Weekly Wrap-Up: Missing Spring Break

Posted March 25, 2018 by Lupe and Sophia

Hello bookwyrms!

All of a sudden we forgot it was Sunday, whoops. Let’s get right into it!

This Week’s Posts

Book Haul


  • The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo (review copy) – AHH I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE. I read and loved I Believe In A Thing Called Love, so I have high expectations for her latest novel.

The Reading Life


I’ve abandoned every book to finish The Opposite of Fate so I can write that paper due later this week. If all else fails, I’ll skim the rest and finish the book later. 😰


Do my textbooks count? #ThatCollegeLife



Spring Break ended too early and now all the final projects are coming in. 😭😭😭


Like Sophia, Spring Break is also over, but I don’t miss it that much. I worked most of Spring Break and that was not fun.

I just started my 8-week Tennis class! Anyone good at or played Tennis before who could give me some pointers? I truly appreciate it! I have been loaded with assignments to do and quizzes and exams to study for in the upcoming 2 weeks. Honestly, who schedules an exam right AFTER Easter? My Philosophy professor. No one said life was easy.

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19 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Missing Spring Break

  1. Good luck with tennis – wish I could help with tips but I never played – although I want to! And good luck on your exams. Sad to hear Spring break is almost over.

  2. Good luck with your projects / paper this week! Always a bummer when spring break is over. so many people have had it already or are on it, and ours isn’t for like 2 weeks yet!

    Hope you guys have a good week. 🙂

    • Or would it be more than a book or two? Hopefully there’s more being snuck in! 😉

      Thanks, Mary – I’m hoping the final grades will be good as well (along with some projects that awaiting a grade…). 🙂

  3. I totally feel you on being too busy to read! With my internship coming to a close and moving in with my boyfriend, I haven’t had much time to read in the past week but that’ll change soon! Starting next week I’ll have all the free time I can hope for and more so hopefully I’ll get much reading done.

    Good luck with tennis Lupe! I played tennis at school but I suck at it so I’m not the best one to give pointers. ahaha.

  4. Ooo Philosophy – when I was at secondary school we all had to take a GCSE in Ethics and Philosophy which I loved it was the only subject I ever got A*’s in….but I flopped at the actual exam cause I can’t do exams that well. My memory sucks.

    Hope you have good week girls, and don’t stress yourselves out too much with final assignments and all that 🙂

    • Too late! *stresses out* Thankfully I’m on summer break so no more stressing… kind of. I’m the exact opposite! I’ll get the general gist of philosophy, but it’s never enough because I don’t go into detail on the exam for Philosophy. Sigh.