

    Oh and that cover for Valiant- just saw your cover reveal. Looks awesome!

  2. I’m sorry your wrist still hurts! (Same though. It’s not horrible but I can’t put any weight on it. So I feel like if I accidentally push it I’d be roughly where you are…) have you tried writing with your other hand? 😀 I have actually had a period of when I was obsessed with learning to write with my other hand xD it needs time though and it’s not pretty lol. Anyway, hope your wrist feels better soon 🙂

  3. It sounds like you just need to pick up a book you enjoy for a little while. Hopefully the slump ends soon.

    Hopefully the wrist brace goes away for good soon!

  4. I’m impressed with your self-control on not accumulating a bunch of books! I wish I could give you advice on Strange the Dreamer, but I haven’t read it yet. It’s on the shelves….sitting there…..judging me…. 🙂

  5. OH I’m so sorry to hear about your wrist still hurting, I hope you will feel better soon <3 <3
    It's really too bad that you are not loving Strange The Dreamer, I only heard amazing things about this book from everyone around the blogging community… but honestly, if you are not into it, don't be afraid to give up – maybe to come back to it later, or not at all. If better books await and you are impatient to read them, pick them up haha 😛

  6. Oh no, I hope Strange the Dreamer picks up! I’m starting it today after hearing so many good things about it…although it is quite long. Hoping you heal quickly—wrist braces are such a pain!

  7. I hope your wrist feels better soon! I haven’t read Strange the Dreamer yet because the waitlist is too long. Maybe that means that everybody is struggling? I only eat Asian food with chopsticks, but I like using them.

  8. I hope your wrist gets better!

    I loved Strange the Dreamer! Although the prose is somewhat different, so if you’re not into her flowery style I can see why you might not like it. Echoes seems to wrap up nicely… until the very end, and then it becomes confusing again! I hope that there’s a sequel, although there is none planned that I know of (Alice Reeds does tweet about her WIP often, but I don’t know what it’s about)… although a slightly confusing, cliffhangery end seems to be in tune with the rest of the book. It’s really weird but good at the same time!

  9. I can’t use chopsticks to save my life so forks it is! I have a notebook that is somewhere between a planner and a bujo, so both and neither! Hope your wrist keeps getting better!

  10. I’m obsessed with my planner! I’d love to see yours if you ever want to share. 🙂
    Sorry your wrist is still hurting though. Not fun.
    Oh no! I still need to read Strange the Dreamer…I hear it’s a bit tough to get into, but I don’t know when it picks up. haha


  11. I’ve started a bujo. Literally, started it just last week. So far, it’s working for me. I have a million planners/notebooks (okay, not a million, it’s actually 5) which I was using for different things and it was driving me nuts as I never had the one I needed on me (and carrying them all was unpractical). The structured ‘unstructure’/flexibility of the bujo seems to fit me perfectly. However, it’s not pretty. I’m not arty and I don’t have pretty handwriting and so it’s just functional but for now (until I’m fully in the swing of things) that’s all it needs to be. 🙂
    Have a good week Sophia!

    • Ah, that’s so good to hear BuJo works for you! I have a lot of notebooks and planners as well, so I completely get it! Carrying them all can be a hassle. Hope you continue to keep up with it!

  12. Ash

    Okay but July just flew by. I remember May, even June. And then where did July go!?
    I’m super excited for #murdertrending. I’m most definitely the kind of reader who starts 7 books at once and ends up only finishing 2. I’m not ashamed lol. I’m such a mood reader. Plus it depends where I am and if I want audio or physical.
    Glad you’re wrist is on the road to recovery, how’d you hurt it?

  13. I’m totally there with you. It’s AUGUST? What is this even.

    How far are you with Strange??? I’m sorry you’re struggling? I think the first 40% or so was pretty deep. Maybe not even that much?

    I have a diary that has a page per day and I use that for my work. I don’t make it pretty or anything though! It’s just plain, messy handwriting and ticks or lines meaning it’s on the next day again!

    I hope your wrist is 100% soon!

  14. i have also started #murdertrending. I am liking it okay so far but not that far into it. I never read strange the dreamer so I cannot comment on that one. i have not read echoes either but I really want to. Sad to hear you are having issues with that one too. I don’t use a journal. I use a chalk calendar on my wall and then I use notebooks for just listing challenges and books and I use trello online to keep it with me wherever I go. I prefer forks only because I have never gotten the hang of chopsticks.

  15. Sorry your wrist is causing you so much pain. I hope you get some relief soon. I used to write software and have carpel tunnel in my right wrist. I understand your frustration. Boy, you are having no luck with book. Maybe #murdertrending will stick? Take care of yourself.