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Posted February 6, 2015 by Rundus

Hey all you people. My name is Rundus (the 1 is optional) and I have been so kindly invited to join this fine blogging establishment. I do plan to post many reviews (that I write myself) and become an active member.  All the other stuff I will take care of in due time, as I am swamped right now.  I would’ve waited until I had time to do stuff to join but I promised Sophia the first report by a certain time, and by George I’m a man of my word.  I’ll take care of bios and all that stuff later, as I am only posting this to say hello to those who may read this. Just letting you all know of my impending participation on this blog.  I don’t have my stuff set up, so it might take some time to respond to any comments you may have, so sorry about that.
Escaping the panopticon,
(This is my sign out phrase :D.^ I shall end all of my posts with it.)

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